Crisis 441

It seems to me that the $700 billion bailout plan is some sort of a "Get Out of Jail Free" card... but the question I beg to ask is...

Free for who?

Watch this video and tell me how you feel.

What are your top concerns? How are you already affected? I'd like to know, because NOW is the most important time for us to unite our collective consciousness and focus on the same goal if we, Americans and fellow citizens across the world, are to make it through.

But before I can help you do that, I need to know where you stand right now. So please leave your thoughts and feelings below.

Don't worry, I will not leave your side in these times. I'll be in touch again soon.


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441 Comments on “Crisis” - Post your own?

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brookstone says

This is lone of the pernicious effects of affirmative action. In our PC/affirmative skirmish way of life, we likely to spy the achievements and promotions of minorities as a consequence of affirmative affray policies as contrasted with of solitary diligence and talent. This undermines these vastly achievements.
Another complication here is that it sets human fair play at odds with the higher transcendent morality. If the higher justice is common to jurist the Holocaust, ruinous infection outbreaks, etc, as best, while merciful propriety will arbitrate them immoral, then the 'proficient' in each of these moralities are different. Elevated on the higher morality is not what we mean around good.

loyadifiago says

Hi all,

it seems pretty cool here

i have some very strong opinions

talk to you all soon!

ReetwhextuS says

Floods & Earthquakes can happen.

Are you part of the problem or the solution? Will you agree to help these people?

Please Help the children!

mikejohnsonrules says

Hello. My wife and I bought our house about 6 months ago. It was a foreclosure and we were able to get a great deal on it. We also took advantage of the 8K tax credit so that definitely helped. We did an extensive remodeling job and now I want to refinance to cut the term to a 20 or 15 year loan. Does anyone know any good sites for mortgage information? Thanks!


MarkMan says

Ola, what's up amigos? :)
In first steps it is very good if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Byncecorn says

The response level to national disaster is noble but it's a real shame that so many people take advantage of the negative situations.

I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill - there's always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys "angels" got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

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Basil says

There is no money [substance],hasn't been since 1933.
All there is your signature and mine which creates debt..
If you want to bring this corporation [government and corporations] down than stop signing your name to all these contracts like mortgages and loans etc..
It would not be a very pleasant world to live in without all our toys, luxury houses and vehicles so maybe we should just keep on signing our names. Government and corporations are total fictions and cannot pick up a pen and create debt only men and women can and did put ink on paper,so if you want to stop it go ahead, you are in charge.Stop complaining and pay your debts.

r4i says

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arely says

I don't know what needs to get done but I doubt it's printing more money, yet I'm not into this socialism that we are being driven into, all about it seems wrong, at least to me and I come from a country that was taken over by communism and when it started it sounded very much the same as this is sounding. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone but I believe we all have abilities, and to depend on government to "bail us out" individually with it's assistance is giving power to an entity outside of us therefore making that entiy stronger and us weaker.

Pam says

Hi Burt
I just want to say that I believe that any governmental system runnung amuck as the one in America has of late cannot be bailed out or even helped. It must be changed. The change must come from inside for it transmute, just as a single human being can only change their own mind or self. Conglomerate, one change domino's into many. John-Joseph told us that when we see the beast (governmental system) with one foot on the ground(all governmental nations) and one foot in the sky (satelite systems used by every national government on this earth right now) that we would know that the end of the system was here. We know that the only change can come from all of us not giving over our choices to someone else to fulfil or use. It can be done smoothly or not, that is the real choice: work together or work against each other. In my world, I would plan to create a work-together-governemt that works. I can know this system in my head but still not be able to utilize the information in the outer world. It can be surely realized that someone in the outer world would begin a plan that others might adopt and take on as their own. Our world is very large and communication would be vital in the processing of such information. Perhaps it's already started. Graaff NL says

Dear Burton,
You ones in class said:"Value is a belief".
The americans belief that you can go on credit for ever.
Every average family in the US, mother, father, and twee kids has a total debt of half a million dollars. So what to belief now.

Best wishs,
Andy The Netherlands Graaff NL says

Dear Burton,
You ones in class said:"Value is a belief".
The americans belief that you can go on credit for ever.
Every average family in the US, mother, father, and twee kids has a total debt of half a million dollars. So what to belief now.

Best wishs,
Andy The Netherlands Graaff NL says

Dear Burton,
You ones in class said:"Value is a belief".
The americans belief that you can go on credit for ever.
Every average family in the US, mother, father, and twee kids has a total debt of half a million dollars. So what to belief now.

Best wishs,
Andy The Netherlands Graaff NL says

Dear Burton,
You ones in class said:"Value is a belief".
The americans belief that you can go on credit for ever.
Every average family in the US, mother, father, and twee kids has a total debt of half a million dollars. So what to belief now.

Best wishs,
Andy The Netherlands

Ron Reynolds UK says

Hi Burt
Just got round to watching the video, yes we are in a mess but has it been manufactured? No doubt you have heard of Abraham, in his words "Don't dwell on it, move on".

Best wishes
Ron in the UK.

Laura says

Your suggestion that you have something to help us all cope without running around like chickens without a head is really needed.

Crises have come and gone but the jerk knee response without first looking for long-range effects is based on fear and the fear mongering that politicians and bankers have used to herd the people to behave a certain way.

The current elections are the same, a herding of people based on emotional responses not on clear-headed common sense approaches. Throw out all the bums in Washington, not just the current president...but everyone...lock stock and barrel. Start anew and if what the people want is not adhered to...then chuck out that group and start anew.

Kevin says

Hi Burt,

If you genuinely want to help people get through these troubled times like you say you do, why don't you offer your Prosperity Program Solution to us as a FREE download?

Seems to me & many others that every time we go on the internet someone is ALWAYS trying to SELL us something!!!!!!!

And once again, the ONLY people that ever benefit are the ones with money!


B. Nutz says


sometimes I wonder how would we be if Al Gore had been elected in 2000.

Also, sometimes I miss those times just before 2000.

But we have to move forward !


B. Nutz

Lawrence says

This has all been predicted!
You ain't seen nothin' yet!
GREED is the cause!
Here comes 2012!

todd saed says

Burt's guru, Yogananda was in the disciplic succession from Babajii, as many of you SRF people know, Babajii is God as the evolutionary, Jesus as the revolutionary, the long term time line in Vedic thought is four hundred and twenty seven thousand years until the spiritual age for all, it would seem it is time for Jesus, but we all are Jesus, and it is not yet apparent to me where the time line fits in for these times, but it is awesome to read these replies , to kick back into the communal collective consciousness again, and this kiss of bliss cannot now miss. Maybe the past , present and future are one and everything has already happened, or we are all from the future and trying to save others,will be glad to hear what it is?


Today people are losing their home in foreclosure. The government is “bailing out” the banks, but the banks are not stopping their foreclosure of the homes of middle class white Americans. What is the solution to this problem? Is the solution the bailing out the banks that keep on foreclosing on the average middle class American?
What should Congress do? What can a governor do, as in the State of Michigan? What steps should the U.S. Federal government take to solve the problem and stabilize the mortgage business?
First let’s get an overview of the subject and get the perspective right.
The Job of our government leaders is stated in the Preamble of the Constitution. It is as follows:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
“Establish Justice”. It’s just another word for “FAIRNESS”. Congress is doing the “Bank Bailout” It’s not a bailout, it’s a fantastic reward for incompetence and greed of the “banking industry”. To be “fair and just” about it lets bail out everybody. As it currently stands the banks continue to foreclose on borrowers. This is certainly Unjust! Banks and the government switch the blame to the borrowers because they wanted to follow the American dream and own their own home. Owning your own home is good. The banks haven’t said and Congress hasn’t said, at least from what I’ve heard that they are going to pass the “bailout” money down to the borrowers.

“Insure Domestic Tranquility”…
There has been much criminality in the banking business. Fines, penalties, and prison terms should be dealt out for breaking the law, and in certain cases, banning them from any participation in financial affairs of any kind in any business should be forthcoming.
They will not do that unless they are forced to do it by government mandate. They have proven that they are very greedy, heartless people. The “fruit” of their doing has been and is evil. Congress is not doing its job and is criminal in its negligence of its affairs.
That mandate needs to come immediately and it should be retroactive. The thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of families who have lost their homes should be given their homes back or compensated for them proportionately to their interest in those homes.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) should be set aside and outlawed. They have been a deliberate trap to take from people what is rightfully theirs. They are so UNFAIR, so UNJUST !!!!! It is ruining families and destroying lives. This should be set aside retroactively going back to the beginning of them. These ARM’s should never have been allowed in the first place.
All foreclosures should be stopped and a memoriam put on them. This would give us valuable time to come up with a good solution. This would promote the “Insure Domestic Tranquility” that the Preamble calls for. Not doing the above destroys and does not “Insure Domestic Tranquility”, as provided for in the Preamble.
“Provide For The Common Defense”.
If we woke up this morning and saw the headlines of our newspaper that read,
“Foreign Military Forces Overnight Captured Boston and Forced 100,000 Families OUT OF THEIR HOMES and Into Frigid Winter Cold”
Would the President and Congress do nothing? Would they give a DAMN? Would they do the insane thing and come to the aid of the invading forces and help them get the people out of their homes? How unthinkable!
You would think they would muster the armed forces and come to the defense of the citizens who were suffering? Well folks, it isn’t happening! Where is Congress? Where is the President? Where is the Military? Where are the Governors? Where are the State Representatives and Delegates? Where are the Mayors? Where is the National Guard? Where are the State Police? Where are the Sherriff’s? Where is the Militia? Don’t allow FORECLOSURES. Don’t enforce them.
Doesn’t someone in authority give a DAMN! If you have any of the above offices, Don’t you give a DAMN?
Isn’t what the President, Congress and our State governments doing, is aiding the Bankers and allowing them to “invade” our country from within, steal our homes and treat us worse than an invading enemy? Our “Friendly Bankers” are not our friends. They by their actions and deeds have become our enemy. They need to be fought and defeated.
“Promote The General Welfare”. The President and Congress in ONE act could turn this country around. What is that one act?
Think of it. Congress could pass legislation to get rid of the Federal Reserve, then dress up in Revolutionary War Costumes, march down to the Federal Reserve Building, and declare “The Fed” defeated.
They could then declare it a “National Holiday. They could call the,
This is very serious. The Federal Reserve System and its continual Rape of the United States Government and People is about to bring this country down. We honestly don’t have a lot of time left to pussy-foot around. Action needs to be taken and taken NOW, before it is too late. Get it Right and Act NOW!

Below is quoted part of the “Declaration of Independence”. Note the portions underlined.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. — The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”

Congress and the President, do your job. I FEAR for the future of this country - It very survival. Millions of lives are in the balance. You have set us up for great internal strife with your open borders, terrible taxing structures, with letting evil people rise to great positions of authority and wealth, with our unrighteous foreign policies that are going to bring war from outside and inside this wonderful country. Be faithful to the Constitution of the United States. Change Now. Act Now. Think of us, and your children and my children, your grand children and my grand children………..
The above message applies more to the current state of our government than to the King of Great Britain to whom it was written. It’s a warning to our leaders. Please listen to its indictment of you. You’re wrecking our country and our freedom. Face your responsibility, be accountable. It’s not the lobbyist fault. You are responsible. Have the testicle fortitude to do the right thing. Just do it!
Jeron C. Hanson,
Citizen of The United States of America
PS. – I’d like your comments. Thank you kindly.

marilyn says

Hi from Scotland.
Charles Dickens said something which is pertinent to this crisis.
Annual income £20.0.0. Annual expenditure £19.19.06 result happiness
Annual income £20.0.0. Annual expenditure £20.0.06 result misery.
Whatever currency you change the above to the message is the same.
Do we never learn?

Marc DeTomaso says

Greetings Burt.
This "Crisis" is as several subscribers have pointed out, is the result of greedy people manipulating the regulations of the banking industry from inside the government. Thanks George! But they're not done yet. There is and has been a concerted effort to dismantle the regulatory aspect of government for over thirty years,facilitated by the GOP, for the desired result of eliminating the barriers to greater profits. This is a reality the sooner we come to terms with, the sooner we can immunize ourselves to it.
In theory and for much of our lives, Government has functioned in behalf of it's citizens. The republicans would have us believe that it just fosters dependancy and helplessness, with an obsolete purpose in modern life. That with a strong self reliant social structure,people could and would handle their own affairs, and business could then with government out of the way, be left to flourish.
So they will continue to profess virtue while playing to our fears and primal, ego centered consciousness,until we are so confused and disappointed by an innefective congressthat we all say "It's just not worth it" and fall for the rational.
Well in my humble opinion there is a certain ammount of merrit to this line of reasoning, though I believe an America exists that uses the structure of government to further the self reliance and productivity of all americans in a fair and equitable way.
There is enough for everyone, there needn't be suffering along the way, and there is a way to create a safer and more secure world for ourselves through self reliance. So if you're waiting for them to play fair, you're kidding yourself. They wont! I believe in the good intentions of Barack Obama, and have worked my heart out to get him elected, but the best change comes from within!
Please go to my DeTomaso to hear "Hurricane George" and "Change We Can Believe In"

Mike Renz says

Hi Burt
If only 2% of the people who are affected by this see this problem in there minds as already resolved to the highest good for all it would go away overnight. Let us all use the power of though that god gave us. God bless all

Samuel says


The ptw (powers that be) preach scarcity and poverty by trying to control every facet of our lives. At the forefront of this control is money (or what we perceive to be money). But, collectively we can change our present situation for the better.

The control we have through releasing impoverished, negative feelings will cause only positive, wealth creating thoughts to penetrate and filter into our daily lives. And as we know, as a man thinketh, so is he.

Don't let their leaven of greed and fear affect us who unconsciously no they have no power over us. Doubt is a stumbling block, but faith will clear the path. Abundance is for the believers, not the doubters.

Many blessings from Him,

Steve says

this whole situation brings me down...I trust you Burt...

Lisseth says

Hi Burt
I have 2 quotes for you....

"Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out."
— Gordon B. Hinckley

"We can let circumstances rule us, or we can
take charge and rule our lives from within."
— Earl Nightingale


todd saed says

Calderi, please excuse the harsh sounding comments, a bit out of place in this sea of love , but it is a serious matter that deserves thought, can McCain be allowed to pursue the same policies that brought the recession, war making, that killed , correction , two million Viet Nam innocent civilians, and one million Viet Nam freedom fighters, defending their country. If you think so , love will continue to be the only reality anyway, though at my age I prefer fantasy, and you will be free of all this with us soon enough, either way. To all the others heart felt thanks, I actually feel saved.

Titomo says

Dr. Goldman. Psychological effect look to be the main problem. 1929's "New Deal" had cooperation from all public speakers of the USA, as well some measures adopted by G-men. Nothing to worry, I suppose. Actual crisis do not need to affect anyone, except personal attitude. Let's go to Alpha and let the financial world on its own pathway.

hannah says

Watch the video and then ask yourself, what the hell is your country doing

Marion says

Hello Burt,

I do not like the fact that 'my free will' has been taken away by these greedy bureaucrats.

Whatever you decide to do I will join because it is for the betterment of us all and planet earth.


todd saed says

Calderil, sorry you did not take the time to read
what the other inspiring commentators wrote here,
anyone who did would not believe a word you say, MCPain
is a lost cause, fake hero who murdered innocent civilians in Viet Nam, three million killed there, wake up and smell the napalm.

Roger says

The problem was created by the Fed and the USA was sabotaged from the inside in 1913 when this monster was created. Paper currencies have failed throughout history. The US dollar has lost approximately 97% of its purchasing power since 1913. This is the hidden tax of inflation. Congressman Ron Paul has been the only politician to acknowledge this and actively state that the Fed must be abolished. To paraphrase Baron Rothschild, who more or less gave this false system legitimacy in Europe and thus bankrupted England and Europe, "I care not who makes the laws as long as I am in charge of the creation of money." Obviously if you are in charge of the money supply through fiat currency ( debt obligations) you can control every aspect of business and politics. This is what has happened in the US and most of the world. A few powerful men who control the banking system have deliberately, with malice, impoverished the people of the world.
We have a great opportunity at this historical juncture to take back control of money and our lives. Money must be based on something of value such as gold or silver that cannot be easily manufactured and is easily divisible as well as durable. The era of paper money is over. Hopefully, people will not be foolish enough to listen to the vacant threats of collapse offered by the bankers to suborn them into accepting another system based on worthless paper and digital entries in computers. Stop work, demand real money and change the world.

Lynnette says

It is very interesting to read all of your replies and very enlightening. It seems that there are so many of us who really want things to be beyond this money hunger and self centredness that is prevalent. Joining our voices spiritually is certainly changing the energy levels. Now is all we have and now is the time when we need to have made the choice to believe in self and know that we can make the changes come about. These things had to occur and if we deny this then what are we trying to do to ourselves. It is for our benefit that these things happen. The energy we have sent out is only coming back to us. We are never given the problems without the solutions. Learning solutions is the aim and sometimes in our denials we have pain. Why do we do it to ourselves this denial? Remember we are not all enlightened into the sacredness of who we are. We are all each and every one of us here for a reason. The reason is love no matter what is thrown at us by ourselves. Love is the answer pure and simple. Love where we are at this time, believe in self and send love to the ones who you feel least deserve it but in reality need it the most. We who are aware have empathy for those who make other choices than to share in our very spiritual belonging. We are part of a plan. We do not always see the big picture and we close ourselves to the very abundance that is ours here and now. Are we so accustomed these days to the throwing out of so many things previous generations made do with that we can no longer see that all that we NEED (not would like)is provided for. Be grateful for all we do have because in some countries they do not have what we as a nation throw away. Be grateful please. Burt is doing a wonderful job here in being able to bring us together so we can show our appreciation for this very unique time in which we live. We chose to be here, no-one forced us it was our choice. So let us live in love and show the world what it is all about. Thank you Burt.
Love and light my fellow co-workers.

Moazzam Husain says

Hi Burt,
I live in Bangladesh. I think that the Global Financial situation will improve quickly, however I feel that it will ‘get worse before it gets better’. This is not just affecting the US now but it has become worldwide.

It is worrying,and I agree that a depression is sure to come. This situation did not come about overnight and the solution will not come that way either(overnight that is) I feel that it is going to take a long time before things improve.

I still hope that situation will improve. Lets hope and pray.

Best Regards

peter says

Money is the root of all evil??? No... listen never was and never will's PEOPLES LOVE OF MONEY THAT'S THE ROOT...AS IN GREED!!!!! So before looking around for people to blame try to get a fix on yourself...when is enough enough for you? When will you be satisfied with what you have? HC Andersen wrote a story many years ago about an emperor without clothes...everyone saw he was naked but denied it to be able to stay on "the gravy train" and people are still closing their eyes all around the world to greed.....and greed never worked in the long run...and never will...because greed is the root of oppression...war....whatever evil you can think of...drugs...tobacco...alcohol...but it's up to you to make a decision about your life ...your way of thinking....because every change in your world always starts from inside yourself and for sure there's an alternative way to look at this so called crisis and some people will see this as a possibility to change the course of our lives...and some will for sure see the possibility to push it deeper to get to make a lot of money out of...war?....People...every journey starts with one small step..and it's always you that has to make it...

Kathy says

Dear Burt,

You brought up a subject that is on everyone's mind. Just a little American history (I'm a student taking it in college). The only people who settled here without debt were the Native Americans who made the trek across the Bering Straight some time between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago. They settled from Alaska all the way down South America. They had great civilizations and did wonderful works.

When the people from Europe started coming here (the Vikings about 1,000 AD) They almost all came here in debt. Most of our immigrant heritage? Borrowed the money to make the trip. The Revolution was fought with a lot of borrowed money. The Constitution was written, not for the people but because the wealthy were losing money. Every man at the Constitutional Convention was wealthy. This was a requirement of the Colonies that no man could represent them in thier governing bodies without certain financial resources.

The Constitution is a financial document with the main purpose of protecting the wealthy peoples fortune. It was doomed from its onset. No big surprize. Greed and a total lack of morals along with no guilt or concern for others.

The only way I can see to correct this travesty is for all of us in the masses to come together and reestablish the good things in life. Things like Love (not sex), peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control, and generosity. Not one of these or the others that go along with them have to do with "money".

The time is soon coming that we will have to pick the side we want to fight for. Personally I want to be on your side. We need to join together and we need each other.

Much Love,


Carlos says

Last time I wrote in Spanish.
I could not find it this time in the column.
I may say something a bit different but I think if we put so much attention to this matter, we are just inviting the situation into our experiences.
The law of attraction is universal and being so resentfull will only bring bad to all.
We need to be united in the thought that everything will be fine and we, the ones spiritualy sensitive, will not suffer the effects of evil and corruption that are being mentioned in this column.
I am writing and as I write I will walk away from it.
My faith is clear and I will not participate in an answer to a wrong thing. I will have my experience and I will be complete.

Best to all.

Tom Steele says

I wish the Government would bail me out like they did Wall Street.

Seems that everytime Wall Street gets into trouble the U.S. Government steps right in. BUT let their citizens get into trouble and we're all on our own.

And We Elect These People???

Thank God it's an election year

Bev Krause says

I think america is scared, I know I am for all of us. The choices for President is not good at all. It seems like we are doomed either way we go. What little money and freedom we have had is all but over.


Mary Rouzer says

We should be outraged at the continuation of ripping off the taxpayers and not overseeing how the bail out money is being used. A $400,000 paid junket for employees of AIG right after receiving money is a travesty. Don't you suspect that Bush and friends are just trying to make the financial markets and banking part of the One World Order. We must protest and even take to the streets on these matters. I am waiting until the elections are over and if the Republicans steal another election like they did 8 years ago I think it is time to protest. Wish I had demonstrated 8 years ago but it better late than never.

Barry Annesley says

The greed of a few has brought turmoil to the familys of many. Unfortunatly greed will always be apart of our world. However we must remain positive, ride the storm and above all be the best we can be.

Phung says

This bail-out plan will only move the problem to somewhere else. Change can only come from the people of Mainstreet by changing they way we live. If people are buying only to sell, then this could only result in inflation and unaffordable homes. And then those that buy things out of their means can't repay loans fast enough. There are too many expenses that we as Americans have to deal with any ways for those that are not paying mortgages.
I know for sure that there are no quick fixes or solutions. I deeply believe that the only change that occur in order for the economy to survive is cultural changes at all levels of society. At the moment, most of everyone in the US is living in excess. We all give into our desires too hastily without thinking and consequently feeding our insatiable appetite for unessential things.
I'm not trying to say that everyone is the problem but I'm saying that we cannot rely on just the congress to fix things...we are the solution.
Anyhoo...The bail-out money should have been used to fix the foundations of education and health care. Long-term goals are all we have left. Without health and knowledge, how can we ever see light?

Richard says

Sadly a lot of people got greedy. and other "organisations have been at it as well!!

This crisis has been predicted for some time!!!

Its time that the world joined together and shared resources.

Todd Kinden says

All i can say is complete IGNORANCE ( the american way ). Proudly Canadian.

Robindra says

Focus on what one wishes to be, not what one wishes to get rid of, for the energyz we put in is what will be manifested

Calderil says

HAS SUCH A MAN TO TEACH!!!!!! BEYOND ME!!! )))) ?!?!?


Calderil says

I beleive, OBAMA, speaks with a charismatic tone, just the same as other leaders that lead the masses into a deep hole, CAstro, in Cuba, and eve HITLER!















Gilbert says

Our Friend Burt: Thanks for all the good information you pass on to us --- educational, informative, interesting and inspiring. I'm sure we don't know all the facts because the politicians make sure of that. But from what we've been told or from what has leaked out, is enough for us to question what's behind all of this. The first bill introduced by the Treasury Secretary was for us to give him a blank check to do as he wished with noquestions asked and no oversight. We haven't been given the details of the modified bill that was passed. No mention of any congressional hearings planned that could lead to prosecution and sentencing of those responsible for the financial crisis. Instead, we here of AIG executives spending (half a million?) for a vacation after getting the bailout.

Sunny says

It really touched me to read all the wonderful respons on the video.
All I can say, go on and thank you for all you already did for a lot of people.
I am from the Netherlands and I have also joined the peace intention experiment from Lynne Mc Taggert.
We need people to make it happen.

M. Lewis says

Greetings to All
I guess this is the time to now Pull from what the American Monk has taught. I'm hoping that you didn't think all that teaching was just for you, it was never about an individual, it has always been about Mankind and the Universe as a whole. Unselfishly forget about what you've lost but enjoy whats important. It's from the inside out, not the outside in. Maybe we all will have a considerably amount of compassion for the Poor and when this concludes we will focus on giving back, and staying away from arrogance and judgement.

Carlos Habet says

Dear Burt I am a Belizean and even though I am not being hrt financiaally I still look at this collapse of US economy as serious as the US touches every part of the world. But I think a lot of fingerpointing can be done In my opinion the blame can be put on some of the following
1 The financial regulators of the FEDERAL did not do their job abd should be fired from top to bottom.
2. The CEO of this failed institution who collected millions of dollars in salary and bonused should be investigated and ask them to return the money.
3 The auditing firms that auduted theses coppanies and certified that everythning was fine should be questioned I could mention more but will stop here for now
Carlos Habet Belize

Florence says

Whatever form of crisis that surface is only manifestation of our past thoughts. Everything is Just As It is. And I am grateful. The focus NOW is on correcting & purifying our thoughts to manifest love.
And it begins with me..........for I take accountability as part of the collective consciousness for the crisis happening in the world.


Myrle says

This is not for the average tax payer, and under no cicumstances helps the poor/less fortunate. I have yet to understand who was minding the store. How did they get in so deep. Who is helping those of us who's homes have gone into forclosure, with out an opportunity to recover, by lowering the mortgage payments and interest rates on the mortgage and extending the life of the loan.
This bailout is just an opportunity for them to payout their bonuses for the year and cater to their outlandish lifestyles.

John Delta says

Burt is quite correct regarding collective consciousness and its effect on our physical reality.

The root cause of this current situation was deliberate manipulation of public consciousness using powerful methods created at major U.S. universities by "bought" professors. "Philanthropists" provided the necessary funding for the classified psychology projects. I saw the inherent flaws in their logic and how the foolish project would lead to ultimate disaster, and refused to be recruited into the project during a 1993 meeting at a major California university with a dozen bought professors and the attending "philanthropist".

My subsequent efforts to warn the public of the insane project earned me a place on a "hit list". The reason I have survived the numerous assassination attempts is application of consciousness to repair the many injuries and poisonings. An Indian Shaman, a Pentagon General and a retired executive from the infamous "Skunkworks" (stealth bombers and Star Wars weapons) joined my crusade and quickly died under mysterious circumstances. Since their deaths, other potential crusaders willing to help derail the "Control Program" received visits and threats and quickly lost interest.

The "Control Program" is considered even more important now by its creators as it is applied to fixing the same problems that it helped create. People around the world have wondered why the American public blindly went along with the schemes and plots that led to this current crisis.

I funded my crusade through money raised from my various inventions. Recently, my three, pending international patents were "hijacked" and I was poisoned with chemical compounds that induced very rare forms of cancer which are not normally discovered until it is too late. Forensic analysis confirmed the poisoning. A friend who has helped finance removal of the poisons from my body was recently threatened with arrest and worse.

Unless the American Public suddenly awakens from its deliberately induced coma, the worst is yet to come.

Action by your group to help shift consciousness is absolutely essential. The world needs to comprehend the "Control Program" that allowed the insane financial programs to flourish and even now attempts to manipulate the disastrous aftermath.

is behind this crisis and others not "under control" need to visualize

Dawn says

Hello Again!
Someone wrote that there are not many CANADIANS concerned about the 'crisis'. My comment is Oct 10 at 5:37pm. I am CANADIAN, I just didn't mention that in my letter. I consider myself to be connected to my brothers and sisters everywhere on this earth. My love and concern for my family has no borders. I am involved! I care. What affects you affects me. I join forces with all of you in RAISING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Many Canadian people are concerned along with me too. HOPE will UNIFY US AND MAKE US STRONG!!! TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT.

Brian says

Money is only a symbol and truth is real !

I can assure you a dollar will never defined my worth !



unni Lukashuk says

Hi Burt,thank you for the info.I am so aware of the corruption we live with, but it will soon be over,Look up Blossom Goodchild,you must know of her?If this does not come about we are in deep trouble,more then ever,One world order,oh how evil, but true and people need to send love and white light to the world, instead of living in fear,it is what will heal our planet.I live in Canada and feel blessed to be here but the madness will be felt all over the world unless the lightship comes tomorrow Oct.14th,Lets all pray that it does come.Love and light to all . unni

gobalakrishnan says

Dear Burt,
To my knowledge,financial crisis always happened in every 10 yrs.Previosly it take longer time to recover, in 19th century it take about 6 to 7 years but it reduced to 3 to 4 years to recover in early 2000. Now i think it will take a few months to recover so don't be worry. " Market Always recover, Recovery Period is SHORTER.I see this, as opportunity for me to get more sales,and with your wonderful MINDBOX program that i am going thru now i feel better and better.I take this opportunity to thank you.You are my wonderful GURU.

Terry K. says

Our Government has not been for the people or by the people for many, many, years now. The last time in my generation I can remember a President truly for good change was John F. Kennedy, and we all know what happened to him. The financial "bailout," As it was termed, certainly did not help the people whom lost or are losing their homes. There is no support for American's with our government, and It's high time we get this reality very clearly. Retirement funds are another issue, where people aren't going to have that option, not to mention social security or medicare systems into the future. I believe each one of us as individuals must take our own concerns back into our own hands. This can begin on our home fronts, and expand out into the global effect. We do hold power in numbers as the people of the world. We might be wanting to appeal congress and the system in Washington for amend Federal Income Tax, in this case, as why are we all paying 30 to 50 percent of our hard earned money to pay a government that does not provide necessary jobs, health benefits,wage increases. We haven't had a mininum wage increase in years and years. People can't live on $8.00 an hour. This wage is for High School kids seeking parttime jobs! Most of our big industry in American has been sent to foreign countries! Does it make any since to send your own industry out of your country? Does this help your working class? No. Does this help your tax dollars? No.So why are we paying income taxes to a government that robs it's own people of their hard earned money. We all should have a say on where our tax dollars are going. Not just the President or the Congress. This system no longer is working, and it's real obvious.

I personally believe we need a whole new system. I say corporate American should not run this country. THe whole political system has gone astray with what everyone is saying, Greed, Greed, and more Greed, and the reality is we just can't afford all of this Greed anymore. Even if you live in an Ivory Tower, the trickle down theory will eventually effect everyone. It's like throwing a rock into the pond, the ripples go far and wide on and on. It is high time for the good of all, and much higher vision, and this system is not going to do it. I am certain that we have enough intelligent people in this World to put forth their ideas, solutions, ground work, and the necessary system changes to re-build our Country, and we all need to start speaking out about what solutions we envision, for our Planet, for our Children, For all of our welfare.

Freddie B says

I don't know about you but I support Russell Crowe's
answer to the problem. Give every american citizen
one million dollars and they would in turn spend that money and stimulate the economy. Simple and effective.

karen lagrange says

President Bush is the blame not democrats were have you been?

Bill says

Because President Bush speaks like a Texas hick he will get the blame for everything, but it is Congress, led by Democrats that have sacked Fannie and Freddie. We don't hear about it because no Republican was involved. I just hope those responsible will loose those bonuses, be sent to jail. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barak Obama among others.

Kalegan says

Ok ok, things seem bad now, but first let me mention something that may lead you to feel at ease.


All things now are in fact good if you can use them to your advantage but as soon as these things are no longer necisary they will disapear. Focusing on them will creat more of the thing so do this. Ignor the now and Focus On Future, FOF, always Focus On Future if now is bad, because you can change the future far more easily then changing now so. Dont worry about such things. If people are made homeless... in 10 years they will have a mansion. If someone his starving now or in porverty they are rich and well fed in the future, Always focus on what you want more then what you don't want.
There is no poverty only masses in the process of gaining wealth, there is no war there is only the process of attaining peace and there is no worry there is only Ever the process of sucsess.


Corpi Diem

sukhversha says

do not blame, do not complain, do not justify
just do it

Kevin says

If you want to know who is behind this manufactured crisis, research 'The ILLUMINATI' 'BILDERBURG GROUP' 'NEW WORLD ORDER'.

silvia says

The Agents of Solomon's power by Cristopher Knights
Maybe we can have an answer...for all this financial crisis

Maureen says

Dear Burt,

I am writing to you from Canada, and I know that we are not far behind you in our economic crisis. I have little so I have little to lose. I see this as the gateway to change. The bailout is just 'stomping in fires' it is not a solution. Society is resistant to change, but it is coming and I look forward to help you and all concerned to make the adjustments necessary. We are strong and resilent and we will learn, evolve, and survive.

Bill F says

Jay had a very insightful comment. Pay off all of the mortgages - or forgive up to $100,000 of them - which would put into circulation billions of dollars into the economy. The new economy created would dwarf our current one...

todd saed says

I for one have been put at rest reading these, am not alone despite twelve year exile in Asia, hope to get home someday, Ginger thanks for some of the most clear headed and honest appraisals, in the worst case scenario you mentioned at the end, those of us in the majority with conscience and obedience to the HIgher Self will join in the struggle to prevent mass violent repression, in the meantime laying low until everyone is ready. Silly little survival business that causes rebirth they say, so may have to figure a better plan

Kristal C. Owens says

Thanks for your work on our total wellbeing. The bailout is a symptom of the spiritual and moral bankruptcy that our political and financial leaders suffer from on a very deep level. Your work helps individuals to find this core level of awakening that is necessary for true and honest living. Peace to you and all. Kristal

Robert says

This crisis is an OPPORTUNITY for us to strengthen our practice--to focus on what is really important--that we are here to practice to forgiveness, to lift up our brothers and sisters, to reevaluate our own lives, to practice inner joy and happiness, regardless of the circumstances. This crisis will make us stronger; it will bring us together; it will help to show us that we are ONE.

Robert Golden,
New York

Bill F says

This meltdown will be the beginning of a more global economy separated into three regions. 1. Canada, US, Central Am and South Am. 2. Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia. 3. Asia and Australia

We have the Euro with the Amero on the way and anyone's guess on the new name of the Asian currency. American freedoms as we know them will erode away as Socialism becomes the new global form of Gov't. While the new financial meaures were welcomed in as a neccessity, they are desguised for the few to have power over the many.

I will continue to stay positive and pray for the new global consciousness as we approach 2012 - the New Age.

Nur Azah says

Dear Burt,

hmmm (after reading some of the comments). I am not an American citizen but I AM a citizen of the world. I study your material as well as material from other great teachers such as Dr. Robert Anthony - and I believe in what I am learning. So this is what I have to say...

I don't watch the news and I don't read the papers - unless there's something good to watch or read. However I do have an idea of what's going on around me and in the world. I just choose to stay away from the negative waves.

First and foremost, my personal world is good and fine and in every moment my main focus is to keep it that way, because I believe that when I take care of myself I am in a better position to help others. I know that whether I like it or not, in every moment I am contributing my energy to the world, whether it be bad or good energy. For all you know, in a way I may have contributed to this "crisis" that we're talking about. This is why it is important for me to focus on the good things and increase my level of good energy so that my contribution to the world can help heal this situation.

My ATTITUDE is one of gratitude. I know my future will be good and I pray the same for everyone, so Burt, let's together channel our collective consciousness towards prosperity and know that everything will be alright. The journey may be very challenging but at least we know where we're going to end up and we can still afford to feel good during the trip!

Lots of Love.

Iris Howell says

I Live in Australia, and this is our problem too.
The banks lend too much money too easily, and take far too much profit. Very best wishes to all.

Trudy says

Hi Burt, I don't see this as an American situation only, to me it is worldwide. But I must say that I have a different opinion than everybody else. Until we keep saying it is our governments who have caused these chaos,and that it is up to them to fix it, we will not help to solve the problem. We need to understand that coming from the Oneness this is everyone's responsibility. We made it, we fix it. This is Universe's way to tell us money is not where our confidence should be. We have been out of the way for too long and we are being kick back to our senses. Lets look inside of ourselves and let the Light shine in. Everything will be alright because I believe the Universe is perfect. In the meantime, we have to change the way we live, we have to change the way we think, we have to change ourselves not the world. Thank you for letting us express ourselves in your website. Blessings from Florida, USA!!

Saleema says

No matter what the outcomes of this "crisis" will be, guess who would pay the highest price in any instance?
Is a dollar the same to someone who's income is $ 1,000; or $ 10,000; or $ 100,000; or 1,000,000; or $ 10,000,000 per year?
Crisis for some of us are almost at the order of the day and President Bush does not even know or seem to care about it...
I took out student loans to complete my education and advance in my workplace, but all I have achieved is a $ 90,000 debt I don't know how to repay...
I have bought and almost lost a house after 7 years of payments (of which almost 90% was applied towards the mortgage interest), when my husband lost his job. I applied for a Chapter 13 to keep it, only to see the mortgage owners sell it to another company. The amount of money I owe is still the same I thought I was buying the house for...
Should I care about the fall of a system that has kept me in poverty, despite my educational level and my sincere efforts to pay Caesar and God what is "theirs"?

Linda Piel says

This was the plan from the beginning, to take down the WORLD, not just this country. Bush signed, without any consent from anyone, the NORTH AMERICAN UNION, which voids our constitution. The people do not know the full extent of what will be coming down. The forces are ready to drop in with marshal law. Armed and ready. We are in the handbasket on the way to you know where...

Blanca Thompson says

When the news reporters speak with such high/intense emosion about the economy, I feel goose pumps all over my body and turning off the TV or Radio relieves that feeling.
Lets pray for all the CEOs in this country; lets pray for the awakening of the un-concious minds of some;
and lets live our lives the best we can for our own sake and the sake of our families and humanity. Lets do what makes us feel good and in that estate remember the good in all of us with love. Money is money and there is only so much money needed in order to live with opulence and be happy, the excess of money creates greed. Greed that is not seen with the eyes of God, greed that creates stagnation and suffering. God bless us all and ilumine this world so can live a wonderful life with all Its Opulence! With all my love and blessings.

june says

this is a manufactured crisis. We are being manipulated as usual..with a result that cannot be for the collective good.We need more than ever to meditate to change this planned outcome.

Kumoso says


After reading many of these posts, it would seem that the world is worried about us going into a depression. I think that our situation is only being caused by greed, and it will only repeat itself because we are not fixing things simply using the bailout as a "band-aid". Like several people have stated, an advisor that has had some issues with the part of greed, was hired back on for 1 million dollars a month. I would enjoy simply making 1 million per year. How do we plan to lower the national debt when we are paying someone 12 million per year to fix a problem they may have been key in creating. It makes no sense.

Louise says

Dearest Burt,
I live in Australia but we're all in it together as we can see from the amazing list of responses here - we are humanity and we need to learn the lessons individually. Let's take deep breaths and "hold hands" to keep each other afloat through this incredibly difficult time. Hoping this is the start of financial equality for the planet. All the best to everyone.

Sue says

It took a long time for this to build up, and the solution will also take time. For decades, the US Government has been taken on powers that were never intended by the Constitution, meddling in affairs they had no right to.

We need to get our government back on the right track. The first thing is to educate the American people (including some of our congressmen) to make sure they understand the content and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and what the federal government should and should not do. We need to get back to our political roots and demand total reform.

Many people blame the government for shipping our business overseas. One large reason is that the capital gains taxes are so high in this country that business are FORCED to go overseas. As average citizens, we must do our research. Look at the example in Ireland. They were crippled by high capital gains taxes, and when those taxes were drastically lowered, the country turned around almost miraculously. Taxing the "greedy rich" isn't the solution.

Another thing we must do is demand to see ALL the Congressional "earmarks" and special interest projects proposed. I, for one, would LOVE to see exactly how the government is spending my money! I understand that one of the earmarks in the "bailout bill" is for research on bear DNA. Not what I want my money to go to.

Do not let the media or the political pundits scare you into blaming the wrong people. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Lyn says

Hi Burt,

I live in Australia and say the sooner we can start to pick up the pieces, the better.

Count me in to what ever you have in mind.

Love and light

Sharon says

the rich get richer the poor get poorer

jorge says

The whole thing is just an other movement of the owners of the money... the "ones" behind the global power!!!
They want to make us slaves by controling our power of get anything we need!!! So it´s time for all in the world, every human being, to wake up and get planetary unity!!! Just united is the only way to make a difference agianst the slaving power!!! We musn´t be afraid or something like that... we nust bring the power to ourselves and start to create an alternetive out of the sistem... we can´t fight with weapons!!! We have to fight with creativity... we must create alternetives out of the sistem... sounds crazy? maybe... but only if you want to preserve the confort!!! if you realy realy want to make a diference... we must be brave and seek for others to make the alternatives!!

Casimir says

We should have no fear, because what is is absolute and this in turn makes all things possible. And, if we truly believe that, we can see that what is happening is just part of it. We are only discovering our self and everything that we can possibly be because it stands to reason that everything must be made manifest. It is all knowledge of self, I am, the One which ever you choose. What those of us who are aware can do is seek peace within, through what every way is best for you. Whether it is meditation, chanting or prayers, do it not to free your self but for all. We should not be judging others because we are unable to judge ourselves. Due to the fact that we lack clear perception and it is only by rooting out everything that obstruct our vision that we can truly help. If you wish to be a true warrior/servant do the real battle, liberate self. You will ignite a spark in every living thing and your presence here will do more for the awakening than you can imagine. Good and evil are only in our eyes and because we are absolute this to must be. There is absolutely nothing to fear, even fear itself is an experience (tool if you wish). It is awareness that controls so when the absolute is your awareness all things will become as one.

Peace be with us all

Ginger says

Dear Burt,

This video is loaded with lies told by a moron who knows absolutely nothing about economics. On the contrary, he was put in the Oval Office by his father to continue his father's ambitions for a New World Order. Failing institutions deserve to fail. The free market has always made the necessary corrections. When the government has NOT bailed out failing institutions, the market corrected itself within a year. The last time the government interfered and did a bailout (in the '20s), it took a decade for the market to correct itself. What we're not being told is that Congress insisted that banks loan sub-prime mortgages (under threat of penalty) to people who were not financially stable. This whole fiasco was planned by the banksters. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Nothing in politics happens by accident."

America's demise has been on the books of the banksters since the Federal Reserve Act was sneaked through Congress in 1913 by Pres. Wilson. This unconstitutional bailout was just another plank in their agenda. What Americans are not being told is -- not that their hard-earned sustenance will be used to bail out the banks in the U.S. -- but that the bailout includes failed loans in foreign banks on properties in foreign countries. All foisted on the backs of the hard-working American taxpayers.

Thomas Jefferson warned us that if this government established an unconstitutional central bank (the Fed Res)with the power to create inflation/deflation, our children would wake up homeless on the land their forefathers fought to save for them. Well, here we are, Thomas -- our economy totally controlled by an international consortium of banksters who do not answer to anyone, who print worthless paper out of thin air, and, since the Fed is not a U.S. government agency, it can/and does refuse to be audited. Our economy is totally controlled by anti-Americans.

We, the People, have no true representatives in Congress, save one, Rep. Ron Paul. This presidential campaign run by the two major parties is a dog and pony show for ignorant sheeple. Since Ron Paul (a strict constitutionalist) has endorsed Rev. Charles Baldwin running on the Constutition Party ticket, he is the only person who deserves my vote, albeit it will be nothing short of a miracle if he makes it to the White House. He advocates abolishing the Federal Reserve (putting this country back on the gold standard); abolishing the lawless, blackmailing, IRS; abolishing government-controlled education (college students interviewed by Jay Leno didn't even know how many States there are in the Union); abolishing the unconstitutional Patriot Act; discontinuing spying on Americans; etc.

Every clear thinking American should vote OUT of office every Congressman, save Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, who truly understand the Constitution. Or move for their impeachment for treason.

In spite of this seemingly unstoppable, silent (or not so silent) conspiracy to continue to insidiously enslave all U.S. citizens -- judicially, financially, spiritually, morally and physically (we have the highest percentage of prisoners in the world) -- I am still a cock-eyed optimist. I firmly believe that We The People still have the power to destroy the evil that has taken over the reins of our Republic (yes, folks, the founding fathers set up a Republic, NOT a democracy).

It's more than time to fight back. I know we can stop this destructive evil in its tracks through the powerful energy of collective consciousness. And I will spread the word far and wide to participate in this activity -- to patriot radio show hosts, to churches, to organizations, to newspapers, to government officials.

I believe this is our last stand before a bloody revolution. If you think the government is not preparing for this anticipated showdown, an Army brigade has been recalled from Iraq and being trained in "crowd control" against citizens in this country.

We can make this effort work. LET'S DO IT!!

Eileen Parra says

I agree that this all sounds like prophecy coming true, but must we buy into that? I believe in the law of attraction. I find that if I focus on what I want for my life, then things fall into place. I can't control what happens in the world around me, but I can send love and think prosperous thoughts for myself and the nation I live in.

hasnah says

Hi Burt,
I,m not surprise with what is happening now but I feel very upset and very sorry for our brothers in America especially and to all the people of the workd and myself also. Do you agree with me that this is a punishment from the God for what we have done ? We have been diverting from the right part in handling the economy for a very long time and now the God is trying to show that He is very angry. Of course we should try our best to get out of this dirty pool, but don't forget that God is the Greatest!

OLGA says





David says

Wow, thats strange. Now its back.

David says

I posted on here yesterday. Why has my post been removed??

Dr. Coomi B. Singh says

Dear Burt,

Yes, we have been impacted here in India. It is a shame what has happened - but then, this will surely lead to some reform in the long run. Mankind must learn from past mistakes. Meanwhile, let us believe in the collective consciousness and pray for the abundance that is out there in the universe, available for all of us. I believe!

Torsten says

Dear Burt,

Thank you so much for addressing this problem.
The globalization of the financial markets makes it a global problem; and of course my country is also deeply involved, Germany. (Burt, I attended four of your seminars near Stuttgart/Germany and in Seefeld/Austria.)

But it seems to me that this financial problem and its $700 billion bailout are only the beginning. A group of financial instruments, called derivatives, now have a nominal value of about $500,000 billion. Not all derivatives will default. But if only one percent will default, what for some experts seems to be the minimum, there might be a need for a bailout which is seven times as big as the one we speak about today.

There are other problems as well, which also have global effects, like global warming, wars, AIDS, dwindling resources like crude oil and water, etc. These problems are around for quite some time, and I don't think they can be solved in traditional ways.

Actually I think the biblical "end of times" is near. And according to the prophecies of the Mayan there might be an important change in December 2012.

If I understand the books ("Conversations with God" etc.) by Neale Donald Walsch and – if I may say so – his co-author, God, correctly, in a very few years there will be a rather instant change for the better we now think is just unbelievable. How can this happen? One important factor will be a change of consciousness; all people and peoples will think and act on the premise that we are all one. Like the fingers of a hand. Each finger "knows" that it can have a good life only if all other fingers also have a good life. There is no need for laws or courts to "convince" the fingers about that. The same will be true for people and peoples.

One other book I would like to mention here because it offers so much guidance and profound hope is "The Law of Attraction. The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

So the change of consciousness is a key, or as you might say, Burt, change of attitude.

But how do we come from here to here, and how can we survive or even thrive during the difficult time in between?

That's the big question. Besides the books I mentioned, I'm really looking forward to the guidance you will offer.

Also, I would like to thank for the many inspiring comments on this board.

And BTW, Burt, thank you very, very much for the CD series you have produced, especially the Mind Box. They are awesome!

Your friend,

Anna says

Have any of you been listening to ANYTHING Burt has had to say? I recently read (here? possibly, but I think elsewhere) that President Roosevelt banned the word recession in the press, and the country got away without one, because it was not in the public consciousness. (Pity the present president is not that intelligent, that he must control the people with fears and induce a recession/depression, and here's praying for whoever gets in next. Hillary has the guts to do it, but the populace (at least the voting part) hasn't.)
If you want to prevent a recession, and make it rich yourself, wake and smell the roses, people! And while you're enjoying the smell, think of how rich the whole world is, the universe in fact, and how rich you are. Deny energy to fear-inducing talk, and remember your magnificence. Believe ONLY in abundance, take a look around you! Ever tried to count the leaves on a tree, the blades of grass in a field, the number of grass seeds in the same field??? How many snowflakes fell on Alaska last year? It's an abundant world out there, that is all you need to focus on.

Bobby says

If I were to allow things of this nature to weight me down or hinder me from seeing things clearly in my world, that would be a crisis. I don't know very much about this issue, but to me it seems like people are making a big issue out of small situation. There always seems to be somekind of crisis at hand in our society, and i used to let it effect me. Then i realized that if i don't let that kind of stuff effect me then it won't

Jan says

We do need to unite our collective consciousness and stay in the positive in the abundance that is so evident and obvious in nature itself, and at our core within each of count me in!

There are so many global / world Peace meditations, why not a global /world abundance meditations. Let's do it. Now. tonight! .... at level!

Stephen says

Hi Burt!!!
Thakns for opening up this can of worms. I am an American who lives in Japan, and it is hard to look back at my country and feel proud. Wall St and the White House have sold out the average person so that those in power get richer while the rest of us get poorer. Our savings, or investments, and now worth much less than we we frist invested them, and who profits??? Yup, that's right! Not us!!!
I would be happy and proud to join any collective consciousness activity you may have in mind. Let's see if we can turn the tide and make this world a decent place to live in---for ALL humanity.

Lyn McDermott says

Dear Burt,
I am not an American so I don't know what it feels like over there. I just know that here in Australia I am sickened by the way this administration by George Bush is going. I can't say that I am overjoyed about what is happenning here either. Some say we are in a recession that we had to have. HMMM!!! Uniting our voices so that the polititions will have to acknowledge our recurring pleas to be heard may be of benefit. I fear that it is too little too late for this time but we could learn from it and look within for the answers to being able to cope in what is certainly troubled times. I have been reading lately about the power from within and I know that changes without start from within. We have no way of changing the way others think and feel, we only can change ourselves.If others note how we deal with this critical times with calmness and lack of fear that comes with our core belief's, we can come through this with each others help. We need to be able to give support to each other in love and spirit for us to survive no matter what. I appreciate what you are doing. Keep it up.

Willlll says

I get more and more upset at the current government every time I turn on the tv. Even back in 2002, when people asked me what I thought about GWB being in charge I said "He's going to make our country go broke! He spent like 4 trillion on a defense budget and can't even understand basic grammer. He will ruin us". But it seemed few cared and now I see exactly what I was telling them and I feel hopeless until a peace focused leadership gains power. I worry about things like, what if more failed leadership takes control or if this will be a globally terrible thing. I just wonder though, is this the first step in mass globalization based income?
The future looks complicated and full of some amazing new systems!

Gordon says

Hi Burt,
I live in Australia.but have been following the manipulation of this situation by the Lying Bush regime for sometime and the corruption is unbelieveable,The only way to fix this is by Collective Conciousness and Action to remove Your lying cheating adminstration in the Black House and Congress,The have dumbed down the American people until they almost like Pavlovs Dogs.Any initiative to remove this lot will be my pleasure to participate in.

Love and Light


todd saed says

What is the worst to contemplate, is people have invested their spirit and soul all their lives into making a life for their loved ones, and now are being robbed of this, George Carlin has youtube skits about how corporate America does not care about you, they need to be replaced, suggests how. It almost does not matter in a way, only the next world may be able to heal it, so sorry for us all.

todd saed says

Thank you Larry and Bobby for the positive input,Bobby I think you should write the book, for yourself if nobody else, I have heard Mae Brussell say there are one hundred families that rule the world, at she has archives. Larry , I will check the site, problems are an opportunity the old saying goes, or leapfrog them, ribbit. Froggy went a courtin and he did ride, sword and a pistol by his side, political power comes from the barrel of a gun, great battles are won without weapons, the war best won is the one not fought.

Navnit says

Isn't all what is happening in U.S.A. and all over the world the results of insatiable human greed. It's sad that the role of the government even in all so called democracies ( Including my own country India) has been shifted from good governance and common good to being agents of big business houses.
Why does the government allow these business houses to expand their business to a level beyond their risk taking capability. Do these business houses donate their earnings for free when they see huge margins? Then why do they expect the tax payers to salvage them out of the mess they themselves have created.
Yes, a change in universal consciousness is certainly needed which can take the focus from only materialistic growth to a holistic one.

jericho of galilee says

I will not comment. I want the 289 persons who wrote in to mediate on joy and happiness for 7 days for all of the world's goodness. Everyone counts so much more than ever before. SO PLEASE BE HEARD.

Eternal JOY and Blessings to my brothers and sisters

P.S. I am constantly sending you waves of agape right now.

jericho of galilee says


alain says

Hi Bert, I am from Canada,
This finantial situation is another signal to take control of our finances and of our lives. The previous political attempts to bail out the banks and finantial institutions have failed and the average earners are paying and will continue to pay the note for a long time.
I am open to your suggestion and to unite into a collective consciousness. And when it is in accordance with your plan, attract a constructive and suitable outcome for the general public in the world, in the long term. This is a world wide finantial crisis in my view. I prefer to attract wealth and abondance for everyone.

Kim Markwell says

Nature has two forces, the constructive and the destructive. This is the way of things. The economy is a natural cycle like everything else. It is inevitable that this would happen, how can it be otherwise?

How, can we enjoy the good times without the bad. If we bail out the financial institutions
Is it not the same as indulging a spoiled child? How do we teach a child not to be greedy, but let them suffer the consequences? Do you think bailing them out would be a one time thing? Let us learn from it and move on to the next stage .

This will hurt a great deal of people who put their faith in the wrong places. There is no such thing as security, it is a myth created to sell things . I believe I am strong enough to face the future, unafraid. What will be., will be. After all, do I, or do I not believe, that we are creators of our own reality. In the face of
Adversity I will be tested, not when things are going good.

Margarete N. says

U-tube track # 4 with Peter Defazio and # 5 analysis reports and German papers comments were excellent and should be largely distributed. The quality of # 6 was technically dysfunctioning and 'unintelligible' and should be taken out, the message got completely lost...
There has been a lack of interest in political issues in the American people, for the last several decadesat least. Because of a blind trust in their elected officials and President, no information nor accountability has been asked for or given. Trust is good, but check-it-out is more effective and keeps a system working when there's rampant greed involved. In big business, 'anything goes', i.e. without regulation: the more deceptive to the consumer, the more deceptive marketing tricks are viewed as 'effective business practice'. The government is a corporation assumed to serve the people, but now more and more is in sync with other big private corporations who are not in the practice of ethics or responsibility in favor of their fellow humans, the only legally 'real' persons in this
legally dysenfranchised scenario. Because of bankruptcy options for business people, their owners don't go to jail even if they committed fraud, which nobody want to look at, because our big government corporation bails out the big gambling corporations' debts - at the cost of the tax payer who bears the burden.

People must learn to get to know and communicate with their elected officials, taking the place of paid lobbyist for private corporations. Youth should be taught about the system and a citizen's duties and rights.

As for those of us who can't be 'activists' anymore, and anybody with a higher consciousness: we should unite in invocation/prayer several times a day or week in support sending Light, Love and Seadfastness to those chosen for our State Assemblies and in Washington who feel a higher calling from their Souls/Consciousness, to cooperate and bit by bit solve the visible and invisible Chaos.
Humanity is transiting from outer 3rd-dimensional orientation to 4th and 5th dimensional Consciousness and Existence.

Love and Peace to All,
Margarete N.

Mikael says

I think this is a a tool to paralyse people and an awakening that money is just a paper we told our self to work for. It is a transformational momemnt for us to realize the facts, that the world is a energy linked system
that when we measure form to molecules by our mind. The world is the cause of our subconscious send out of modulated energy, just as we have frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, in radio. We have it in our brain and its a part of the true creation of reality from our consciousness. The money paper we are worried about is molecules. The most important awakening is our belief and value made that paper exchange for service. We people can start true wealth exchange without money. By using our services. And if we started another value tool. Like in earlier days money was pieces of wood. We could as people with collective consciousness exchange our passion talents, abilities, innovation to support food, technology, health, all areas without the government. It is about us realizing the value we make money is in our mind. And true success and being rich, filthy rich is frequency rise in attracting ideas that give the value in consistent action with what people you help have in wood, metal, paper what every money wee pick. People have drive within them, that is a legacy, a uniqueness that is powerful, unlimited, one with the energy consciousness we all live with in now, that people call the quantum, zero point, super string, etc field. were every thing physical derive and it is where we go direct download of our mission, that is frequency modulation going trough the Tv channels, Radio channels , but that for us is grabbed in a resonant tuning fork in our heart, research,, new scienctist, just look and you will put the dots togeheter. And the heart is in turn pulsating the energy from the heart to our physical brain as intuition, inspiraiton, vision, true dream. So we are in time for waking up and accessing our uniqueness legacy that is as valueable as we allready have attracted in trough every one in our hearts resonance, attraction field. And our
dream is already us sending in and out the modulations to each other in our connected field. So wealth is the games of transporting that modulation of our true dream to another that have use value for it and rising from all areas of our life in well being. And the true dream is our passion, mission to be a cause of good on this planet.

I think this is the calling of us in our true humble existent vision of flourishing being fullfilled alive for life in connection to inner standing, where life is all us are wealthy and it starts within our legacy and following our flow that is our uniqueness tool to create winw win.


Larry says

Prophecy is coming true, whether we like it or not. There is nothing taking place on the planet that is not by design. We are advised to seek spiritual enrichment especially at times such as these, and manifest it in our love for ourselves and others. This is not a time to bury our heads in the sand though...awareness is vital. Is there a solution? You bet! If I'm allowed , please check out http://www.wssic.comm, for your solutions to ALL these financial crisis. Find out how independantly we are all richer than you can imagine, and how to learn about how you are going to manuver in the sea of commerce.

relizare says


I agree, this is a video everyone needs to see. To make wise decisions, we need to know the real truth. Fear is not of God, but folks please do not bury your heads in the sand, and think we are trying to lead you into fear.

Educate yourself with truth:

Like Alex Jones says, we are in a battle for our minds. Our lives and survival are at stake as a world. Only when we educate ourselves, wake up to the truth, come together, care and love each other, can we do something to stop all this. We need to gain courage through our positive thinking, not fear.

I believe life needs a balance. While we need positive thoughts, we also need to find the truth. The system was setup to divide us, create mistrust, divide us and create fear to control us.

We need to overcome this and take down the big Corps, the fiot money system, and Federal Reserve which by the way is nothing but a private Corp and are some of the most dangerous criminals along with all the others in power committing crimes and atrocities yet pay no consequences. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve, create our own money system. and start controlling the Corps by taking away its power, and invisibilities.

I have spent many years of my life working with others who have all put our heads together to use the Court Systems, our knowledge of the Law, our time, our resources, and our voices to do just that. But as the broadcasting systems control information, and people are dummied down and hypnotized by their lies fears and entertainment, people refuse to seek the truth and demand it, while the ones doing the doing become demonized and are too few.

I was once nothing but a wife and mother who wanted nothing more than to show my family and anyone else that came across my path nothing but God's love, care, respect and responsibility. My son, who is multiply handicapped, used to say I was like an old time flower child.

Then one day, my now former husband gave me a mandate. I was to hand my son over to the state or else. He did not want to help care for his own son, but wanted everything for the betterment of his own life alone. He thought if he gave our son to the state, he would not have to pay support, or his time or effort.

I refused, and he tried on several occasions to kill me. I was and am today a Christian, positive thinker, and a doer, and refused to give up on our son.

Then finally my husband left, but he said he knew how to use the Court system against me and he would take everything from me.

For 18 years, even after our divorce, and after he remarried, he dragged me through the Courts acting like an upstanding citizen trying to do right, after he illegally had taken all the money, all the property still in my name, and kept making up fictitious reasons and frivolous lawsuits to try to keep taking anything else I would end up with, every time I started my life over after his path of destruction. In all that time not one Judge ordered him to pay a penny in Child support, despite previous Court orders. His money went to pay crooked attorneys, and Judges. It took me that long, and my son to threaten suicide if I did not do something to stop him for me to wake up and stop being a victim. He only used the Courts to keep stealing things that did not belong to him, not pay any support for a child that needed much care, and special needs, but outside of Court, he would continue to threaten our lives, harass, destroy property, and abuse our son every chance he could and often physical attacks. I saw how corrupt the Courts were! It was shocking!

He had all the money, and I had all the responsibilities and problems to deal with.

My son said to me once, the reason I could not protect us from his dad was because I was so busy trying to think good things about everyone all the time, I was not facing the truth, and I did not know how to think like his Dad, to know how to fight the evil.

I had to educate myself fast, so I began studying Law on m own, by spending most of my time in Law Libraries and taking over my own cases with my former husband at the same time. I could not trust any attorney, part of the bar or big boys club when there was so much money and corruption going on by my former husband. He had everyone in his pocket. I had to go after them all by myself with no help, no other family, and a multiply handicapped son.

I went after all of them, and went all the way to the federal Court, where I indicted a Federal Judge, and three Attornies. They shut down the Court room that day for damage control and to keep any publicity out.

This took me about 4 to 5 years of pure courage, constant sacrifice, all resources I could muster, and a greater faith in a higher power. What I learned in my study of the Law and also in learning to litigate in the actual Courts by myself, left me in such shock as to the truth of our systems, the laws that they keep changing the meaning of words, manipulating the meanings and hiding any real rights, as well as how it all happened, and what truly happening in this country that of led me to much of the information already in this Video which was able to see and experience upfront, close and personal.

Yet it still was not over! I then had helicopters constantly over my home, FBI agents harassing and threatening me constantly, local police constantly following me, my lines tapped, and even some strange deaths of my closest friends as I refused to keep quiet!

I found others who knew the law and used their knowledge to help others and fight the system with the sword of the pen, the Courts, and our speech. Now it is 2008, and there are so few left of any courage, love, backbone and willingness to do, and the monster has become too powerful for so few!

In case you have not guessed, I am a woman. I am only 5'1" tall, yet they never saw me coming in the Courts, armed with any knowledge. I think they mistakenly took me for a dumb blonde! Lol!

I took down some very corrupt people, and am still paying the price and still taking care of my handicapped son by myself. Why do the men these days seem to have no back bone, no courage, to do what is right, and to put themselves out there to do things that will help mankind!

When these people take these huge paying jobs in these non-caring damaging Corps, where are their morals! When we convince our sons and daughters to go fight for America in Iraq, killing innocent people and someday the powers that be will use them to enforce martial law upon their own country where will their loyalties lie? What have you done to teach your own kids the truth, and how to stand up for what is right, and have true moral values. For all of you who are policeman and follow orders to beat and arrest ordinary citizens for doing nothing more than protesting and free speech what do you tell yourself that makes it ok and how do you sleep. Where will your loyalty lie when they declare martial law?
I love you all!
God Bless, be of good courage and a sound mind!
Lets support each other and not the system and keep up our positive thought and faith for our good courage!~
Love and Blessings to you all!

Another video people need to see to understand is "The Corporation". It shows the comparison of the Corp, similar to giving power and money to a serial killer. The Corp has no moral values, no consciousness, takes no responsibilities for its own actions, destructions, or damages, and the only meaning to it is the almighty bottom line, the almighty fake fiot, debt note, or profits. I saw it on Link TV, which is a private access channel, not controlled by a Corp.

Celestian Tau says

I think that the next American Revolution should more closely resemble the French Revolution. Their is an American elite running wild while ordinary people suffer. The last time I checked the ordinary 99% outnumber the top 1% it could be done tomorrow. But nothing will happen as long as the beer stays cold and their are boobs bouncing across the T.V. screen. Americans have been been beat down to the point of lethargy. Sure a lot of them will talk a good game but when crunch time comes you find that it's all hot air. The patriot act was put in place to protect the elite from the american citizen as well as foreign terrorists. No one has the balls to do what needs to be done. It is the saddest truth I've ever realized.

mary says

I am not american,bat eart is our's home in the over the world.It is a problem in America ,is the problem in over the world.This is the time for new life for over the people and for animals to..Maney and materials is nothing,only for survivers. It's time for peace and love;)

Bea says

Hi Burt,

Thank you for the opportunity.
Well,what can I tell you.What I don't understand is,why most people are so surprised!This was on it's way for a long time.Suddenly surprise??? We ,the government now is the heroe and we will "save" the rich,again.
This is just a bandaid.I never heard anyone say: Let's
find out first,why this happened and what was done wrong to get us to this point,before we know,how much it will cost.
When you go to a doctor,before he suggests anything(if he's a good one)he has to find out and understand what the cause is first.
How can you fix something,if you don't know what caused it in the first place.Money is being "gifted"left and right as a "reward"for greed.etc.

Another question I have been asking myself is:who is the
boss?The government or the people?????????????????????????

In my "ignorance" I say:we always have been the ones paying for the big corporation's,etc.STUPID mistakes.
Has the goverment said:"well let's allocate $700 billion
(our money) to help the people.Many are now living in their cara,lost homes,etc.

I can't understand how they say that they care about the people and are only looking out for the people,if they let the credit card companies and banks,charge such astronomical interests,so that the average person will never paydown his/her debt.Where is the help for the people????

Bush gave everyone a slap in the face by giving #300(singles) and $1200 (families) and now we have to bailout out people,who have their money stashed away somewhere for sure and ,who let greed and no regard for the people bring them to this blowout!

The House,Congress and the president have been chosen to represent our interests and to make sure,that we will be taken care of.Our input doesn't matter,they do whatever they want,without any regard for the people,whose backs can't take it any more.
Very sad situation,Burt and I can keep on going,but it won't change much.

Now I understand and agree,that the only way we can change things around is by staying positive and holding the high watch.That's what I have been doing and will keep on doing.
I was not surprised at all this,because I received a great advise from Leonard Horowitz once:"Be aware,for those who are aware can save themselves and their families".
I educate myself daily,I read and listen to all the parties.There will come a time,that you learn to read between the lines and know,who is genuine or not.

I am on board with you,so let me know,what we can do on a
Divine level to help.


Diane says

I am actually very excited and very positive about the financial collapse. This is a real opportunity to raise the consciousness of the world since it is a clear and concrete example of how we are all joined together. I will use this as an opportunity to meditate on peace and oneness.

Lawrence Plato says

Hello Burt,
The solution is to Get back to the Constitution. Have the congress print what money is needed and put it into circulation. get rid of the central bank and have the congress loan money as needed with an interest rate set to cover the cost of expenses. No dividends or bonuses paid out as this would be a non profit system.

Lawrence Plato

Dude Rono says

I have lost money with this event just like millions of others. My inner feelings are that stabailization of the markets are close at hand. I see the market leveling out and start taking of in a upward trend from Feburary to April of next year. But during this time I see the stock markets being cleaned out of a lot of the adulterated and infected peoples and buisness that are a part of it.

I see a economy that survives that will be a economy of true values. I see this inflated economy that we are it being destroyed taking with it most all of the corporations and people that have lied cheated and stolen money from others.

The world and economys that survive will be strong. I feel that the money that is left in our retirement accounts after this will have more buying power than we have in the economy that we are in now.

Thanks for this blog I enjoy it as well as all of your helpfull advice. Duderono

Bobby McKinney says

Hello Burt!!
Words of wisdom is applied to this commune,We light workers of this world know exactly what is taking place,at these trying times.Yes we are knee deep in a situation that will not go away.It's time we take our country back,
Crime,fraud to the people of this country pushing down our throats,trying to cause great fear to all.
Our media is so full of bull about what is taking place in our ,none of them speak truth. I got where I turn off these creatures from down under.Yes we need change but not the one's running for President they can't even tell the American people the truth.They are puppets on dangling string,As you nknow their are 13 familes runing this corrupt system what they say goes,the canaidates runing the office is also corrupt. Yes Burt it's time we seniors of this mad house we live under,makes a stand and take our country back from these mongurals.
I could write a book on this subject,but that would be a waste of time.
From A senior citizen

bman says

well, here we are. mindset and attitude are everything.
believing in our fellow citizens and our ability to work and create value are critical.
the system is no longer the end all.
may we each find peace in each of the moments in the time that is ahead of us.

beth says

I feel that this is just a bunch of bs to make the government look good when in fact it is going to cause a global melt down and possably job loss and maybe a possable holycost like another hitler rising. with military roaming the streets and having to be marked with a very chip if you dont take it people will be shot or prisoned etc... just another way for the govenment to put fear in the soul of people but on the other hand it just a sign of the times said in revelations in the bible!

Gerry says

Dear Burt.
I do'nt profess to know much about global finances, but, I am a senior on a fixed income and this situation scares the "bee-gee-bers" out of me! I am living on government pension, period, what happens if this cut off? From past experiences I know one thing.....THROWING MONEY AT A PROBLEM ONLY DELAYS IT, IT DOES NOT SOLVE IT!!!! I frantically that some common sence will somhow prvail.

Helena says

To think positive is the better solution. Crisis are the best way to change the system. I think the time has come to make someting new, to replace the old patterns. Maybe we just need a plan and to be united - a collective desire of change is already fixed.

Maria Perez says

Dear Burt:

We are living the causes of the way of thinking of the collective mind, I believe that all of us in the planet should shift the collective mind to newthinking.

I would appreciate that if you have an idea with some exercises or some other way to start working, please let me know.

I am willing to follow for the good of the whole world.

Thank You.


Peter North says

Hi Burt
Thank you for coming up with this. Count me in with whatever is decided to instigate the collective consciousness of the group.
Our resident Socialist in the UK, Mr Brown, has gone a slightly different way to the USA, but I hear that they are now following suite by buying shares in the banks! Why? Surely the fat cats bankers, traders and speculators that made obscene profit on the backs of the majority of people should be made to pay for the recovery! But, we need a new system other than the debt driven society we now have. I personally would close down all the worlds Stock Exchanges to stop the FAT PIGS from slopping any more from the trough!
Good luck and best wishes, from Peter in the UK

Hermine says

DON'T PANIC..EMBRACE THE CHANGE. Let the current monetary system fail so that a new Resource Based Economic System can emerge. This new system will benefit ALL.

Carol Harse says

Hi Burt,
I continue my meditations and my focus on bringing love, peace and abundance for the globe I inhabit.
May your JOY always be as close as your own smile,
Lucky Carol in Paradise

Leola says

Hello Burt,

I am a citizen of the grand old U.S.A, and I do not fully understand all that's been going on in the Economy world, but I do get this very strong vibe that we're in major trouble, and unfortunately it doesnt seem like things will get better in the long run. Some have thrown out suggestions about what to do about the crisis, but they don't make sense. It is not just our country in this mess, basically it is the whole world, I hope we don't get into another war....anything is possible. I am a college student, already heard talks of some not being able to get any more student loans and such, the wealthy are complaining about why minorities or those with a lesser income should get loans and such trying to get into college, when they can not. There are too many things going on all at once, how can we tackle each of them? The most concerns are the Economy and the state of the Planet. If I was running, I would say our main goal should be to focus on the issue of Global Warming, because sooner or later all our lives will be at stake...just look at what is going on in third world countries, our East and West coast, the many hurricanes and such, the Arctic caps melting at alarmingly high rates, you think we'll make it in the next few years? It will be the like The Day After Tomorrow, minus the ice and snow. But I am getting away from the main topic, as for the financial situation, being a 2nd year college student, I have a lot of things going for me, yet I have no income, and just barely trying to save what little dineros I have. Jobs, business are indeed going bad, closing down and-it is tough just even trying to get a retail job. You would think that in this time and age, the state we're in employers would not care who they hire regardless of race, creed, background...again I wish we were all at peace, have somehow learned to really, truly live together without all this mess. Also, yes I totally agree we all need a change, something has to give, yet would Obama be the one to change our future into something better, for the People?? Right now I do not know, but election day is only a month away. I understand very little of tax, tax payers and incomes, but I understand all the wealthy is pretty much hogging all the cash us lower class spend just to keep the economy isn't working. What is there to do? I am all for it, so count me in. Peace.


David says

Unfortunately, the negativity represented in all of these comments is only adding to the problem. What is our mindset? When something is written it actually has even more inherent power than the spoken word. These are declarations that are being made, regardless of the understanding of the people making them. Never write down your fears! It only gives them strength.

My experience with the american economy, corporate greed etc., has not been a positive one but, I will not allow my future to be annother casualty of others misdeeds. I WILL NOT BE THEIR VICTIM!

The corporate executives have sown the seeds of their own destruction, not mine! We need to bring our hearts and minds, our will and intent back around to the positive. Look to the solution not the problem.

I see our economy comeing out of this, beginning today! Lets declare the solution! Lack is an illusion and I won't buy into it! Does anyone agree with me?


Peter J. says

to TODD SAED ..hmmm I am surprise to hear such diatribe against capitalism ,I agre its not th ebest .but I rememebr watching the horror of communisn as well ,remember ?
I personally am not terribly excited or impressed by any system devised by humans so far .works for a while but sooner or later ....

Bill says

I've heard it all before. They just are not telling us the truth, and appear to be implementing their secret plan for totalitarianism.

debra says

hi burt I dont have a commemt as I live in calgary canada but I hope it all works out for everyone

Jacobus Jurgens says

Dear Burt,

I think you are doing a wonderful job in trying to help out during this extra ordinary time in history. My main concern is that it seems that we are constantly trying to fix things AFTER the fact, rather than properly forward planning for any eventualities. So many times when things go wrong, a string of finger pointing actions occur, instead of finding ways how to correct the problems by learning from mistakes made in the past. Todays horrendous economic problem is of global proportions and has been in the making for many years. It now has affected so many of us especially the seniors living of fixed incomes, including myself. We are now forced to reduce our living style to insure of what we have left will carry us until the end of our lives, now that we have lost almost HALF of our lifetime IRA savings!! Once again, without forward planning we would not have survived, this catastrophy has now forced us to excute the alternate plan which include withdrawing all our savings until there would be nothing left for our children. Many of our neighbors in this senior living community are in even worse conditions than we are. So, where do we go from here? What lessons if any will we have learned? I am coming back at the finger pointing business, we as a nation are doing this much to often in any aspect of our daily lifes, presidential candidates are digging deep into the past to come up with detrimental events, this economic crisis has lead to a lot of finger pointing rather than finding acceptable solutions to the problem. Everybody is always complaining rather than offering constructive ideas on how we could overcome this difficult situation. True, its us who have caused this crisis to occur to begin with anyway, but again I say, this is caused because the lack of forward planning and not insuring that regulations and laws are in place to avoid greedy activities to florish in our society. We got laws to condemn criminal activities and I consider these greedy activities criminal. Burt, I believe in the power of collective prayer and positive thinking and I hope that you'll succeed in your efforts to initiate this.

Casimir Bruce says

This whole situation was inevitable, and we can (if only we could see clearly) come out of this in a better light. The problem is that we are not addressing the real issues. If only someone in authority would stand up a say that we as a whole are responsible and only collectively can it be solved. Most of us are under the impression that we need luxuries to make our life better so we spend money that we do not have and there are always some of us ready to oblige for our own benefits. We move about this society doing things with no thought of the consequences just so that we can have what we call ours now. I cannot say that any of this is bad because I am aware of my ignorance, but I will say that it can be used and seen as good because it should make us aware of the results of our actions. Learning is one of the most beautiful abilities we have and this is a perfect opportunity. If we can only see this for what it truly is, we can come out of it shining. It is the very thing that we fight to hold on too that is causing the problem and that is our way of life in this and all other societies. Our actions are the true root of the problem if you wish to call it that (a problem) and we have an opportunity right now to educate our selves and create something better for all. Of course this will not happen now because of our present mind-set. I suppose that it will have to get extremely bad for us to finally say, look what we have done. We truly do not know what we are doing.

How the idea of money works is that we spend it sensibly, but spend it we must because it has to keep circulating for it true benefit to manifest.

The bailout may help (but only slightly), but we will be back here again until all of us come to the realization that our actions have consequence and only by understanding the science in it will we learn to rise above it and cure our ignorance.

There is no greater thing than life itself and until we respect it, serve it, and see its beauty ignorance will be our way.

Peter J. says

Hi guys ,dont worry ,This too shall pass ,birds sing ,ocean has waves,clouds pass ,grass grows ,people get born people die ,the real life goes on ,wall street is wall street , pretty drab part of the world all this is ego stuff and will get sorted out ,happened before ,will happen again obviously mind stuff reality is still reality fact is we are still magical beings no matter what ,and there is no telling how this will unfold as the universe is powerful and we are it ,it simply IS we need to think ourselves out of this ,the same way we thought ourselves into it , we need to get back to basics ,all this is so typical and superficial...

Eric says

Dear Burt, Thanks for all of your helpful insights, I have devoted a great deal of time in researching this reality as we know it from many different angles and view points. If we take a closer look at the events happening in our world today it is apparent the influences of the dark force leading up to these events. There is also an agenda behind the events, I urge people to pay attnetion to where the control seems to end up when the solution has been put in place, there you will begin to find the source of the problem.

I believe that we hve the power to bring about a change for the better for all people on earth, for we are all connected in some way, when you suffer, we all suffer and vice versa.

Charles says

Dear Burt,
Thank you for opening this discussion to us in such difficult times. I read somewhere the other day that fear is a much more powerful emotion than greed. Fear seems to be ruling the day in the economy and society at large. I hope you can give some guidance for those of us who seek to live the awakened life.

Marcos says

Dear Burt
I live in Mexico the goverment here sais that we are protected but i think we are not the hole world is havin finincias problems

todd saed says

Karen , sorry you have not begun to understand how capitalism as a philosphy has been dead one hundred and fifty years, and your cultural conditioning has not been discovered, capitalism damages the human spirit, China has a communist government and is the largest creditor nation in the world, the US is the largest debtor nation in the world, now sucking the world into economic madness as it has done since the Korean war. So even in capitalism's own archaic terms , it has failed, as the debts pile up, and inflation runs up, but all this only underscores it has been a failure for sixty years for the millions of unemployed, those killed in wars, those stripped of freedom by the largest rate of incarceration in the world, the minorities looked down on, still happening, how can you answer all these simple facts, reality will soon show you the light, too bad it had to be through the horror of capitalism.

Sharon says

This can be truly frightening. What to do? Is it naive to think our reality is pliable? That it can be altered?

What little I know of quantum physics encourages me as do emails from Burt and others with his mindset.

Even when things seem overwhelming I keep remembering it is our response to them that makes it so.

Getting beat-up in beta doesn't seem very productive.

Like everyone else I'm looking for answers and they have to be there.

Looking forward to the hundredth monkey kicking in,

Angela Ward says

Dear Burt,
My concerns is that the billion, trillion dollar bill is too big for me to pay. How am I to pay my bills when I am responsible to pay a trillion dollar debt? Will I lose my house to pay this bill? Will I lose my job to pay this bill? Will my son lose the opportunity to go to college?

I do not watch daily news on TV because it creates fear. People watching this focus on the crisis and it is manifesting what we do not want. My mother says watching the crisis on TV gives her stomach ache.

At work, I hear everyone and they are fearful. I know people are pulling their money out of banks, selling everything they have in the stock market. Everyone is so scared!!!

Burt, I think people must get out of the fear. We need to focus and create the world we want to live in. We could put on our magnet hats and draw to us what we want for ourselves and our country. We could put on our positive viewpoint glasses and see this in the positive light. I AM GOING TO BE OK AND EVERYONE ELSE IS GOING TO BE OK!!! We could focus on wise and honest people to address the crisis. Abundance. Enough for all. I think it is wise for us to come together and manifest the world we want to live in.

karen says

The U.S. government caused this whole crisis. The hunger the Gov. has for social engineering has cause one problem after another . The so called "war on poverty" has caused billions and has only led to the collapse of the black family. If it was a war, poverty won.

The idea that everthing desireable is now a right is sure to lead to other disasters. The only people who have a right to a home are the ones who have saved, worked hard and have prepared themselves for that obligation.

The Gov. bailout will make things worse. Capitalism is the only hope for freedom for us and our children and it has taken a major hit thru this crisis.

Thru it all though, God is our provider and He doesn't care what the gov. does.

Charles says

I see almost everyone sees this economic problem as caused by someone else. I believe we cause our own problems.
I believe we need to put our own house in order. First, put away all these thoughts of gloom and doom. Look for the good that will come out of these problems.

Years ago I had a business failure, that took almost everything I had. I lost two homes and well over a $100,000 dollars. I believed the banks, and the goverment were corrupt, and the world was headed for chaos. My world continued to crumble for ten years, until I finally learned that you create the world you live in. Change your thoughts, and you change your world.

There are many opportunities here to help each other. Faith in a brighter future, not fear, should be our goal.

Bhupi says

Tough days worldwide. Am sure there will be a turn around soon. When you have to face it, do so and do not loose sleep over it. The guys in charge are surely doing something about it. We will get after them if nothing happens soon

mandy says

I live in the U.S. I have 3 kids and run a free animal care service as well as work 45 plus hours a wk my husband also works 50-60 hours a wk and we may be filling bankruptcy do to the economic crisis. Taxes in our country are in place to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer. With out a major influence from good things will only get worse. this crunch is being felt every were not just in my country. send love every second and remove the hate,greed, and fear.

josie says

i'm not really sure what the bail out plan entails. i don't take too much interest in american politics coming from 'across the pond' i usually wait till the riples reach here and being such a big pond i always live in hope that they will have filtered out by then. of course some things are happening here but some businesses are actually thriving.

but you know i watched a film, Starman, and he said that what he loved most about the human race is that we are at our best when things are at their worst. one person said they would think about growing tomatoes. well if you have a back yard and your neighbour dosn't ask your neighbour to help with growing the tomatoes then share the tomatoes. (tomatoes being an analogy)!

Diana says

I feel that this situation is a just in time correction of an overblown, out of control cycle of greed. I am very happy that the builders are hampered from pouring concrete over every bit of green space they encountered (in my area, they would call open space "undeveloped" and would hasten to "develop" it.) They were building McMansions on the speculation that the buyers would be there. I am pleased as punch that they are shut down. Also, many many people who are defaulting on mortgages are investors who jumped on the money train, and bought properties with the intention of "flipping" them. TV programs were devoted to this, one of them was Flip This House. It's a good thing that they must now take a more conservative view of life. Water seeks its own level. The pendulum will swing. I am old enough, I saw this same thing happen in early 70's, with the implosion of savings and loans here (Texas). Almost 40 years ago was too long for the current crop of charlatans to remember, so history repeated itself. Life will go on.

Kris says

I'm wondering why the focus in on the sysmptoms and not the disease. Perhaps if we, as a nation, pulled our attention away from the media and into the ways we harbor greed, selfishenss and inaccountability in our own lives, and owned up to that, we could see more clearly that our institutions and our government only reflect ourselves. Do I know when enough is enough? Do I look to the future when I take action? Do I hold myself responsible for the results of my life?
Certainly huge mistakes have been made. Mistakes of a magnitude beyond my understanding. I feel powerless to make any positive difference. But, as the responder from Serbia pointed out, my home has not been bombed. My family is alive and well. I have food, shelter, clothing, and the love of many people in my life. For this I am most grateful.
The only difference I can make is to move my focus from the problems of the world to the state of my own consciousness. I can hold out the possibility of a turning of the American people from 'gimme' to 'what is my part?'. I can hold out the possibility that our corporations will become responsible citizens, that our politicians can use common sense, and that our financial institutions will see the lessons and move to change. Pollyanna? Most definately. But it is the only place I can stand and stay sane.
On the plus side - I no longer have to see Paris Hilton on the news!

Christine says

I would like to see all those millions that were paid to the CEO's , taken back from them. Why should they enjoy , while everyone else is suffering and on pins and needles. There should be a cap on those redicules salaries, and they should be accountable.
I'm also in on the collective positive thinking, God bless everyone of us..

Tammy says

I watch this stuff on TV and it is definately about wall street and not main street. If the government continues with their plans to bail out these large companies, they need to have some sort of plan that they are paid back even if it is just a percentage. The main street are always the ones paying the price . . . . If I ran my household account like they have been running there business I know the Government wouldnt bail me out. If it has to be done, then payment back from the companies when they get back on their feet should be part of the solution. We need to stand beside each other and do what we can.

todd saed says, not or. , and not abd

todd saed says

The most brilliant common sense response ever on the
bail out mess, give the people the money,obvious, unforuately they will not do that, so the US money may become worthless, and a communist type society emerge sometime later,see plp.or, no money, no wages, no profits, each person working at what they love, no competition except the healthy kind in sports,etc. , love
coming naturally, being realized effortlessly, no racism,
no sexism, no war, health care, rational social being,
and for die hard boomers like me, legal pot, no overbearing bosses, no oil consumption, no police brutality, no brainwash education, no religious fanatics, no mental disorders, no prisons, them on desert reclamation projects until ready, no divorces , communal families, all things provided as needed. It will happen, it is happening, everything in history and scriptures has pointed to it, but even in a perfect world and society , your personal soul, Self, and love is primary, as many have suggested here, maybe four hundred and twenty seven thousand years until the age when all are really spirits, Vedic time line, so relax and be glad you had a chance to witness the end of the Kali Yuga , a rare privilege, the chance of having a human body is the same as that of a turtle coming up in the ocean, nose through a doughnut, countless souls all at one time your brother, sister , mother, or father, and each one a universe, also in the other dimensions you exist now , and things like CERN are discovering this scientifically, really no time to worry
The human body is the peak of creation, your destiny is realized with it to attain Buddhahood, perfection, self sacrifice is the way, so many here show they know.

mike barnett says

I have watched out economy go from bad to worse after the bailout which in my opinion did not work. I would like to see the 700 billion divided amoung the AMERICAN people, this would inturn let people buy their homes back and get people putting money back into the economy, after all thats what the government wants to really do is buy all the bad mortgages and wipe the slate clean so the homeowner or AMERICAN people will start spending money again. Give it to the people and they will spend it for themselves and not let someone else decide how to spend the money that we are going to have to pay back. I have predicted this a long time ago about the demise of the UNITED STATES failing, and if it keeps on without the AMERICAN peoples help we are all doomed. No congress or any PRESIDENT can fix. Its up to us to unite. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

Kenneth says

Dear Burt
As a matter of fact I and my family have never experienced being on the top nor middle ways in life. We have always been at the bottom trying to rise. It appears that each time we are in position to improve something of this magnitude occurs. Some thing hinders the improvement of people on our level and quite frankly we feel little of the crunch when it comes.

I feel for those who have had the luxury of a good life and the means to enjoy their life, they will be effected the most.

Yes we all will suffer some, but if you never had it, you will not miss it. Negative or not this is the plain truth.

I will continue to think positively as you are teaching me to and deal with reality as it comes. Uniting as you suggest is the proper thing to do, and hopefully turn this economy around. It can be done!!

Respectfully Submitted

todd saed says

Kathleen, Jose, Rico , June, Terry, Laura, and Richard
Thank you for the moving and profound stories, proof there is always hope. I would like to assure you God is real,I was once personally contacted when drafted into the Army, quite overwhelming. Abd none of this mess is real in the absolute sense, a transitory illusion, cleaning house, the weeds in the mind make it interesting, and so on the macro level , no fear. I am sure you all know all of this, just reassuring you , you are not alone, on a personal level either, In the army, and army prison, I experienced far worse than any depression can conjure, and as a Viet Nam Era vet, had another twenty years of hell after that, now a fourth year professor in Korea,and others did better than me from lower places, some of my friends did not make it, will be glad to party in the spiritual sky soon, forty years from now, with them. God works.
ON the micro level, things are complicated, I would suggest to give detailed instructions on action, and Patanjali, Yogananda ( Burt's guru), and Dr Evan Wenz's Tibetan Yoga books, to assure your spiriutal growth and maintenance. Get back to me when you have
experienced these, if they connected with you. It is all inside , nothing in here to grasp or out there, when you look for the mind you cannot find it, so there it is. Do not let these externals fool you, or gurus who take money, and make political or historical pronouncements, all scams.

Kenneth says

Dear Burt
as a matter of fact I and my family have never experienced being on the top nor middle ways in life. We have always been at the bottom trying to rise. It appears that each time we are in position to improve something of this magnitude occurs. Some thing hinders the improvement of people on our level and quite frankly we feel little of the crunch when it comes.

I feel for those who have had the luxury of a good life and the means to enjoy their life, they will be effected the most.

Yes we all will suffer some, but if you never had it, you will not miss it. Negative or not this is the plain truth.

I will continue to think positively as you are teaching me to and deal with reality as it comes. Uniting as you suggest is the proper thing to do, and hopefully turn thid economy around. It can be done!!

Respectfully Submitted

June Steiner says

I am a PhD, who at 75 finds it still necessary to work to maintain a living. My husband is a contractor who has been fighting the economy for the last 9 years and is in a position of working the rest of his life to pay off the debts incurred during these kind of times.. All this after being responsible, spiritual, hardworking people who have been involved in community work all our adult lives.
Both our pension plans have just about disappeared. What happens if we can't make our payments and lose out home, our health insurance, our dignity. All the while, decisions are made against the will of the American people without clarity, creativety or conscience. We have put the money back in the hands of those that created the problem, had our contitutioonal rights taken away, and are now finding our congressmen threatened with martial law if they didn't vote for the bailout.

Thank you for providing a place where people can put out their true thoughts and hopefully people will read them and wake up from their collective trance and listen to their own truth without the fear that has been created to allow the "powers that be" to continually rob us of our rights because the fear has paralyzed most of the population Our very existance is in peril and I ask that each individual set the inention to reignite the morals, the responsibilty and the dignity of this nation. Thank you, June Steiner

Richard S. says

every time I type .ca at the end of my email I have a deep patronage and pride in my country. It is obviously not the US! some words come to mind such as Fedreral Reserve Act, banksters, oil, illuminati, lies

just thinking out loud i suppose. Not that any country is immune to the Big Sleep but all Truth and lasting change has come from the little people with big awareness. Let us not be hypnotized by the mass media folks. someone has to be the hundredth monkee now don't they>?


Jose says

One of the ways to fix the economic is to change people's mind.This situation has been brought due to the ambition and stupidity.Why do I say that?Yes,that what it is,making wars which do not have any sense,spending money in other countries,fixing other people's house when your own needs a lot a repair.I have been affected by this,I have been terminated from work,and who knows until when,perhaps definetelly.A change in this country is necessary,but who is going to be capable to change it?I do not think so as long as money is what you see in front of your eyes.Why no to stablish relations with Cuba,for example?Why to have millions of people not having the opportunity to live better?It good be a good thing for the country and the relation with others,besides the benefits that a tourism could bring.When racism,age discrimination,and smarter leadership leads this country,then is when I may see a change.Meanwhile,this is becoming a real mess everyday,getting worst as the time pass.Honestly is needed to fix it,and I don't see it.

Terry says

Dear Burt, This whole situation, in a way, comes as no surprise, to me. I had read of this kind of a situation years ago in a book called "How To Prepare For The Coming Crash." But nothing happened back then. Even though he said many times in the book,"Better to be prepared years too soon, than one day too late," things in the country seemed to be going well. Though it had all laid out to me, with the whole monetary system, in the book, I just didn't let it penetrate all the way through. I know that it's not good to throw fear food into the feeding frenzy, so maybe I'll just go laugh my ass off at myself for not paying attention. I will pray and send healing energy to the whole situation, too. Burt, God Bless You.

Laura says

I love this world and I love all the people and creatures in/on it. I feel as if the leaders have no idea how to love and care for others they knew this was coming and yet did nothing but you can only forgive, for they know not what they do, until now, sometimes it takes things like this to create change for the better. I believe in all people and know that we will succeed and figure out a way to make it work.

Thomas says

As a Yank in Arizona I would like to give a thanks to all those outside our country who took the time to write and extend thoughts and prayers. Most of these opinons offer some truth in their assessments and each day brings new challenges. Every ancient prophecy in the world has predicted what is happening right now. Render unto Ceasar the things which are Ceasar's. Turning to God through the powerful force of meditation is perhaps the best hope in all this. Some of us see all this as inevitable evolution in the spiritual revolution but, it could get messy. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the last thing standing in the way of world domination by demonic forces that are pulling the strings and orchestrating this whole scene. Europe has laid down and let socialism take over their continent. The London based Illuminati have designed this mess and it's been on the books for decades.If we could gather the angelic force of all the children in this country and the world, teach them to meditate with simple Hatha methods, we could elevate ourselves out of this situation in the blink of an eye.Turning away from nature in the sense of using chemicals to treat disease, drinking aspertane, sitting in front of video games for hours instead of giving thanks to God for the sun and the rain is enough to tick off any creator God. It seems natural that he/she would have to shake things up after watching that for so many years. "And the first shall be made last, and the last first". Bahau'lah said that we'd be looking to the Native American Indians during this time of trbulation for guidance during this time. Burt rocks, wouldn't it be nice if he were on the ballot for President? God's richest blessings to everyone involved with this website and all its contributers. Through the eyes of a child we must know how to see.

The BITCH. says

Wow, worried about what is going to happen to the American people after he is released from his duty as President eh?

A full blown depression, or allowing banks and the morons who got themselves into this position in the first place to get a get out of jail free card? Come on Burt and other 'smart' (if there is such a thing) readers and viewers. We all know that letting kids run around without a good smack on the ass when they need it has gotten us into this situation in the first place, and everyone is waiting for someone else to 'slap them on the wrist' and tell them that they have been bad, and not to do it again.

This is why I hate americans. A wonderful lass mentioned that this IS NOT something new and unforeseen. It is something that has been an impending doom for quite some time, although with our selfish 'me me me' attitudes, we didn't care to pay attention.

So the recipe to getting America (and the world... although that's a little too much to worry about right now) is to stop the bailout, and let the economy crumble. It's going down, people are going to lose everything, the USA will no longer be a world power, and it's time for Americans' to face the fact that the world no longer revolves around them.

Enough Said.

- The BITCH -

Rico says

Dear Burt,

I live in Thailand and as you might know here we have protests opposing the current government. It is not as bad as the media shows it and life actually goes on as usual but that's not the point.

I am glad that this happens here as it shows that there are people of thought, who resist constant blood sucking, corruption and don't give in to be "good" (read stupid) tax payers financing selfish interests of individuals, families and groups of people.

If you think the states are different, think again. It just is more refined and even more mendacious.

The tax payer to bail out the banks and the government so they can pocket even more and finance their various escapades including war and money making schemes? What a sad sad joke.

As one of the other posters said: "If you have a plan, let me know."

Kathleen says

Hi Burt,

What surprises me is that this seems to be so unexpected by so many people. This has been talked about and forcasted for years, mind you it came about 3-5 years before I thought it would but then you know how things go when you bring in the fact of anything moving exponentially. But everyone seems to be surprised that the financial institutions lost all this money, CEO's are making all this money and we have to pay for it now. Did you just fall onto the planet last night or are you really that stupid not to have seen it coming.

We blame the government, China and India but how many of us look in our mirror and say, 'it was my fault to and I am to blame to'?? I would have to say it would be very few of us that would admit to that fact. It's the government, it's the banks, it's the CEO's, it's the rich!! Are we not the ones that have over extended ourselves in every area of our lives. We have demanded and received, mortgages of 100-120% on a property, have we not bought a house beyond our means, have we not demanded to have access to bigger, better, faster cars and holidays? Have we not extended ourselves far beyond the reach of our paycheck with credit cards and bank loans? Do we not want our children to have everything we didn't have and we give it all to them?

And from this we have created the generation of 'self gratification, instant want and demand mode in all areas of their lives' in fact its' the new generation we have created called 'ME'. I want it and I want it now, no waiting for a house or a wedding, a car or anything else. And who are we blaming?? Wake up and get the coffee brewing NOW!!

Then when we have over extended our lives into the vast wasteland of never being able to afford to make minimum mortgage and credit card payments and due to life changing and interest rates jumping a percent it sends our life into a spiral and we can then start whining and crying that it's every one else to blame except for us cause we can't make the payments. Or the young lady that gets a loan for a BMW with 22 cents in her bank account and when asked about paying for it she says, so what if I can't they gave me the loan, they knew I couldn't pay for it. Hmmmm and who are we blaming??

Yes the governments deserve to be chastised for what they have done, they have had an open line of credit, which we gave to them as we never once stood up to them and said. NO MORE, the bank is closed, lets pay off what we owe. No we wanted more, more programs, more welfare, more ways to not work. And a lot of people won't work at certain jobs or just plain don't want to work at all and that my friends is why China, India and Russia are going to be the forces to be reckoned with. Because we are too lazy to do what they will, we are the new slaves. To the government, the banks, to the new powers and to ourselves, all because we have no back bone, no guts and we are just a melting pot of the shallow end of the gene pool.

Get off your butts, take your share of the blame and lets move on. We have the chance to re-build the right way, but lets be serious folks. Will it happen??

As a smart person I know says. . enough said.

todd saed says

Jim, sorry , saw the Blossom Child video, even if they
come, and the history of millenarians shows it to be very unlikely, this love has been since beyond time, takes no external reminders, human history is a testament to it, and there is serious research in science and metaphysics that makes that stuff seem silly, do not distract from it.
Tammy , so very interesting, wonder if you use wild plants
to eat,been researching it, enough there it sounds like,
hope you can turn your struggle into a daily flow with your work, let the work flow through you and become one with it, am sorry it got harder, but your honest spirit is an example for all, you will have great rewards

Linda says

Hi Burt,
It seems that everything is topsy turvy. What I've seen so far is: Actions that are supposed to work in a certain way, don't. Logic doesn't seem to be working the way it should either. Throwing money at the problems don't work. People's desire for instant gratification causes the anxiety to run rampant. People have no idea what to do about this and that thought causes terror.

I don't know what to do exactly either; however, I do know that the root of the problem is spiritual, not a physical or fiscal problem. It won't be solved by physical means. Not everyone is able or willing to believe this, take responsibility, and do the hard work necessary to look at themselves squarely and stop the blame game. All, including myself, have had a hand in this, one way or another. It will take everyone willing to put the world back together again.

It's a scary time. I work in a place where half the people are looking for the Second Coming and the other half are scared witless. I don't know what's going to happen from day to day. My partner's IRA goes up and down and all around. We don't know if he'll have money left to keep him going. Friends are scared of losing their homes, wondering how to pay for their kids college (or their own). I wonder how I'm going to pay for my own student loans now.

There are so many things that are out of my control it makes my head spin if I take time to think about them. It's amazing what I thought I had control over and now I see I really never had control over anything. Job security depends on my employers and the market. The interest rates on my cards depends on the banks and the government. Prices at the grocery store and gas pump depends on a variety of other entities. The only thing I do have control over is ME. What I do and how I think, now those are in my control and no one else unless I choose to give away my power. That, Burt, is exciting because that means I can change my world. And changing my world is very important to me. In closing this rather long reply I say I'm ready to help in any way I can to hold our world up in thoughtful love.

info says

Former head of the FDIC--the % 700 billion bail out could have been used to create $7 Trillion in lending capital --
“I was opposed to the bailout bill, mostly because I don’t think it will work. The banks — taking $700 billion of bad loans out of the banks doesn’t help get banks lending again. It just solves some problems in some banks. And it doesn’t have any leverage to it. If the Treasury were to put that same $700 billion and used that to invest in bank capital, the banks can loan $10 for every dollar of capital, roughly, which means that the Treasury would be creating $7 trillion of new lending capacity in the banks. And that is vastly superior to buying $700 billion of problem loans. It just — it will really give some punch to the economy. It will get banks back into the lending business….. And to do that we need to get some capital back in there.”

Terri says

Here is something forwarded to me. Sounds like a good plan.
Here's the Fix.

I'm against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG. Not including the rest of the thieves.

Instead, I'm in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in
a We Deserve It Dividend.

To make the math simple, let's assume there are 200,000,000
bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+.

Our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman
and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up..

So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00.

My plan is to give $425,0 00 to every person 18+ as a
We Deserve It Dividend.

Of course, it would NOT be tax free.
So let's assume a tax rate of 30%.

Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes.
That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam.

But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket.
A husband and wife has $5 95,000.00.

What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family?
Pay off your mortgage - housing crisis solved.
Repay college loans - what a great boost to new grads
Put away money for college - it'll be there
Save in a bank - create money to loan to entrepreneurs.
Buy a new car - create jobs
Invest in the market - capital drives growth
Pay for your parent's medical insurance - health care improves
Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean or else

Remember this is for every adult U S Citizen 18+ including the folks
who lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers and every other compan y
that is cutting back. And of course, for those serving in our Armed Forces.
If we're going to re-distribute wealth let's really do it...instead of trickling out
a puny $1000.00 economic incentive that is being proposed by one of our candidates for President.

If we're going to do an $85 billion bailout, let's bail out every adult U S Citizen 18+!

As for AIG - liquidate it.
Sell off its parts.
Let American General go back to being American General.
Sell off the real estate.
Let the private sector bargain hunters cut it up and clean it up.

Here's my rationale. We deserve it and AIG doesn't.

Sure it's a crazy idea that can work.

But can you imagine the Coast-To-Coast Block Party!

How do you spell Economic Boom?

I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use the $85 Billion
We Deserve It Dividend more than the geniuses at AIG or in Washington DC .

And remember, The Family pla n only really costs $59.5 Billion because $25.5 Billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.

Ahhh...I feel so much better getting that off my chest.


J Alley says

Hi Burt

Yes, it is difficult to maintain optimisim when everything around us appears to be falling apart.

This will be the second time my retirement has taken such an extreme hit since the dot com crash.

It's tough for all of us to focus during these days of total "instability" in the future of what we work for every day of our lives.

Appreciate your thoughts as they come in my email and help me see things from your perspective - so what do you think Burt?

Karen says

Hi Bert,
First thanks for all your teachings, and the chance to voice all our thoughts.
This will only be a 'problem' for those who have placed too high a value on Finance and lived their lives in the material world, for the rest of us spiritual minded folk life will go on the same. It can be likened to the
tower card in Tarot. We all have our unique lessons to learn, I feel it's important to not dwell on things we cannot change, and always try to see the positive that will come out of everything, 'good' and 'bad'. Blessings and Light to all,
Karen, Australia

Mario Gunter says

We are in a situation where SURVIVAL seems to be the main focus, right? So what does the ordinary person do to deal with all these issues of concern? Hierarchy of needs --- freedom > independence > interdependence > dependence > slavery. Again the viewpoint is simply an opinion of what might be. This situation calls for a change of direction of motion. Change from a path of destruction to the path of creation. In a world of LIMITLESS possibilities, CHOICE allows only ONE result. Each new choice creates a new possibility / result. "Choose wisely....said the old man.The future of the bird is in your hand." (sorry I'm not referring to Burt!)

Jonella says

Hi Burt,
I didn't watch all the videos - just one was enough! I don't agree with the general analysis or solutions. I love that people all over the world want to create something better! I want to join forces with that!

Andy says

Hi Burt,

Trillions of $ sold down on sharemarkets around the world. Same amount being bought by others. Banks, institutions being centralised.

Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation - someone want's to fund a war.

On the brighter side, it makes us all clean up our act and re-invent for what is important. Gold is refined through burning.


Lois says

You have a plan...I want to hear it.

Mike McC. says

Burt, not sure what you're up to, here's my 2 cents. I agree with Joe Schofield. Go to work next week, work your best, pay your bills - DON'T WORRY!!! I feel for people like Katharine Welch who have lost 3/4 of their retirement funds after doing everything right through life. I'm 49. For some reason I never trusted modern financial systems (Stock Market, tax sheltered investing -I don't trust governments). I have a small Registered Retirement Savings Plan - if I can beat some taxes why not? Guess it's worth a little less now - oh well! I've expexted to have to work to my death for a long time now. I think that is actually natural - you need to contribute for as long as possible - as long as health holds out. The markets will correct around the world, we may have to live a bit simpler lives. LIFE WILL GO ON! The media will always say the sky is falling - it sells! I guess individually we have to commit to not worry, be involved and perservere - it's not too complicated.
Best to all!

Mario Gunter says

Hi Burt and the world! Events happenning in one place also has effects in every place. This is Universal Law taking place. All the feedback thus far is just OPINION of other people in circulation. Some are great advise. Some a great stories, although tragic and sad because of the news and happenings. And we haven't talked about floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, sunami, earthquake. We humans seem to shift into "fear" mode because of the speed of news circulation. We should know the truth rather than remain drowned in the sea of negativity. A jet plane has not been created just to look pretty sitting on the parking lot. A plane is created to fly high in the sky! Like eagles. We are created for a purpose. TO SOLVE PROBLEMS. Focussing on the problems won't make it go away. But a worldwide effort, starting with just one person (you and I and Burt)at a time much can be accomplished....within 24 hours. If everyone takes a negative view the world will be negative and that is what this whole scam is create as enlightened beings we can do the OPPOSITE....and there is hope yet for this world. Can you see? STOP...GETTING BETTER...YES THAT'S IT!

Tom says

We are experiencing egos gone wild...! It's the time for Wisdom. We are all one.

Maeve says

I am a Canadian who is deeply saddened by the events and dark times that have been escalating over the past 8 years in the USA. I have always admired the courage and tenacity of the American people and believe that enough of the nation is "awake and aware" and will find a way from chaos and fear to re-creation and love. I pray that the current crisis does not create more strife and struggle for those people who are already marginalized.

Each day that passes presents more news about another country in crisis--today it was Iceland. It is said that Canada has the most secure banks in the world, and yet this week our stock market has continued to plummet. Now is time for radical changes to our thought processes, personal practices and how we view our world.

David Tucker says

I have no idea what you may want me to do but if it's to
use our minds more,then i'm all for it.I think that if we all used our collective conscioness to get us through this mess,we would be better off than not.One mind does great things but a lot of minds together does wonders.

toddsaed says

Marla, Marcia, Zolar, John, and Carla
Thank you for your illuminating and thoughtful responses. They helped calm and direct me, twelve years in Asia have
produced many frazzling moments. I want to live in Nor Cal, my home for forty five years, but unacceptable jobs and govt policy prevented it. I only want to go home,and you have helped point the direction, and you have reminded me the inner and outer can become one , and we will have our environmental harmony, letting God be us again, the voice of the people is God I remember hearing long ago. Thanks to Burt for the kind and accepting space for healing and the tapes. There are too many of us to lose, and we are getting direct messages from God now to qualitatively break through into our true Selves, rainbow people, we are here.

Peter says

Dear Burt,

I first learned about derivatives in 1993. I was so scared back then, it pushed me into gold. I was running scared for several years... and can you imaging how SMALL the problem was back then, as compared to now.

Back then, Clinton was President and he created the Tech Bubble and the start of the Housing Bubble - it was the Democrats who wanted people to have easy access to credit, the Freddie and Fannie way. That was the start of the sub-prime garbage.

I think in 2003, Bush wanted to do something about it, but the Democrats refused...

I think derivatives started in the 1970's or early 1980's.

I'm no market or financial historian. But one man who was present throughout all of these bubbles... and largely responsible for creating the disaster, by not regulating Hedge funds and OTC derivatives, was Alan Greenspan. Serving his monetary masters... like a puppet.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a Bush fan - I am not from US.

Then entire system is a fraud. Financial & Government.

God help us!

Please contact him quickly.

My warmest regards,

George says

This too shall pass. Go to level, imagine a better world for us all and create the kind of world you want to live in. Some people are going to make millions off this. Get yourself into alignment with wealth and share in the profits. Let your imagination point the way.

TAMMY says

I have moved from the city to the mountains as all this first began.I SAW it coming along time ago!I live in a tiny 3 room cabin,use wood heat and cook on the stove I heat with.I haul my own water in on the back of my truck in a 300 gallon water tank.The water comes from a spring right out of the mountain.I use a pump,water hose and generator.I haul it home,set it hihg on a hill and directly hook it to my house.I have alot of work to do just to eat,bathe,stay warm,ect.All of this is seperate from a full time job that only now barely gets me by.I am not complaining but it sure was alot easier before BUSH.I had a 3 bedroom home in atlanta ga. that had been in the family for generations only to loose it and be forced to move where it was a bit more affodable.Now with the elimination of some bills,gas rose,groceries and general merchandise rose,Taxes,oh man!!!I for one have been pushed as far as I can go!I say,"NO MORE!"I dont want to live in a tent!I have raised 8 children and that was hard but this is sickening.Im with you Burt!Tammy

Val says

Burt I'm in!!! Loking forward to your guidance.

Maybe it is not too late to elect you President!!!

John says

I really don't know what you want from me, my thoughts on what to do next is far beyond my knowlege.

However I think it can eather be a good or you may find one morning when you wake that the land of the free is gone forever. For this is the man that has already taken your rights to a speedy trial and to have a lawer and to stand in front of a judge away from you just by calling you a terrorist.

He is a man that uses fear to make new policies and if I were you I would be wondering if your banks are stupid. Or is there something else in your constitutoin that he wishes to change before he leaves office.

Linda says

The government made a big mistake by bailing out Wall Street. Now, according to popular opinion, Obama will be our next president and his lying and corrupt ways will be leading this country down the tube.
I wrote my representative and voiced my objections but he voted for the bailout anyway. He lost my vote. We have to show our officials that it's time to clean up Washington D.C.

Connie Williams says

I am sincerely frightened for all of us.

toddsaed says

Dear Marcia, Mari,Carla, Praveen, John, and Zoltan
Thank you for your illuminating and thought provoking comments, they were very calming and directing for me, living in Asia twelve years has produced many frazzling moments, I want to live in Nor Cal , my home for forty five years, but unacceptable jobs and govt policies prevent it, just want to go home, and you have pointed in the right direction for me, believe we can make it happen as it should and connect the inner to the outer, our environmental harmony, and let God be us again, the voice of the people is God was one idea I remember a bit,.

Joyce Duke says

Hi Burt, I think people are mistaken by blaming our predicament on the last 8 years. Our problems got worse in the 8 years preceding them, with Nafta and our tax money being used to help companies to relocate outside the United States and so many of the jobs being outsourced. Governments answer seems to always dip further into the tax payers pockets, but those pockets are quickly being depleted. I think we long since reached a state of having a government that was not of the people nor for the people. How do we get back to solvency when government answers everything by throwing more money after bad. The situation on Wall Street reminds me of something. Seems like we are kind of in the bind because as one fellow said, finish high school and you can probably steal a lot from the railroad, but get a college degree and you can probably steal the whole railroad. Too many overpaid Wall Street CEO's have
gotten away with too much too long. What kind of management gives a severance of millions of dollars when the one being severed has usually proved incompetent for the job?

Teresa Wells says

Although I have no money involved in this mess, I find myself disagreeing with the government's bailout of Wall My husband had a stroke 5 and 1/2 years ago and I have Fibromyalgia and have been out of work since 06/07. Although Congress extended the benefits for the unemployed for 13 weeks. Although it helps, it is still not enough. We spend every penny we have to pay our bills yet no one is offering us more help. If Congresshas so much money to bail out Wall Street, then maybe they can send some of that money to those of us who need financial help to buy food, shelter, electricity, and pay for prescriptions and Doctor visits rather than helping the fat cats of Wall Street keep their high salaries and other perks. Wall Street needs reform of their practices NOT a bail out so that it's business as usual!

mack says

I think lobbist need to be eliminated and drug test should be required.Perhaps a 12 step program should be mandatory for goverment

Bruce says

Hi Burt,

I am another LUCKY Australian. We appear to be much better off than most. Having recently visited U.S., have to say they don't have "freedom" even though they think they have. Appears Mr Bush is the worst President ever. Our previous Prime Minister Mr. Howard even lost his own seat in the last election because he was too much a "Bush man !!". I also visited China 3 years ago. When I returned I said they would rule the world in 10 - 15 years, this will bring them much close. America are trillions of dollars in debt to China. The recent bail out seems to be just to help Wall Street hang on a bit longer. Greedy CEO's throughout the world (including Australia) who collect obsecene salaries have caused and will continue to cause similar problems unless governments "have the balls" to stop it.
Seems the Democrats must win your next election, but personally would have prefered Hilary Clinton as candidate, but at the same time no great objection to Mr Obama.

Happy to join with you in anything you plan

Stay safe,


Rick says

One bailout leads to another. Who is to say that each and every cent of this money will go to protecting our interests. With or witout this money the country, make that the world, suffers. I think we should have let the whole mess play itself out and followed up with strict regulation and close monitoring. Good luck to the next president and may our kids have the strength, knowledge and patience to regain our former power and wealth.

Gary says

For years we have been hearing that both sides need to come together in Congress. I disagree! Both sides need to leave and men and women of integrity, men and women who have moral character, men and women who have values, true servant leaders must be put into positions of leadership in this country. The only true crisis that we face today is the lack of leadership. Corruption has started at the top and has filtered down all the way into the American household. If we are to fix anything, we must first fix ourselves. Once we understand truth, then we can work on our Family, then our community, then our state, our nation, and finally the world. As long as individuals are willing to put up with fraud, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, the taking of another's property, prejudice, class envy and every other form of corruption in their own lives, how can we expect anything better from the leaders we elect. We get what we ARE, not necessarily what we WANT. And let's face it, what we have at the top is the amalgamation of the collective consciousness of nearly 300 Million people. What we need most is for individuals to become aware. As far as the $700 Billion bailout goes, we all know that it will never stop there. When have we ever seen the Federal Government stop when it writes itself a blank check. Our Government right now is in the process of a hostile takeover of our entire economy while using our money. I have already heard rumblings of saving the Auto industry. So where does it stop? The frenzy at the top suggests they have not paused long enough to consider the stopping point. Those responsible are never going to take responsibility, and they will continue to point fingers of blame away from themselves. So what is at stake? Freedom is at stake! The more Government controls, the less freedoms we enjoy. If they raise your taxes, they control a little more of your freedom. If they say "TAX the RICH", they slow the engine of our economy which reduces opportunity for employment, and suppresses Entrepreneurship which seeks reward in exchange for Risk and Effort. There is a reason why the United States has been the leader in Industry, inventions, prosperity, lifestyle and nearly every other metric. It is not because we are better or smarter, but simply because our Government has not interfered with our lives as much as other countries interfere with the lives of their people. Our country is a vast melting pot of every nationality, and when people come here, they prosper because they are free. Unless we do something to grow leaders of integrity from the bottom up, we will be left only with vague memories of the once great nation where people were free.

Tim says

Dear Burt:
It's time to keep track of our thought patterns. Your programs have been very positive and worthwhile. Anger and fear seem to be enveloping the entire planet. I am open to your thoughts, reflections and ideas. Thanks

jim farmer says

Oops, typo. In the second paragraph of my comment of 11:06 today, that value of "100" should be "1000", of course. Sorry.

Leonie says

Hi Burt
Thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinion. I believe that the people in charge of these financial institutions should all go. How can any company survive and operate with people who only care about themselves and profits? That's how they got in this mess.
Advertising doesn't help either. It's in your face everywhere you go, telling us what we need or should have. The banks were only too happy to lend money and give credit.
If we all were grateful for what we have and not be greedy maybe things would be different.
But I also agree that dwelling on it could make it worse.
We need more people like you Burt who can help guide these unenlightened people.
Now more than ever we all need to be more considerate and loving with each other, more willing to help and be patient with one another.
I would be more than willing to help in any way.
Bless you

jim farmer says

I read recently that the reason that the Great Depression (1929 onwards) was so severe was that the market was allowed to operate freely. So, it appears that we the citizens will have to pay in one way or another. Either we pay for a bailout or we suffer the costs of a depression. Well, it also appears that we have not learned the other lessons about macro-finances either; in particular that, in a market-based economy, the owners and operators of companies will push their operations to the legal limits in order to maximize short-term profits. (Think Linear Programming) It is not a matter of us (the workers) versus them (the executives) really, because the whole culture is imbued with the same counter-productive mindset of self-interest first and only. So, since it seems that humanity needs three traumatic experiences within living memory in order for a significant majority to change mindset, let's let the lesson sink in by not diluting the effects of bad judgements. However, once the delinquent homeowners have lost their properties, and the irresponsible bankers have lost their jobs and their wealth, then we can be compassionate and supply food and shelter with funds that the government will borrow (for future generations to pay back, supposedly.) That, it seems to me, might be the optimized plan of action.

Now, let's not do anything before October 16th, because a very significant event is very likely to occur during the three-day period ending on that date. (Search for "Blossom Goodchild" on the Internet and in YouTube. Both myself and another person have calibrated the Message from the Federation of Light with our dowsing rods, and we both got 960 out of 100, which is very high.) That event will stun many, many individuals. It might even provide the blow that will reorient the prevalent current mindsets towards more constructive concepts and behaviours.

Eventually, the current economic system will have to change dramatically. Indeed, the changes in both the Earth and Humanity that will occur in 2012 will catalyze further conversions of mindset. A recent channeling by Ken Barkin said that the stock market will cease to exist within 20 years. Well, I suspect that it won't last that long.

OK then, perhaps the necessary three traumatic experiences are lining up to happen.

LadyExpat says

Hi Burt,

I am not American, but (imo) this is not an American crisis. This goes worldwide. What is happening in the United States is vibrating around the world. How the dishonesty and greed of the people running these banks and financial institutions could have gone unnoticed for so long is mind boggling. I doubt it was unnoticed, simply ignored. This bailout is a joke, and may provide a temporary fix, but longterm??...I am skeptical.

John says


Blake R. P. says

ZOLTAN STUPAR!!!, if you read this, I would like to talk to you. You say you grew up in an orphanage in Romania? I have a friend who did the same for a few years. It just seems like an odd coincidence that the only two people I know who lived in an orphanage are both from Romania. Please respond to this before I give any contact info.

Anyways, to the real issue.

My mother had a good idea about this and George Bush's financial advisors (if he has any) are the biggest retards in existance if they couldn't think of this one.

There are a few more than 300 million people in the United States. Instead of giving $700 billion to some struggling fat cats, why not give ONE million to each tax-paying citizen of the United States, but the money goes directly to paying off the mortgages, bills, taxes, etc. Then, the companies are all getting their money. How many mortgages are more than one million? You could give everyone FIVE million, and you're still spending less than two billion dollars.


Nora Walters says


Vicente Perez says

Well, this is not an american issue, it is global. It is not only a matter of who we vote for the next 4 to 8 years, it is a matter of ethics. The paradigm doesn't work anymore and we, all humanity, have to change our minds, our way of life, our way of living the life. Do we really need all those gadgets we buy every time we go to a mall? Is it completly necessary that we leave the computer on all night long and spending electricity? Do we want to look at ourselves like "consumer goods" or like human beings?

It is gonna be rough, true. But I see this like a wonderful opportunity to change the paradigm, from money and greed to love, generosity and light, to live a better and more peaceful life, to respect this beautiful planet. We have to learn, or remember, how to live without "needing" all those unecesary objects, coming back to earth and to Earth.

Is this maybe the end of the world as we know it? Maybe... and perhaps it could be good news after all.

Bless all, and please, be calm. I'm sure we can do it.

Shawn says

It's a difficult issue, so complex that I'm not sure more than a handful of people REALLY understand it. I know I don't. It's easy to rail against Wall Street and pity poor Main Street, but the truth is, they are inseparable, as we're finding out. We may want to see a greedy CEO punished, but what about the workers in that company? The ones like us? What happens if they get laid off? What about the people who ship and sell the products made by that company? What about the people who can no longer afford to buy those products because the manufacturer raised the prices to stay afloat. What affects one, affects all.

Of course, I think some of the blame has to also go to the people out there who spent beyond their means. Just because someone will loan you money to buy a house you can't afford doesn't mean you have to take it. I think we've let personal responsibility slide a little bit and made ourselves into victims a little bit. "Look what the big bad corporation did to me, the little guy." But there's some truth to the saying "you can't cheat an honest man."

That said, I find the whole thing as distasteful as well. I'm trying not to fall prey to my biases, or let politics play a role--at this point, neither one is going to help much. I think I've come to the conclusion that you can teach the CEOs a lesson, or you can try to fix the situation, but you can't do both at the same time. There may be other solutions that would work better. Perhaps making these heads of corporations take their pensions, etc. in the form of company stock--let's see them buy into the problem just like the stockholders. Maybe instead of the government using the money to buy the bad debt (I guess it's really a "buyout," not a "bailout"--we're likely to end up getting a lot of it back down the road.) they could give the money to the homeowners, and let them PAY OFF the bad debt, and take the money they were previously spending on mortgage payments and re-inject it into the faltering economy. Would that be "trickle up" economics?

loni says

I am trying to figure out why i have not as yet to read any comments from canada. Living next door to a spoiled elephant has its moments. Often found...Where it goes we follow. To an extent. We are there with our proverbial shovels to clean-up after the circus. As the world over well knows we unanimously agree that all peoples in this stage of history should be and are treated equally. I am positive when i say then,. The only solution is to get back to a collective vision.Think it feel it be it. Somebody needs a good old fashioned spank.

Lucky Kruse says

The only thing I know for sure is not to panic that just makes everything worse. As for as joining you that is a yes.

Joe says

The dat after the crisis hit my employer nullified my employment contract took my brand new raise the first ever recieved in my 7 years and put me on salary. Took away my ability to accrue sick and vacation time as well. I work in a college. With the year closing and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approaching there will be few shists for me to work in November and only 5 in December. There is needless to say a very tight job market. All your free advice and other emails are of little use to me now. Got a job ? Wanna send me the mind box set for free? I don't think either of those will happen because like my Catholic College you're running a business and just can't afford me. No surprise really. I have asked to have you're emails stopped several times to no avail. Guess it was best since I got to at least express this before they cut off my internet since I can no longer afford it .

Angela says

Hello all,

Wouldn't it be nice to see the greedy, rich value destroyers finally get what's coming to them. Sorry if I sound so cynical, but why don't any of you, especially a family of four, try living on no income or help whatsoever for one year with a two-income family averaging $45,000 per year the ten years prior. I'm here to vouch that it's not the end of the world. That would be too easy. I really hate for the ones that have no love in their life, because it is the only thing in the universe that is going to you to places money can't even buy.

Jose says

Hi,Burt.Although I'm not a citizen,I just want to say that economic problems here is due to the wars this country has like the one in Iraq.I think the best way to live,and everyone in the world,is trying to resolve the internal problems first,and keeping the noses out of everyone business.I have been affected by this falling economic because I have been terminated from work til january or defenetely,who knows.This lay off given to me,being a superhardworker,makes me feel with a tremendous dissapoinment.Things could be much better when everyone gets together,and having good relations with some countries like Cuba which has been treated without any consideration,and I mean the cuban people not the Cuban's goverment.The racism,the age discrimination,and other facts,is making this country with the need of a great change which is not going to happen that easy due to the mentality of money that have been created by generations.

urwhatuwant2b says

A lot of us are getting caught in this very sophisticated trap that has been laid out as David Newman speak of. The powers that be actually know of and are using ancient knowledge to accomplish their goals. The New World Order has been on the drawing board for some time. The people that are trying to bring it into existence know that we have the power to make "reality" with our very energy; whether we believe it or not. They actually count on us not belieiving it b/c then it is easier to manipulate our energies through our emotions. The law of attraction is 'designed' in such a way that what you concentrate on is brought into your reality. Good or bad. Fear is a means of focusing that energy. By putting this on the news daily and getting the candidates focus on this topic enables them to further entrench us into their web.
The more you fear and resist with fear then the more you are entangled. I'm not telling you not to fight. I'm not telling you not to protest, plant food and prepare. I am suggesting that you not fear them. They are as the Wizard of Oz was; a tiny feeble man (men) behind the curtain with a loud voice to energize your fear in order to benefit them. You know that "secret library" in Rome we keep hearing so much about. They pass this knowledge through higher level participants of their secret societies. Also they were bold enough to declare favor of their endeavor right in our faces with the phrases: "Annuit Coeptis" & "Novus Ordo Seclorum"

In order to get through this we will have to come together and help & love one another. To be honest this is necessary to get where we need to be; like the Venus Project. We have to learn to be the "masters" of this realm as we are capable of becoming.

Consider this; before a beautiful and new life is brought into the world a woman goes through the most turmoiltrous time in her life; raging homrones, organs being squeezed, circulation being slowed, emotions causing irrational behavior, stomache and skin being stretched til it irritates/hurts, then contractions that grow to almost intolerable pain, to the draining of the push and discomfort of the passing of new life.

Any monetary system is primative and truly uncivilized if you look at it objectively. It is the reason that our advancement of has been stalled. We are all in this together but they divide us to conquor us.

Live life, don't just exist, and love strong


Brian Robson says

Dear Burt and friends,

what has happened in the world over the years has been building up to this point in time, the economy has been shaped and guided to this point, for what reason you may ask, well its plain to see, that all the new on the Internet about New World Order is not just a fantasy, it is real! and becoming more apparent each day, you only have to look on YOUTUBE to see some truths out there about FEMA, and Concentration Camps in America, and yes that's right Concentration Camps, for what purpose you may ask? again, you will find the answers on the internet, you see people, the Internet has the last free space in which information can be freely be passed around, well that is for now anyway, as the governments are now planing to set up a full monitoring system for all text messaging, e-mail and phone lines, so if you do have an opinion or information you would like to share with the world, it will be quickly monitored and closed down, we are heading into something so dark, it will be impossible for you to conceive the true Horror of the future events that lay ahead of us all.

for many years I have been interested in the ancient prehistory of mankind, for many years I have been piecing this puzzle together, have you ever heard about why the Americans are really in Iraq, well it certainly isn't just Oil my friend, there is a much bigger reason, what lays beneath the sands and rock deep under the desert in Iraq, is an ancient form of Particle Accelerator, but there is only one reason for it use, it is a Portal, along with the one in Tibet, that's why China is in Tibet, the only real reason.

The CERN Particle Accelerator in Geneva, is so much more, its a gateway much more than experimenting the Big Bang, or new forms of power, you know and I know what has been going o for the past 300,000 years, previous to that man was so much more than he is to day, I can show you what I have found, if you should like to look into it.

If you look at this Particle Accelerator, its some machine this, its not the one in Geneva, but it may have more power in some ways, I watched a program on Thursday about the new one that will be fired up on Wednesday, the scientist have many theory's of what they will create, many want to try and harness it power to create a new type of power source, etc., but some have said it may open new dimensions, who really knows he said, That said, when you look into Telsa experiments in Electro Magnetic field Cores, you will find all sorts of weird experiments, some of which continue today, The Philadelphia Experiment, or Project Rainbow of the 1940s, and the secrets of Montauk Points Camp Hero Air Force Base,

Telsa was way way ahead of his time, many will never really know what he was truly capable of, they say he may have opened up a Portal through time using these strong field magnets, the only way to visualise what he had done, and what this new device is for, is to take two ring magnets place one on the top of a wooden table, and one below, they are now puling at one another, yes, now what the scientists are looking at are what's happening with the particles in-between with various experiments, what happens in the middle, between these two Magnets, questions some ask, if the physics is right could you pass through this Magnetic field, now built on a much much grander scale, and taking into account of the earths own magnetic fields and core, could these experiments be much much more, I was talking to my good friend about it, he was saying there are 5 others around but not as big, but America is working on one even larger that this new one, now why would you need to spend 6 billion dollars on just some experiments into the Big Bang??? take a look at the Z machine below
Last year it produced temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin, hotter than the inside of the sun. And for its final trick before going offline for an eight-month overhaul, the Z machine generated enough pressure to melt a diamond. now if some said to you they could melt a diamond 20 years ago, you may have laughed at them, well maybe in the future we may say the same things about what is happening to day its certainly asks some questions, I've got my own theory, just as valid a theory as these scientists have, but that as they say, is another Story!!

Kind regards
Brian Robson

Wendy L. says

Hello Bert,
Could this all have been planned to make way for the New World Order that Bush and past presidents have spoken of, which is just another way to control us all? I used to be a happy positive minded person until I learned about how controlled and manipulated we all are and have been for centuries! Just read David Iche's books to see what has been and is coming down. It is time for all of us to wake up and figure out how to get out of the grip of control. The only thing that keeps me bolstered is knowing what and who is really in control and it is not man nor woman, thank God. Blessings!
Wendy L.
P.S. to you know how we can get to the planet that Sri Yukteswar is said to be on, according to Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi? I would love to join him and the wonderful advanced beings he is teaching there or has he moved on? Maybe that is where you are headed too!! :O)

francie says

If canadians think that this economic collapse will not affect us, we're in a lot of trouble. I live in a very small town in the Yukon Territory, Canada, and have endured gas prices rising from $129.9 Ltr to 169.9 Ltr in a matter of three days. Milk and staples are no longer affordable, heating a house here for nine months of the year runs into $400.00 to 600.00 a month. Hydro has risen 15-20% every year with no end in sight. this goes on endlessly while we watch our Premiers, Prime Ministers, and others in power live like pampered hogs while the world collapses around us. We're sick of paying for the President of the United States to play God with our lives. United we stand!

jim says

I'm not in favor of the ceo's and wal street walking off with millions while the little guy that made that for them loses everything. Let the people that caused the problem take their fair share of the blame why should top personnel walk off with millions while everyone else in the company loses everything. I've been through this-the big boys got millions while me and my co workers lost their job--many not finding jobs or finding jobs that paid them as well with benefits. I'll help in any way I can. I strongly believe there is a change in consciousness on the way.

docTom says

They should have saved $699Billion by spending $1Billion prosecuting all the irresponsible and negligent administrators and recoup thier outrageous salaries and expenditures.

Bettie Ann says

Those who chose greed and theft over honest work, are mostly in corporations & govt. Not all are bad but the majority are only looking out for themselves and their status quo. Together they orchestrate crises to achieve the changes they want. Intent is ALL. Once we understand this, we must use our honest intent to open the door to true change for GOOD. We are in school here and we must learn and understand our way thru this time of critical change. Nice work Burt, bringing so many minds together for good. Think Peace, Prosperity and Good Health for the world in general and for ourselves particularly. Each one of us can help bring these about.

Fab says


I just couln't read all comments, only the first dozen I think. All very interesting and touching, and coming from all parts of the world. Nobody from France(except me?).
During the past 15 years or so, we have been witnessing the breakdown of socialism, with East Germany being re-unified to West Germany, the separation of USSR, eastern Europe turning to market economy etc. Is it today the end of capitalism? Probably not. But history always shows that extremes (ideologies, principles, authority, ...) cannot last a very long time. And the nature of the market economy we have been knowing for decades will stop (I mean an economy where the market value of an object, service or stock has no more connection with the value it would have if the producer of that object would have sold it directly to its user). I'm convinced that none of us, we who have left a message here, will be able to change anything in that situation. But I'm convinced that this kind of crisis will no longer be possible in the future, worldwide institutions financial have begun to collaborate (for the first time in history to such an extent) and take measures.
All we have to do, as individuals, living in a democracy, is to let our money in our preferred bank, and above all, when it's time to vote... choose the right guy!
Things will probably be tough in the coming months, recession will come worldwide. Let's consider this as the consequence of a necessary adjustment to the way humanity has been carrying on his business up to now.


Ljerka says

Dear Burt,

I think it's again the same old story: The big fish eat the small ones.

Yes,we all have to change. Everyone should try to do something. WE,the people, have to stop worshipping the golden calf. It is the primal sin of the mankind.

Regards to you all who want to make a change,


Cheri B says

We need to pray, send white light, reiki, and think positive. With prayer and positive thought like the power of intention and the lost mode of prayer people with open minds may be able to send some healing to the situation. I pray the individuals and companies are held accountable for restitution and that the government handles this money apropriately. I hope there is accountability with all spending and people respect they are being watched. Read the divine matrix it tells how the positive thoughts of a critical mass can make a change. Peace to all.

Earlene Kirkpatrick says

Dear Burt: In God We Trust, I did not read once in all these comments, or Universal Being, Creator in whom we trust. All thoughts were given to man's thoughts and deed, blame and fear is what I read. I "tried" to read the responses to your request of what is going on with the "Government?" today and they "scared" me basically for I heard the same "spin" I hear everyday on the T.V. Radio, when I decide to listen to keep abreast and be aware, FEAR - BLAME, Pointing fingers, not taking responsibility for our own individual actions, creations and thoughts. When we point our finger three more point back at us and one points to the Univere, we have forgotten that one. In God We Trust has been taken off the new gold dollar bill! and it seems out of minds! They have taken away our farm lands, our farmers, our food basket, destroyed food crops with poisons and we eat, it comes from the sky daily, they have downsized the golden wheat that gave waves to the fields in the midwest, the corn as high as an elephants eye is no long. they are short for more poison yield to feed us. The America we knew 40 years ago that all were proud of is all but gone and we allowed, we did not stand up to them and say no and we are now in the mess we are in today.

I read and heard a lot of fear in the articles which only gives energy (fear gives "them" energy also) to what is going on today, this is what "they" intended for individuals to do, "they" have been feeding us fear for centuries so we would depend on "them" instead of taking responsibility for ourselves! We handed ourselves over to so many institutes we are lost and wonder why we are in the mess we are, sick, our children with so many enviromental illness, illness unheard of just a few years ago, adults and children alie, and we still hand them over to others without question, da, why?...because we do not think for ourselves, we are asleep and we have allowed all this mess, we do/did not stand up for OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. FREE WILL, FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY. We brought into all the "LIES" "THEY" have feed us for so many years. "THEY" the powers that be, who know the Truths and how to deceive!

What I read today made me sad, people blaming others and not looking at themselves, we are to blame, we are also greedy, not just "they", they sold us a bill of goods and we bought, we bought into the American Dream, chicken in every pot, own your own home, why, lot of headaches and expense goes with that dream, stress, fear, just what "they" wanted, we jumped for joy when we were approved for whatever loan, credit card,and WE used to the hilt, they socked it to us with Interest rates, WE developed WALL STREET with OUR GREED! This does not make me happy or satisfied to voice my thoughts, however, TRUTH is TRUTH, it may not be your truth but it is mine and still TRUTH, and we all know how hard it is to hear Truth. It is not easy for me to realize I created this also with my greed. I have the right still to voice my opinion for feel it is time we "wake up" and take responsibility for what we created, a HUGE MONSTER that has been running over us "surfs" for a long time. Created from FEAR!

WE CREATED this mess, we allowed, for we are Creators of Our Own Destiny! Remember...Genesis 1:26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.(We took that literally, and look what we did) Genesis 1:26 So God created man in his OWN IMAGE, (we are Creators?) In the image of God Created he him; male and female created he them. So if we are Creators did WE not create this whole mess? We gave away to others our God Given Rights, allowed pray to be taken out of the whole community, ohters to tell us how we pray to our Creator, allowed religious activities to Be curtailed, WE ALLOWED, so WE CREATED!

WE allowed the happening of today to take place, We stood by while these people took away our rights, "they" knew what they were doing, they made us weak and pitted us against each other and we retired into our homes,hide behind fences and forgot about communities and being kind to neighbors and help raising our neigborhood children, and we wonder why we are in the mess we are today. We torn down the clothes lines in our back yards, our alleys so builders could put more houses on the land and get richer, we allowed, mothers no longer conversed to one another,heck, we do not even smile at people any more or ourselves, we hide our heads in the sand. and we became dependent on "them", more "services" to service us, "they" knew would happen, you do not have to destroy America with bombs, destroy the family unity,community pride, relationships, they did, they made mothers go to work, leaving the home and children so they could have their big fancy homes, big gas guzzeling cars, expensive vacation, things we do not need, fancy clothes, food, pay the taxes, we created by mothers going to work and making a salary? So, who created this mess, it was not just the government, the Mortgage companies, etc, we did with OUR GREED! OUR GREED, take the responsibility,and we are living the reality of this greed and experiencing the results. Do we live with it or do we do something?

Our Forefathers are not just rolling over in their graves, they are not recognizing us as part of the America they gave up so much to form, how many of you know what happened to their families after signing the documents we are allowing to be destroyed today. They made mistake's, they were "man", there was greed then also, but the majority lost everything they had when they signed the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. There has been greed in the world forever sadly and we have laid down and allowed because we wished to be taken care of and have OUR GREED! The stronger prevail, should we not ask why? We allowed! We chose to call them "our dreams" and they capitalized on this greed of ours. We turned ourselves over to the government and the medical gurus, and all others, all of which are killing us daily with chemicals and toxins, "dumbing" us down to where we write the words and excuses and blaming of others, I read above. "Dumbing-down" starts in our schools, our pre-schools and we put our children there because we have to go to work for others, make them money, we pay dearly for this and they become dumbed down and we turn the raising of our children over to others, we created this mess! We allowed, take the responsibilty and do something about it. Wake UP!

Burt, I am not condemning anyone for their words and lack of understanding of what is really going on for most are asleep and choose not to look in the mirror at themselves, the mirror shows us who we are IF we would but open our eyes and really look and let go of the ego and the; "I am better than everyone else, just look at me, my expensive what-ever",I have more things I contribute to the mess we are in, but they do not see this. I know what they are experiencing and thinking for they have been programmed into these thinking patterns over many years of false advertising and slogans and there are those who are better and more deserving than others. IF we truly believe the Bible this is not what God told us, no one is better than anyone else. Believe it!

I, however, was surprises to hear these words on your site with all you have taught us and others and what people profess with their mouths, are they just words? Spin, like the Government feeds us and we feed ourselves daily!. I read "collective minds" where are they, yes, we are collective minds that have been programed with FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and we have reacted to this fear for so many years and passed it down to our children and this is the results we live in today. WE CREATED THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN! TRUTH, we sat back, closed our hearts and mind and now we are faced with what we created. Bail-out, bail out of what, Greed, Selfishness, Ego, no, it just continues.

There were more writing from out of country than from our United States, why? I have spoken my truth, I was born in the big mid-west, basically more sheltered than those on the coasts from the perils of that time, after the Great Depression, 1934, I lived and saw the lack and perils of that time, how people lived, they did not have much, but they had each other, they United, they helped each other, there were people who "preyed" on the down and outs, they climbed over their backs with their greed, took advantage of others, used them and we allowed. The Rich became rich because we allowed them to put us down, to use us, we gave ourselves and rights away. We allowed the "Middle Americans" to be lost, yet, we support "them" with our efforts, HM! Something is wrong with this picture. What are they going to do without the worker bees? We forgot...ALL MEN ARE EQUAL, BORN IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, we forgot...

NOW, what are we going to do, get our heads out of the sand, wake up, stand up for our rights I pray, the huge homes,cars, buildings are all images glaring back at us for what we have traded our God Given Rights for, are these people happy, most of them no, they keep taking to feed their unhappiness, bigger, bigger, destroy towns, views of Nature, destroy Mother Earth, they have no feelings for themselves let alone others, they are "dead" and have created a very unreal world, Making a Million dollars a day, what do you do with that, buy more "THINGS" kill more of our young men and women to feed their ego and greed. "they" have no feelings, they love the Golden Idol, when are we going to destory them and take back our life on Earth? This is the world we are living in at this time. Do you like it?

It is not George Bush, or any other person in the Government, any other President past, present, future, they are only doing what we have allowed, what they were taught and told to do for we ALLOWED, we CREATED this GREED! IT is our mess and we as Creator are to clean it up! Are you up to it?

We are payng big time, the Government will make more money, borrow from other countries to keep the American Dream alive, are you not tired of hearing this, where is it, our Planet is eroding, our cities are in dire destruction, our small towns have been goobled up,Mom and Pop lost their businesses created for the community, to greed of bigger greed, where is the American Dream? that got lost after the Second World War, the baby boomers got what they wanted, parents wished to give them more than they had, forgetting what this could do and learning from the past civilizations. MORE! never satisfied and we Allowed, we Created this mess, get over it, accept and quite complaining what you created or do something. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and get out of fear, you reside on this Beautiful Planet that the Creator gave to us, so says the Bible, WE are the Keepers of this Beautiful Emerald Planet and look what we have done to it and allowed to happen to Planet Earth and ourselves. Many stopped doing for themselves and relied on the serfs to do the work for them while they played and became weak and none thinking. Sound harsh, but true? We are a sick nation for we do not take responsibility for ourselves so we deteriote! Ever thought of that and think others are better than us, bull!

WAKE UP, take up the cause, we must Share This Cause, We Created It. "THEY" are killing us daily with chemicals falling from the sky daily, our food and medical chain. This so-called crises is keeping your eyes and minds daily off of the really important CRISIS,Your Survivial? YOUR LIFE is in DANGER, are you aware of this, not just your pocket book, this is serious but not the big issue today. YOUR LIFE, YOUR FAMILIES, YOUR CHILRENS, our PLANET,"We are allowing them to destroy all. So the Stock Market is falling, so what, YOU are falling, which is more important? Solution, we help each other, we take responsibility for ourselves, there are ways, we do not have to depend on the idols we have given our life's to, we were given everything on this planet to survive, "they" just cannot patent and make money on things given by God, so they "rub" God out of the picture and we thought Capone was bad?

Burt, this is lengthy and I probably will make lots of people very unhappy IF you allow my writing to stay on the site. Wish I had a copy of this, it came from deep inside and had to be said. I pray you believe in the Truth of what is happening to day and what we have created we can uncreate. Our Collective Minds are damaged, we are not thinking, we have become puppets and "they" program and wind us up each and every day with FEAR!

Thank you. We Created this mess and WE can have the ability and right to Create a better world when we decide to clear our minds, clean our minds add bodies. WE are the CREATORS!

Thank you to all who read and understand what is happening to our Beautiful Planet and ourselves. Love to all and We are Creators! Let's ALL Create Together the Paradise that was once given to us. Earlene

fiona says

i wonder how the bank writers, think that they will be able to sort this whole mess out on their own.
People need to keep an eye on there money...But they prefer to live their lives on auto pilot.... So, blame the govenment for their own short comings.
Get a life.

Civ.lunrest......Think peace instead

Bill henderson says

Burt. I am a Canadian and I feel this is a long over due adjustment to a country that felt it deserved to live high on the hog. This was all created by people who wanted to brag to the world how poweful they were even if it meant doing something as stupit as giving mortgages to people who could not afford them. How did they expect people to make the monthly payments - win a loto? I feel we should have let the bad guys go under and start to build an economy that hinges on truth and afordability not greed. I was raised to pay my bills and budget accordingly - see anything wrong with that? We watch the world very closely and have friends all over this planet. we do not live in a bubble. Wake up America and try working with the truth. let common sense and a love for the Creator who I'm sure will point us in the right direction. You will reap what you sow. In closing let me make this statement - I love all the people in this world and wish everyone nothing but good things. God Bless you all.

Vasudev says

The whole episode of the US financial meltdown is going to be a horrible legacy for the incoming administration to address and the Bushes must perfect its remedy before quitting office. In this age of hypocrisy and fighting, I'm not at all surprise of any economic downturn when over the past eight years there was too much "devotion" to skyrocketing war budget. Obviously there is no lacking in the universe except virtues. Let's be prepared for the worst and this is no pessimism. Requital epistemology holds sway but let's be a little holistic.

Vladimir Deming says

What can I say? I came to US 33 years ago and every year I saw how things become worst and worst. I feel pain and shame, watching how greed and stupidity little-by-little killing the country, which has everething to be the best in the world.
Forgive me for beeng straight forward.

Ben says

Hello all,

Well indeed the situation in America has potentially grave consequences for us all in and out of the US. I am from England and i know full well the squeeze is being felt there too. Sadly this situation is nothing new and is inevitably designed to benefit the people at the very top of the money pile i would thus like to draw your attention to this information about the federal reserve system, about how it is a privately (not state) owned bank that is actually illegal under the constitution.

This link is the first of 5 short videos on youtube that make up one chapter (of a potentially very important documentary). This chapter explains how the monetary system of the US came into being and i feel it is crucial to us all to understand the current situation. The film in my opinion is very powerful however, in absolutly no way am i using Burt's Blog to promote the film in its entirety just the section about the federal reserve. I have no wish to start philosophical debate, especially here.

That said my consciousness is with yours and all of America 100% and i have no doubt in my mind we will all be able to make a totally positive change for best.

Love to everyone


jm says

I don't have the heart to read every one of these sobering comments, as I feel sick about the entire set of circumstances already. The foxes have been in the henhouse a long time, and I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the carnage. Burt, help us, please. Let us know what you think is a positive, effective action to take for what now must literally be global healing. I'll participate, I promise.

Denise says

Hi Burt. I wont go into the 'religious' side of this, as according to some,it is already prophesized, and written in a book that has been translated the same way, for 100's of years. Nor, will i get into political, as i am not educated enough, and just a basic uneducated opinion, is a beautiful right, but..useless.

We can all see we are in BIG trouble. Now it is being felt worldwide, is not just the US. I do not claim a political party, because it is the integrity and at least 'reported' ideals of the person running, i could care less who the party is. But for the first time in my life? I am afraid of this election. NEITHER side is qualified in my sight. But, while Reagan was an actor who became president, and while not perfect, did much for our 'state of being' as the US. NONE of the politicians are perfect. THE problem i see is yes, greed.
They are overpaid, overcompensated, and the general public truly has NO CLUE as to what REALLY is happening, it is intended that way. We could have alternative energy, but they 'feel' everyone feels entitled to put it at a level that 90% of society can not reach. The mongrels on wall street, and government? They are not going to let loose of their extravagant lifestyles, for God's sake we play millions of dollars to some guy to play sports!!! While 50% or more cant make their house pymt. or put their kids thru school, so they can make a better living. Banks? what if they worked out a situation in 'real life' terms to keep people in their homes, yes...perhaps a reduction in interest to make their loan pymt. possible? Sure, they might not make quite as much, but isn't having the loan paid at all MUCH more sense than kicking them out on the street, while the home sits there, without NO ONE paying for it, then sell it a ridiculous price, which the loan co's. have ALREADY lost money? What is truly wrong with humanitie's concious IS what IS causing this. This ME for ME mentality will destroy EVERYONE. If everyone would 'give' a little, than the ALL of us would survive, but you have to CARE first. The Big Guys, are only Big, because of all of us 'little people' made them, you destroy the little people - = 90% of humanity, you will have NO Big Guys. Come on world we are being given a divine call, please let us not ignore it, for the giving and caring of our 'fellow brother/sister's', IS THE ONLY WAY WE OURSELVES are assured a future - of any kind.
Thank you, and God be with us all, whomever you call it.

zoltan stupar says


Susaneve says

There doesn't seem to be much point in complaining about something that has already occurred. My feeling is that we (as a nation) need a shift in conciouness.

OK...we're in this mess. What we need to be focusing on is a viable method of repair. We seem to be stuck in the insanity of "doing the same thing over again, yet expecting different results."

I think pretty much everything has been said. Meaning...we all seem to be on the same page, here. Let's start looking/manifesting some solutions.

David W. Dwight says

My retirement savings (in an IRA) are decreasing rapidly. And they are becoming worth less because we are headed into a time of double-digit inflation, which will hurt those on fixed incomes (e.g. entitlement programs) the most. In fact, entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) probably are high on the list of expenditures to be cut.
However the financial crisis turns out, the world will soon be facing another, more serious crisis: the dwindling supply of oil. Huge investments in alternative energy sources must be put in place NOW in order to avert a global collapse of civilization as we know it. It would be wise for everyone to look back at the way food, energy and lifestyles were in the pre-automobile USA, and begin doing everything they can to prepare themselves for major Downsizing.

Vierotchka says

In my opinion, shared by many lucid people, this is a planned global collapse in order to bring not only the USA but the whole world under the control of the neocons. It benefits 1% (at most) of the US's and the world's elite population. But I think that the neocons will find that it is impossible to keep 6.5 billion people in slavery and under their control. They are biting far more than they can chew. I have seen this being put in place ever since Bush took office in 2001.

There are brave, intelligent and lucid people who have seen this coming and have been warning us for years. One of them is Naomi Wolf - her latest video is a must watch:

People in affluent countries will have to learn to survive and make do with the bare essentials, to live simply and to connect with their neighbors so as to come together and help each other out, to create collective gardens so as to ensure there is enough food for everyone in their group. Bartering will largely replace money, too. This is the death of the selfish, destructive old ways and an opportunity for positive new ways to arise.

A great many people will hurt, world-wide, and a great many people will know hunger and even famine - it is up to the stronger among us to help the weaker and most vulnerable among us. Humanity is resilient, it will survive, but many people won't.

It is also conditions that will allow a great many people to wake up, to examine their lives and to rearrange their priorities.

Night is at its darkest just before dawn.

Carla Kane says

Hi Burt,

I am an ordinary working wife and mother. I have very little knowledge of financial stuff. In my opinion, the world needs to STOP, take a deep breath and calm down.
The world leaders should sit down, forget prejudice and petty squabbles, put their heads together and face the fact the world we once knew is gone and it's time to start again.
All of the most prominent peace keepers and whole brain thinkers need to intervene here and start demanding to be heard.
I am from Ireland and what is happening here is just like slipping back in time to the recession here in the eighties. I don't want to go backwards, it's time to move on. The human being may have evolved phsycally but we haven't even scratched the surface of what the mental and emotional possibilitys evolution has for us.
Count me in whatever you need I will help.

marcia says

I believe that all this was meant to happen and no one has anything to fear.No I am not a millionaire, I live in uk I have a full time job and have a mortgage. I feel it is time for a `clear out` ready for our new future, the future we want.We are in a stronger position as a collective, to change this world for the good. I do not listen to the news, that way I dont become part of it. I dont put myself in a position where I give thoughts and feelings to the situation, instead, my thoughts are on peace, love and healing to all living things. I hope you will join me.

Karen Gill says

Hi Burt,
I'm the Broker Owner of Coldwell Banker Town & Country Real Estate in Brighton, Michigan. You can only imagine how all of this has affected my area. I think good can come out of this, if we as citizens keep asking questions and not settle for what we've settled for in the past. The pendulum always swings back the other way, it was so good (we thought) for a long time, and now we are dealing with the aftermath of a market that did not improve as it has in the past. It's really sad to meet with different sellers and hear their financial losses, job losses, and their loss of hope. But we knew this was coming eventually, apprasials coming in 25% higher than the home was worth so a homeowner could take 100% of the equity out. Houses have been used as ATM's and now the houses are not worth what is owed, we've seen that happen all the time. The bailout is like putting bubblegum on a leak in the hover dam. The up side is, people are looking inward and looking at what is really important in their lives.
The greedy always reap what they sow, it's universal.
As people of the earth we need to think peace, hope, and light to all in positive affirmations daily.
Collectively we can all make the change happen!

Shelley says

Dear Burt,

It seems terrible, yet it is an opportunity for change. My parents lived in the Great Depression yet they got enough to eat and were happy. I learned to try to live in a balanced way. Whatever happens, it doesn't help to worry. I'm happy to help any way I can.


Pascal says


I'm a French citizen and can confirm that the now the whole planet is in crisis and the tax payers here are going to pay (during several years I guess) to clean the mess.
This is the end of a way of life, but I'd like to stress, the beginning of something new.
And I’d sure love the new thing being better than the old one.
Maybe we can do something about that?


Veronica says

Hi Burt

This is a time for cleaning on a global scale. Yes count me in, I am ready to help you follow the collective consciousness, and raise awareness to make a difference. This depression is all negative thinking.

Dr. David H. says

Everybody thinks the present state of our economy is the Presidents fault, but the decline started as soon as we had a democratic majority in congress. The President is a figurehead and cannot do much of anything without congressional approval. Even now the democrates are about to give $50 Billion away to some African countries and the still have there give away program of $700 Billion they give(not loan, give)to countries that hate us EVERY YEAR. And on top of that, the amount of intrest banks charges is over 100%(just look at your loan amount and then look at how much you will have paid when you get it paid off).

Deena says

As I read, and watch all of the negative and widely publicised news about the financial crisis, war, people losing their homes etc., I feel that this is a perfect opportunity for us RIGHT NOW, to be of service to each other!
Somehow, people everywhere need to be educated on the power of intention and what WE can change on a collective and spiritual level. I'm with you, Burt!

Marian says

Hello everybody, how terible it is whats happend with the cricis not only in the US it is global. There is only one thing ....if whe keep focussing on the crisis it will be more terible. Better is to focus on the good things, how diffecult is may be. Focus on love commitment, dialoge, happiness, health....

Dave W says

We know what is happening, if we stop and think about it. Is it simple, a byproduct of collective thinking, and we need not be afraid. We need to counter fear with understanding. Fear causes hostility, anger and blaming, all dark things. Understanding counters fear with light.

It will be tiresome, but we can deal with it. What happened was:

1. After 40 years of continuously rising home real estate values, backed by government guaranteed FHA mortgage loans, we collectively assumed it would continue forever. Real estate was the perfect investment - it was guaranteed by the government (FHA)! Both buyers and lenders assumed this. Since most of the buyers and lenders were born after this got started, this is not astonishing.

2. Eventually (now), real estate stopped going up in value.

3. Most people bought homes with mortgage loan for 80-100% of the house purchase price. When the real estate value dropped by 20% or more, the mortgage was for more than the house was worth. Some walked away from their houses, to be repossessed by the bank. Others tried to keep up payments but ran out of cash- they could not refinance. Both the ex home owner and the bank had a problem. The home owner no longer had a home, and the bank has a house worth less than the loan that bought it.

4. Banks - the financial system - treats loans as cash. The cash value is somewhere between the loan value and the collateral value for the loan. That is how it works. (Look up fractional reserve banking.) Suddenly the whole financial system had *much* less cash on its books than it did before real estate values went down. The banks can pretend that this is not true, but only for a while.

5. Because of how banks work, a decrease in cash at the bank (capital) means a much larger decrease (5-10X) in the loans it can offer. So, now the banks reduce their loans. Since banks loan to each other, this mushrooms.

6. Businesses need short term loans on a continual basis to keep things going smoothly. You have to buy the stuff before you sell it, and you have to pay the employees that made the stuff before you get paid for it by the customers. Suddenly, there is no loan money available from banks. Businesses cannot buy stuff, and they cannot pay their employees. So, they stop buying for a while and lay off employees. This also mushrooms.

7. Many people went from having a nice nest egg investment in their house to having nothing. So, they contract their spending, which adds to the downturn.

8. So, we understand what happened, if we think about it. It did not happen to us from the outside, and it did not happen because we were frivolous or greedy. It just happened because we all were wrong in an assumption.

Being wrong is hard on our pride. We would rather blame someone else.

Yes, there was greed and predatory practices in the market. When were there not? But greed was not the primary cause of this problem. No bank wants to make a risky loan, even at a high interest rate. Managing risk is what they do. But *everyone* believed that there was no risk. The government (FHA) guaranteed it! So everyone got very enthusiastic. Until the unthinkable drop in real estate value.

This is not hopeless. It has happened many times before. People still need to eat, sleep, work and enjoy life. We are not helpless. We will survive this, as we have before.

We will survive it more effectively if we realize that being collectively wrong is a part of life, not something from the outside. We need to counter fear with understanding.

Praveen says


It is sad what is happening in US and also effecting the world around. I live in Canada and have worked extremely hard to settle myself here in the last 25 years. What happens to our neighbours is bound to effect us here. I am hoping it will not be as bad here. Nonetheless, it concerns us deeply. Hopefull US will come up with a better solution. Can the recession be avoided? I doubt.

Ms.Praveen Sood

Cheryl Zortman says

I do not blame this on Bush, However I do blame the greed of Americans that want everything now. I am 57 and am renting a house because I cannot afford to buy a house and I do not believe in debt. I do not think it is my responsibility to bail out the reckless egos of the Americans. I to could have taken out a loan several times to purchase a home. However I chose to be responsible for myself and making my own payment. I don't even have a credit card, and I do not believe for one minute that every American should own their own house. I wished the people that like to blame Bush would look at the Democrate Congress and see who is really behind this problem. They always want more government so they can rule in our lives. Now they have what they want and they don't have a clue what to do with this monster they have created. I say if you can't pay for it with cash you don't need it. I think Americans need to start accepting responsibility for their own action and quit blaming Government for everything. cheryl zortman

info says

Rockefeller. In his book-memoir on page 405, he actually does say this, "Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure---one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.".

Misha says

It is helpful to read the comments from people living outside of the U.S. So little of what we hear via the media can be trusted these days. I am ready to focus my thoughts and actions on positive solutions to transform the fear of humanity into pure Love. I almost died in a head-on collision, and was given a glimpse of the love that is in and around us. I pray that we can all be infused with that energy right now, so that we can be the change that needs to happen to evolve our consciousness on a mass scale.

Manifestor says

I don't think it is about government or business failing.
I believe that it is about mass marketing working. In the 1930's, radio began changing the face of our world. Hitler used the mass media tool (radio) to an advantage. Next up, TV; since the 1950's, personal control and direction were given up, willingly, by people that 'bought into' what the wealthy corporations (advertisers)suggested. Personal expectation grew well beyond needs. Materialism (which has always been a social dilema) grew to ridiculous levels; through advertising. The TV content was a vehicle to manipulate our desires. People were told they 'should' be 'informed' what, by whom? By corporations that know if you watch enough TV, 'we can and will shape your inner values' suit our (corporate) model of consumerism and excess.

I believe that it is important to be aware of 'your world'. The one around you...the one you can affect and the one that affects you. Globalization is people losing touch with that which matters, their true, spatial world. If all the media was ignored; then most of us would be influenced by our neighbors (our real world). Back in the days of the real American Dream, when someones barn burnt down, the neighborhood and community was there. Now, most people don't know their neighbors (or care to help them) but they do know that Robert Mugabe is making a mess of an African state and seem to be concerned about that?!? ... more than their neighbors plights!

Why is this important? Because our level of ability to help each other and the world around us (not the whole world, the world physically around us) comes from us caring about that which we can affect change in, through being human beings...not by being media beings. This is a greater consciousness, to be aware of ones power within.

Through the media, people are constantly told (instructed to) 'think beyond their natural boundaries' which actually makes us much less able to make a real difference. We know that our strength and power comes from within. We are what we think. If the media tells us what to think, constantly gives us negativity, why do we buy into it?

A thought...those that have not heard or watched the latest media frenzy (mortgage crisis) are not affected by it. Had those same people never watched TV and mass media and simply lived the 'good life' (not obsessive and greedy lives) which has been within all our means (reasonably speaking here in North America) then, they would HAVE and OWN their lives, and what they've worked for.

The solution is for more people to be happy (and content) with what our world offers (another day, sunshine, rain, children, neighbors, local food and so on). Gratitude is not for having so much, gratitude is for being alive.

The more we focus on the current fear they are selling us the more we are drawn away from our truest power, to be human; to care for ourselves, our nieghbors, the world (land) 'around' us. The greater consciousness can only be if the greater number of us resists the forces of mass manipulation through mass media.

The internet has given us the greatest tool to unite mankind into the greater consciousness. However the internet has come to be, let's recognize that its greater good is not to use it to buy, sell and manipulate but to connect and embrace our oneness with positive thoughts, a view to goodness and a sincere belief that through greater consciousness we will get back to being within our means (and that is the GOOD life!!) thereby contributing to the greater good and the greater consciousness and then, to our future.

Thank you, Be well.

Stephanie Banaszak says

Thanks Burt for taking action and serving as an outlet for me and others to act.
Our elected officials need to hear a clear message: The CEO's of the failing companies to be held accountable: their contracts full of loop holes that ensure their own safety needs to be redefined to stop this bloodletting.
In my early years, I learned hard a lesson about finances. I was angry that no one bailed me out. I had consequences. Fortunately, I had people who were concerned for me to teach me a different reality. If a check bounces, it's not the bank that covers the debt, it's the check writer. I begrudge giving any more to the government when it is re-routed to companies for futher indulgences and intentional disreguard. Never before have I experienced a government bailout, although I am 42.
We are the source of the bailout. When we understand that we have the power (at some cost), we can reorganize and asses where our values and integrity lie.

I'd like to see the two parties put aside their power preferences and concentrate of the health and aid of our situation.
Let's begin taking responsibility. Look to your own backyard for immediate solutions: buy local, rely on yourself, rely on your neighbors, vote on local, state and national representatives. Not many of us think to contact our local and state representatives and really voice our concerns and common sense that gets us through tough times. When Arabs were to buy US ports two, or so years ago, I heard of citizens calling and emailing their representatives telling them no! I thought, "Oh, the reps don't want to lose their elected job, they are going to listen"...and they did! We got what we wanted. Let's do it again. Call, or email your state representative today.
Although good at representing their party, some polititians have no business handling our/my country's fincances.
Stephanie Banaszak

Ray Irwin says

Oct 11 2008
As an old age pensioner with fast-evaporating (suddenly!) life savings, I am dismayed at the financial wolves in their death throes circling the "gentle" people.

A morsel with peace is better than a feast of pie-in-the-sky with lust.

Your website is typical of the latter, and a million other sites, peddling oft-regurgitated party tricks, platitudes, and theories, using the usual devious and questionable marketing practices, and all symptomatic of a self centered get-rich-quick civilization rushing to a Lemming-type extinction.

As I write, this crosses my mind: I think of a guy by the name of H W Armstrong, forecasting from 1933 onward, that Britain would lose her status and empire. How right he turned out to be (at least on that score). He also prophesied in the same vein, amongst other things, that, through twisting natural universal laws of trading, Americans would become slaves in their own conquered country. The writing is on the wall-- and blood on the carpet.

The sadness is, and always has been, in the collateral damage to the innocent souls of this world, who wish only to live in peace. Paying cash for a house is not commonly one of their options in life, and so they have little choice but to go to the "Richest man in Babylon", who of course gets richer as they get poorer. Usury is a psychological and physical minefield for the lender AND the borrower.

The solution? They say that a democratic peoples always get the government they deserve: I am astounded by the Presidential aspirants in your current line-up of hopefuls. All I can say is, "Good Luck". Time will tell, but we don't have much of that as we had yesterday.

Will short selling, derivatives, CFD, margin lending, creative accounting, outrageous salaries and commissions to paper shufflers, all be banned?

Ray Irwin.

David C says

What is driving the market today is panic. I think all Americans need to take a deep breath, step back, and allow the market to adjust. Panic selling is only fueling the crisis. Just take a deep breath and relax.

Ervin says

Sadly the events in this country mirror whats going on in the world. We have people in power who are unconscious and unaware, leading a society of followers who are much the same. Until we wake up as mankind and raise ourselves, collectively, to a higher plain I fear this is only the beginning of future tragedies.

Suzanne says

I don't see this "BailOUT" helping us at all. They knew this would happen years ago yet did nothing to stop it. All this is going to do is make it even harder on us to pay our bills,eat and go to work. I hate that WE have to bail out the very companies that have put so many out on the streets!

Lloyd says

Dear Burt and fellow bloggers,

Please copy, E-mail,fax and send a hard copy of this letter of twenty one solutions to America's financial crisis via snail mail to all members of congress. You will need to insert your name address, e-mial, and the name, address of the Senator or Representative of the House sign or write your name at the end of the letter.

When members of both Houses of Congress truly decide to solve the financial crisis they will need to have the courage, bravery and wisdom to fulfill their responsibility to end the ugly despicable greed of the ugly despicable greedy rich puppeteers, the Banks and Wall-Street, by passing these twenty one solutions by a two-thirds majority to be the law of land:

1. Restore the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 which was overturned in 1999.
This act separated investment and commercial banking activities, which prohibited comingling of funds between banks and Wall-Street. It was one of the most important major acts that ended the Great Depression and restored confidence in Commercial Banks and Wall-Street.

2. Eliminate Derivatives.

3. Eliminate Hedge Funds and Hedge Investments. Derivatives and Hedge Funds are very risky investments invented since the 1980’s used by the very rich to control and manipulate the Banks, Real-estate and Wall-Street.

4. What goes up must come down let the ugly despicable greedy rich puppeteers, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Real-estate and Wall-Street collapse. Let the crooks learn their lessons pay for their own ugly despicable greedy mistakes so true recovery can begin. Ninety-nine percent of Americans have to learn from their mistakes and have to pay the price so do the richest one percent of Americans. The richest one percent are not better or above the ninety-nine percent of the rest of us Americans. We are all Equal in all ways including being accountable for our actions. It will be hard on all of us. We are American’s. WE can and will pull through this financial disaster. Our grand parents and great grand parents did it and so will our generation.

5. Restore bank regulations and make new bank regulations for commercial banks to create trust, accountability and stability.

6. Restore Wall-Street and Investment Banks regulations and make new regulations for Wall-Street and Investment Banks to create trust, accountability and stability.

7. Eliminate Supply Side Economics or Trickle Down Economics. This was one of the major causes for the Great Depression.

8. Adopt and use Nash Equilibrium Economics America has always prospered when businesses, employees and consumers win together. This is true win /win economics.

9. Eliminate Free Trade.

10. Restore and create Fair Trade.

11. Eliminate the Patriot Acts 1 & 2

12. Restore the entire United States of America’s Constitution.

13. Eliminate all risky complicated investment instruments created since the 1980’s.

14. Require full transparency of Banks and Wall-Street.

15. Restore the Truth in Freedom of the Press by restoring and making new regulations that break up the monopoly of all types of press media that a very few greedy rich puppeteers control and manipulate the American People with their lying propaganda for their ugly despicable greedy purposes.

16. Break up all Monopolies of major Corporate Industries, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, to few own and control retail, media, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, and service sector companies. They are so huge that there is basically no healthy competition. They not only eliminate competition in their business sector but all other business sectors as well. They cause most small businesses to close because American’s can’t afford their goods and services. Real Example: Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy doesn’t compete as a business with Wal-Mart but when Wal-Mart comes into an area salaries drop and incomes disappear when most small businesses go out of business including Massage Therapy businesses. Big outrageously gigantic business destroys small business our economy and the American Dream.

17. Tax heavily Corporations to the point it is unprofitable to remain over seas that have shut down their companies in the USA and set up shop overseas.

18. Give tax incentives to keep companies and jobs in the USA that provide living wages for people to make the American dream come true.

19. Eliminate World Trade Organization’s powerful control of USA Trade policy.

20. Eliminate all the lobbyists of the special interest groups and the greedy rich puppeteers.

21. Overturn the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout. DO NOT Give Wall-Street and Banks 700 Billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These twenty one solutions will greatly benefit the American people. Unfortunately for the American People most if not all of these twenty one solutions to save the American Financial System and our economy will be very unpopular with the World Trade Organization, the very ugly despicable greedy rich puppeteers, Congress, the President and the Vice-President.

The Seven Hundred Billion Dollars will be only a temporary band-aid and a reward to the greedy rich puppeteers who created this financial mess. The collapse of the financial system under current conditions is an absolute. This money may delay the collapse into the new President and Congressional terms. The new President and Congress will get the blame for the current financial crisis which will only get much worse and not the current administration which caused this crisis.

Throwing money at the Banks and Wall-Street makes the problem worse, last longer and won’t solve the problem. The Seven Hundred Billion Dollars is a reward to the very ugly despicable greedy rich puppeteers who control and manipulate Commercial Banks, Investment banks, Wall-Street, the Media, the People, Congress, the President, and the Vice-President. It’s time for the greedy rich puppeteers, Banks and Wall-Street to be accountable and accept their responsibility to receive their losses for their ugly despicable greedy actions. The twenty one solutions when passed by two thirds of a majority in both houses will solve most of the financial crises or perhaps solve the entire crisis and get this country back on the road to being financially strong, powerful and being a great country again.

When you and your colleagues in the US House and US Senate truly decide to end this financial crisis for American’s both houses of Congress will stop raking the tax payers of America over the hot burning coals of the extremely greedy rich puppeteers. I strongly urge you and all of the members of the US House and US Senate to have the courage, bravery and wisdom to fulfill your responsibility to cut Congresses puppet strings to the greedy rich puppeteers and do what is right to take back America for all people and powerfully force the greedy rich puppeteers to accept their accountability and responsibility to receive their losses for their ugly despicable greedy actions.

Remember We the People of the USA are your bosses. We voted for all of you to be in office. We the People can vote members of both the Senate and House out of office. If voting out members of Congress doesn’t work and members of Congress don’t fulfill their responsibility to powerfully stand up to the greedy rich puppeteers. The American people will take action. The American people no longer are passive bystanders. It is time for Congress to stop being passive wimpy bystanders and take a strong and powerful stand against the greedy rich puppeteers of this country and the World Trade Organization to do what is right for all Americans.

It is an absolute that the people will do what they did to King George III of England and declare themselves independent from the greedy rich puppeteers of this country. The Two Hundred Ninety Seven Million American People far out number the Three Million Rich People of this country. It is only a few greedy rich puppeteers of this Three Million Rich People who are pulling Congresses puppet strings. The odds are in favor of the Two Hundred Ninety Seven Million American People. You and Congress can stop the next American Revolution by courageously, bravely, and wisely fulfill all of Congresses responsibility to pass legislation by two thirds majority in both Houses of Congress that must include the twenty one solutions above.

Personally I strongly encourage you and the other members of both houses of Congress fulfill your responsibility to the American People and pass these twenty one solutions into law. We the People of the USA are a lot smarter, stronger and more powerful than you, your colleagues and the greedy rich puppeteers think we are. I believe the members of Congress who out number the greedy rich puppeteers are smarter, stronger and more powerful than the few greedy rich puppeteers who are pulling the strings of Congress. Congress proved they were stronger and more powerful than the greedy rich puppeteers in 1930’s. Will both Houses of Congress prove they are stronger and more power than the greedy rich puppeteers now? All American’s hope and pray you and your colleagues will bravely, courageously and wisely fulfill your responsibility and stand up powerfully to vote against the greedy rich puppeteers and vote for all the citizens of the USA. So there will be no need for the American People to rise up and have another American Revolution.

Revolutions are bloody messes. It is extremely important that you and your colleagues do what is right for all American’s and not just do what supports the ugly despicable greed of the very few greedy rich puppeteers. If members of both Houses of Congress don’t pass these twenty solutions in to law then all members of congress will be responsible for the blood, sweat and tears of ninety-nine percent of American’s and it won’t be pretty.

I am a man of peace. I can’t control the masses and neither can you, your colleagues or the greedy rich puppeteers. I can only control myself. I choose peace and prosperity for all. What about you and your colleagues? Do you and your colleagues in Congress have the courage, bravery, and the wisdom to fulfill your responsibility to do what is right for all American’s to cut Congresses puppet strings to the ugly despicable greedy rich puppeteers and pass these twenty one solutions to solve the financial crisis? Members of Congress please fulfill your responsibility to all of the American People to be the brave, courageous, wise and powerful hero’s the American People elected all of you to be. Thank you!


P.S. I have been and will always be against all violence to solve the problems of our country!

Jim Yhunder Bear Yates says

Dear Sir, My 401K is in the tank but I still have a job and that's good. As you can see I'm a Native American and many of my people have been preparing for this for many years. We see a crash of prophetic proportions and are going back to the old ways. This time was prophesied in the Hopi and Crow Prophecies. I pray for all those that are unprepared but I also know that everything will work out in the end. Thunder Bear, AHO

Victoria H says

I really do not believe that "main Street" (or any Street!) USA will be able to divert a depression. This has been in the making for many years. Rather than playing the "victim" I would rather play the "farmer" raise my crops, do with less and pray that we Americans will survive this with the strength and integrity we believe we have. The rest of the world will be watching and for once, we need to be the role model we like to think we are.
Burt, I want to hear what you have to say. Thanks.

Jim says

Of course, and as always, the stock markets are tumbling because of fear - people getting out of mutual funds and the funds having to sell to get enough money to pay out. And there are no buyers. Stock prices naturally plunge. The bank's liquidity crisis is the same. Nobody in the banks trust the situation and money is likely to be lost. As I talk to my investment counselors I find that smart money is sitting this out. Waiting until the mood changes and then buying up some great bargains in stocks out there for lots of organizations which are not part of the financial sector and which will do well in the future. In past years the market seems to have gone pretty silent around the time of an election and all the uncertainty that surrounds it. Especially this year.

Most of our retirement money is in stocks and mutual funds. We won't look at the reports for a few months, for there is nothing we can do except get scared like so many others. I believe that, as in the past, the markets will come back because the desire to participate in feeling a part of good companies and helping them make better products, the excitement of the gamble, good old human greed and making money off of other people's sweat is a part of human consciousness and is not going away any time soon. For most of us it will be hunkering down and waiting this all out.

Do I trust Bush and his troops? They haven't told the truth to us about anything. Including 911, I'm quite sure. As in all things, they have taken care of their own at a huge cost to the rest of us.

That said, the feds are a necessary part of the answer and maybe we'll have an inspiring, calming, smart leadership group next time around. I pray so. Then good companies of people can get on with making stuff we actually need and doing a lot more of it here at home and we can get back to investing in those good companies to help them and ourselves along.

In a larger frame, the USA, with 3% of the worlds population, cannot continue eating up 25% of the earth's natural resources. We cannot continue thinking that we own the world. We cannot continue the immense silly business about being the shining beacon on the hill that does no wrong to anyone else. We are not the greatest country in the history of humankind. We are just 3% of humankind, doing it our way. Oh yes and we have our military in what, over 100 countries in the world? We never leave. And we are most certainly not anointed by some cosmic muffin to be special. Seems to me that the world is finally making the adjustment to put us in our rightful place as a member of the world community, not the owner of it.

This will be a long and dodgy transformation for a country used to the quick fix, dumbed down by television and talk radio, unwilling to tell itself the truth, and hopped up on way too much fundamentalist religion and carrying way too many personal firearms. Welcome to the rest of this century. As a friend of mine put it when I got a cancer last year, "Don't die yet, the next fifteen years is going to be soooo interesting."

James says

Burt, after I heard your talk on spirituality and higher consciousness I considered writing your name in on the election ballot for our next political leader. A developed conscious being leading people with concepts of love, empathy, kindness, truth, trust and forgiveness
would be a dream manifest.
The concept of retirement leads people to accumulate savings for an unforseeable tomorrow devastated by losses of their future security. Instead of retiring, re-"tire"! Put another tire on and keep going, living as a productive contibuting element of this existence.
Fear and greed run the markets and financial decisions based upon these emotions are unhealthy.
Mass media medication can be delivered through videos like this one. Remember the Souce of it all always was, is and will be...............Love

Freelancelot says

Max and others here are showing their total ignorance of economics and how gullible they are to be played upon by politicians. Obama is a jerk and can only win through these useful idiots, but there are oh so many of them (but there are plenty of Republicans to blame, too).

There is no need of a bailout. This is supposed to be the free market, not the 100%-failure religion of Socialism. But, since the government (who is the culprit behind all of this, not "greedy bankers"--what a laugh!) has caused all this by entangling itself where it has no business being, I guess we need to PHASE OUT government's involvement, so that the people can learn to be strong and free again, not dole-begging whiners who think they are "entitled". So, let the bailout be; but immediately begin removing the current "regulations" and setting up just a sparse few new but strong ones. In the future, no bailouts: let failure ring. Freedom isn't free. If you want freedom, you'll have to accept the creative destruction of the free market. Let people learn to be accountable for their decisions again. Responsibility is the price of freedom--of ANY KIND of freedom.

justin says

well, since it's all been said on this

Sheri Gorbey says

The collective consciousness primarily espoused above is what got us to the place we are and is preventing the shift to better times. The predominantly negative collective consciousness (of fear/worry) is feeding on itself to cause MORE negativity....which produces negative results! If we all have hope and believe that the future will bring wonderful things and the economy soon will improve, then it WILL.

I personally am incredibly blessed in my life with great family and friends, a wonderful job and many creature comforts. And I am not worried about the future because I know how to CREATE MY OWN. No matter how bad things get for anyone else (or how bad they perceive things to get), I know I will be fine. If you don't, then you need to go back and listen to the American Monk lessons.

Everyone should try to look for the silver lining or the "blessing in disguise" for the current U.S. economic situation. I am investing as much as I can rather than cashing out. This is a buyer's market. When Wall Street turns around, AND IT WILL, everyone will wonder why they worried and why they didn't do the same....

Maksym says

After watching this video I thought that Feds will take over banking system and will be able to control consumer consumption. I do not know whether it is true or not but its what I think. I am 100% percent that Great Depression II will be felt but will not bring huge damage to American citizens and residents nor to citizens and residents of other countries. This video shows instability of "borrowing money" or loans business; how can you borrow money if you cannot afford it to fully pay it off including interest?

Nancy Algazi says

Dear Sir: I was happily born in Cuba, but after Castro took over, we came to live in this wonderful country. And for the last 45 we have been living here (Thank God.) But we are extremly concern with the economic situation. After so many years of hard work, now that my husband died and that I'm retired the future is very unconfortable. What can we do to help ?
Cordially Nancy Algazi.

Gale says

Yes, this a terrible mess but you need to remember who started it. Carter and then Clinton set forth legislation that forced banks to make loans whether or not they could be paid back. Now the media circus has turned Obama, a man who has absolutely no respect for America - says lots of words but gives no solutions other than cutting taxes and making bigger government to give more entitlements. That's what's wrong! To add insult to injury he now has 3 executives that left Fanny and Freddy working for his campaign as financial and economic advisors. God help us, they were on the inside benefiting while Americans lose their shirts. Obama is slick and the media darling but he won't admit he was raised a Muslim & yet Hamas is supporting him. He was put into office by the Chicago crime leaders, Ayers raised money for him to get into the Senate where he spent 143 days after being a community organizer. I'm not crazy about McCain but at least he has experience and is a true American with American interests at heart. There is that within us that knows the truth and I for one will keep focusing on the truth! Thanks Monk for helping me not only see the truth and refuse to run from it.

Cyndi Marsico says

The current financial problems in the US and around the world are being manipulated by the international financial elite, who are using it for their own ends (see "Zeitgeist" on YouTube). I think all failing businesses should have taken it on the chin and allowed to fail. It is not the responsibility of Main Street to bail out businesses that make poor decisions out of pure greed. Allow home owners to keep their houses, even though they too made poor choices by taking on more debt than they could realistically handle. It's all smoke and mirrors, folks. Keep your eyes on the men behind the curtain.

Dawn says

THANK YOU !!!, Burt, for the OPPORTUNITY for us to SHARE our thoughts and feelings together. We are AWAKING to this SPECIAL time in history that has been foretold and planned.. Humans don’t always like CHANGE yet it brings out amazing QUALITIES in us.

As we attain UNITY of mind and spirit we can STRENGTHEN ourselves. I see this time as a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to give us MOTIVATION to ADAPT and to be GRATEFUL for all that we have. I want to say THANK YOU for everything that we have, all the TOOLS for us to RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. I am cultivating APPRECIATION for my ABUNDANCE rather than focusing on my lack and the world’s ‘lack’.

I totally love this little saying and I use it all the time with myself and my clients, ‘Two prisoners looked out from prison bars. One saw the mud, the other saw the stars.’ I have walked a difficult path in life. Therefore, I have learned from my ‘pain’ to turn my attention to what I LOVE and to what is GOOD and to what BENEFITS I have and to WHAT I CAN DO WITH WHAT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN. Whatever my restrictions have been I ask, ‘What is my FREEDOM here? What am I LEARNING?’ WHAT CAN I DO NOW? This has been a technique to get me through great oppression. It has made my character stronger and more resilient.

Suffering doesn’t feel good, poverty doesn’t feel good, fear doesn’t feel good so I answer these questions: WHAT CAN I DO to CREATE a better feeling? This is what we are here for, to CREATE, to find the JOY IN THE JOURNEY NOW…TODAY. Our time is short so WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT? How can I BE A LOVING BEING and LOVE my family and my ‘neighbor’? How can I fulfill the purpose of my life even in the face of great turmoil?

I CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON WHAT I WANT not on what I don’t want. ‘Look where you want to go’ is another favorite phrase that I quote a lot. I choose to EXPAND in my efforts to HEAL MY LIFE and RAISE MY VIBRATION through LEARNING ALL I CAN THAT IS POSITIVE AND SUPPORTIVE. I also use PRAYER, and MEDITATION. I continue the practice of letting go of the past hurts when I see that I am stuck. By doing these things I affect everyone around me. When I have negative emotions I find creative ways to process them and move through them.

BURT, your wonderful programs help us to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our lives and to BECOME who we are meant to be and to MAKE CHOICES in our lives. You teach in such a positive a reassuring manor. You help us to CULTIVATE HOPE in our lives. We need to feel there is hope. If there was no tension in the world many of us would not be seeking to IMPROVE OURSELVES. Many would just enjoy a complacent life. These world troubles, are a great opportunity. THANK YOU, SO MUCH FOR THE SPECIAL ROLE YOU HAVE IN SUPPORTING CHANGE FOR OUR BETTERMENT.

We also have HOSTS OF HEAVENLY HELP supporting us. We have ANGELS and GUIDES. There are many degrees of LIGHT. Regardless of the severe damage religious dogma has done to distort or destroy spiritual light, no matter what we spiritually believe, JESUS CHRIST is the SAVIOR and King Eternal FOR ALL OF US. Not one person is excluded from His love nor are we excluded from the plans for our future. Whether we understand Him or not we will be blessed for our goodness. ‘Come unto me, all ye that ‘labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’ Mathew 11:28-30 We surely need to do all that we can for ourselves but we won’t be left alone without SUPERIOR HELP for WE ARE, EVERY ONE OF US, CHILDREN of a LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER. We are in fact GODS AND GODDESSES IN EMBRYO.


mark says

20 years of thievery and excess by bankers, investment bankers, and mortgage brokers who charged usurous fees on everything while giving anyone with a heartbeat an adjustable rate mortgage in the last 6 years finally blows up in their faces. Dick Fuld, ceo of lehman, only pulled out 350 to 480 million dollars the last 6 to 8 years for his contribution to the ultimate bankruptcy of the company. CEO top management stories of extreme excess are numorous. Meanwhile, Joe and Jane Mainstreet America get charged fees for everything their banks can dream up. A fee is not interest because our congressmen let in laws to enable the banking industry to do so. Miss a credit card payment, or you are late, and it is $35 late fee, then they can also increase the interest rate. This is followed by your other credit card carriers seeing you missed a payment or were late, and then they all jump your interest rates. For those of you who live on cards during slow periods of your businesses etc, be careful, as I have heard they are considering reducing the limits of many cardholders, thus reducing monies you may have banked on being available in the past unavailable. Saddest is those who believed their bankers, mortgage brokers etc, and bought into the hype of adjustable rate mortgages and overblown appraisals. Now finding themselves upside down ( mortgage greater than home value) what can they do?
Part of me believes we will look back at this someday and see it as one of the greatest transfers of real estate from the poor to the rich of all time. Only the rich will be once again buying at huge discounts versus the huge premiums people were conned into during this collosal scam. Personally, through a series of unfortunate events, I have lost all my monetary assets.
No one can steal my primary asset though, a desire to live a happy and joyful life. A smile each day, a profound amount of gratitude to be here now, simply enjoying the great friends and family I have, and the natural beauty surrounding me. Good luck to all of you.

Annemarie says

I can not believe this is happening just because of some greedy people who do not care about the rest I hope and wish this to be overturned and world focues on what is really important stop these people specially Mr Bush who does not seem to care

Jonathan says

scandal wake up people your controlled by a monetary system that does not work just enslaves you to debt!! The time for serious question of these so called leaders is now !!
This is the time for revolution!! They'll bail out wall street crooks then spend all your money on the sham of a war ! 89 Billion on war or 8000 dollars for each u.s citizen think about it ? Plus you know that our corrupt media won't show whats really going on behind the scenes?

Michael Varada says

I think it would be best if we do what Jose Silva and Burt has taught us - stay focused on the end result we desire. Instead of panic, worry and fear (and "the problem"), we need to keep our minds focused on the economy being in good shape and the best for all involved and know it will all work out in the end.

Vivian Crowhurst says

Dear Burt I am an English artist in Mexico. I want everyone to wake up to the biggest fraud in Banking history. Instant CREDIT is actually INSTANT DEBT. We can't assume that we will increase earnings to pay our debts. That is neveneverland. If I can't manage on what I earn this week, I most certainly won't do any better next week with the added debt from this week. Bush is just a gun-toting-cowboy with access to unlmited funds which you and your children are having to repay now, hence the crisis! Welcome to the real world and goodbye to the American Dream.

Carlos Bauzá says

Hi, Burt.
My main concern about this bailout and all its ramifications is that too many people are focusing on the problem and throwing caca at everyone else, rather than asking together the question "What can I do to pitch in to the solution"? Many people are blaming and despairing, but if we all take the high road toward a solution that starts with each individual's ability and responsibility, then the mess will clear up quicker than we think.
Can you help to walk us toward a solution, since you have such great "pull" with your students?

Thank you for all you do. God bless.

Julia McGraw says

Burt, you've asked for my input, this is from the heart.

We have to keep in our hearts "Love". We all have a choice, fear or love. This is the time of our evolution. This is the time for you to make a choice, more then ever, do you want fear as we go through what is happening now and what is coming ahead of us or do you want love to be with you. It is our own "will" which way we choose. Stronger energies are emerging, dissolving the old negative energies. They will not survive, they can not for they are not for the benefit of mankind. We are not suppose to live in fear, sorrow, hate, anger, greed, lack, poverty, financial hardships, or to make sacrifices so that a few may live to the highest luxury and tell others how to live. The strong energies of Light and Love are growing every day, to trample the old way of living. We have to let go of the way things were, open up your hearts and make room for the new energies of light and love coming to us. We are not going through this alone, but we must go through it and we will. Don't resist it, for that is fear.

Keep in your hearts and truly know this. The new earth is emerging. A new beautiful, peaceful, loving, abundance way of living will be the new way of living. It will come. It knows no other way. Truth. Listen to your inner consciousness, your higher self, your heart, feel your love, love yourselves. What each and everyone of has inside, will truly blow your mind. All the hidden abilities we have, what each and every one of us are able to do. That are and will be emerging more and more. We are here to create, to create value for the benefit of others including yourself. To live our life in abundance, to invent (create) something of value, easier way of living, to use our minds more. We use only 5% of our brains now, there is 95% left that we haven't touched yet or don't know how to use at this time. This is all a part of our evolution, to learn how to use the other percent. Look back in time, the prehistoric times, they just had survival skills, years later, they evolved higher, they used their brains more and started inventing objects to live more sufficient, the wheel, hunting tools etc. We are in the midst of the next evolution and in the true way of life. Our essence of who we truly are will emerge.

And another way of creating is with energy, you can either create negative energies back to you or you can create positive energies back to you. You receive back what you put out. And right now creative energies are high right now, whether they're negative or positive. Know that we are the highest beings in the universe, we just didn't know this and it was kept from us, by fear, for thousands of years. We are all one, connected to the ALL, one source. If you want to know where I'm coming from, start searching. Find out who you truly are. Find the truth. Ask with your heart. Find out what our life purpose is here, now. And help with what is emerging by having love in your hearts and giving love to whom ever you come in contact with and all of mankind around the world, and mother nature, animals, plants. Radiate your high energies (love) out to the universe and mother earth, for she is changing (weather), Since mother earth is changing, that is why we are also feeling this change. Find out about your higher consciousness. The light you have inside of you. Our DNA structure, quantum physics, connecting our right brain to our left brain. Science has finally caught up to this time of spirituality and the higher consciousness. We are connected to Mother earth, the Universe. Here are a few places you can start. The Emerald Tablet, Einstein, Newton, Aristotle, Eckhart Tolle, the true message Jesus was trying to give us. If you haven't started exploring spirituality, start. Just ask for guidance and take the action to find out, surf. Awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence! It's amazing and it's all of our path, the ones who choose it. I'm learning too, I just ask to give me guidance of what I was thinking about and what I wanted to know. When I was led to a site, I felt inside what was true to me and what wasn't. You'll know. Trust yourself, feel, you're the best guide for yourself. We are all magnificent beings. We are all heading there. But it's your "Will" to choose Love or Fear to get there and how you will get there.

I do have to say one more thing, keep in your hearts love, in the next following days. Don't let fear come to you. We are loved and being watched over.

Love and blessings to all. Stay strong with love.

steven says

The whole system is crashing down and I don't think there is any saving it. It's time for all of us to get to know our neighbors and build communities to avoid madness.

Vidal says

Dear Burt,
I feel really sorry for what the greedy guys do every now and then sistematically, for they know how to profit every up and down.

Wayne says

The problem is more serious than just the failure of the housing market and Wall Street. The corruption in Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac, Wall Street, Investment Banking and our own Government is despicable and at a time when we are to elect a new President. Both parties are in this up to their eyebrows. If this country does not get back to its moral and spiritual standards were sunk. My theory is that this battle has to be fought and fought hard in the spiritual more than the physical because we have been attacked because we were weak by strong demonic forces. This may be the beginning of the end if we do not wake up.

Joanna Beresford says

The first thing that needs to be said is, there is someone who saw it coming, there is a voice of sanity. Check out Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari. Good luck and God Bless, Joanna Beresford

John McCann says

Hi Burt

I live in Scotland and 2 of what were considered to be rock solid institutions - the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland have been endangered. Our government has put in £5000billion - not to save the fat cats but to save our way of life. What has happened has happened so the prime need is to stop it getting worse, then we deal with thoe responsible making sure they cannot hold on to their ill gotten gains and ensuring it does not happen again. All countries of the world must pull together

John, Dunde, Scotland

Jay says

Divide the money between the people then they can pay off all their mortgages and the crisis is gone, its taxpayers money anyway.
Also public spending from the "average" US citizen will re-float the economy and all the money will be back in circulation, not just in the hands of a few incompetant buisunissmen.

Yvette says

I believe a shift is happening.........planet wide! We are born in a time of rapid change. Those of us who see this as a good and necessary thing to wake up enough people world wide, it's time for us to come together and dream a new future into being.

Sharon F says


I have been reading the various web sites speaking about the doom and gloom about to befall planet earth for the last couple years. Initially I was terrified and believing the worst but there is an underpinning of faith that we the people as a collective power through positive thoughts and imagining the world as a pristine, abundant source of food and love, can change the outcome. The more I thought about change via manifestation, I have made dramatic improvements in my on life which has been a positive influence on my attitude and belief as to the outcome of the future.

For the first time in my 46 years on this planet, I have no doomsday fear. I feel an invisible protection has enveloped me, and because of this I believe that every person who makes a point of healing themselves physically, spiritually and mentally will also find peace and solace in these surreal times.

Turn off your T.V's, tune into your own thoughts and feelings, don't be controlled by Hollywood, the Fashion Industry, or Mass Marketing. Eat healthy, detoxify, and most importantly think for yourselves.

Remember, think positively. See the world as living organism that is tuned into our thoughts and responds accordingly.

The good will prevail!


mark patrick (d.hyp) says

once again it serves an agenda of centralising power by the few families who own most of the wealth. this is just another pearl harbour to place the fear of god in people and get us all running in the direction they want us to run. its time we thought for ourselves rather than just acting like lemming.

concider this:

regards, mark.

Patchouli says

Dear Burt,

I have two words for you: Zeitgeist Addendum.


todd saed says

David saw the LOL Amero link at your youtube site, he
said the Amero shown was produced by a novelty company
and is fake, check, for some harmonica and dance acting, People Get Ready harp dance, relax from conspiracy input, it may be true, but always a higher truth, not for this world , or is it?

jc olson says

Left to right: billionaire Warren Buffet, Arnold Schwarzenegger and trillionaire Jacob Rothschild on the latter's estate in 2002. Arnold was chosen to be govenor at this meeting.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers ARE THE -SHADOW GOVERNMENT!!! THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!----The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was controlled by five banks which owned 53% of its stock. These five banks were controlled by Nathan M. Rothschild & Sons of London. Control over the U.S. Fed is basically control over the world’s money. That fact alone shows how immense the Rothschild Power is. If one examines who has been appointed to head the Fed, and to run it, the connections of the "Federal" Reserve System to the Rothschilds can further be seen.
Thus, the Rothschild’s and their allies are able to choose political leaders and dictate what direction they will follow, while the public remains blissfully unaware of who is really calling the shots.

jc olson says

David Rockefeller, CFR/Bilderberg/TC, 5 June 1991.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications who directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of authority (this means for them only). The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

jc olson says

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand
our banking and monetary system, for if they did,
I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Quote by: Henry Ford
(1863-1947) Founder of Ford Motor Company

Annie Millett says

One other thing, I know and believe that Christ Consciousness is here, you are all examples of that, but I believe when we raise our vibrations enough, we will walk and talk with these accended masters in the flesh, so enough people on the planet have to wake up to this for it to happen.

The video is a 3 part, so you have to watch the next one, then the next one, when the other ends. It will help you all realize what is really going on, and the only path to correction is connecting with the God within, and becoming one with light and love, just as in the books, "The life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East." Project light and love to all, starting with yourself. God will guide us all as to where we need to be while riding this turmoil out, so we can get to the other side of it. Life as we know it will never be the same, Thank GOD!

jc olson says

"The Trilateralist Commission (founded by David Rockefeller--also CFR founder) is international...(and) intended to
be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and
banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the
United States. The Trilateralist Commission represents a skillful,
coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of
power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical." Quote by: Barry Goldwater
(1909-1998) US Senator (R-Arizona)
Source: in his book "With No Apologies"

jc olson says

"Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes the laws."
Quote by: Mayer Amschel Rothschild
[Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

Nathan Rothschild, now in essence controller of the new central Bank of England, said,
I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply. --Mayer's--son--1846

jc olson says

Central banks control the monetary system of the world and determine when business cycles are going to change simply by increasing or decreasing the money supply in the banking system. This small group of powerful insiders know when to sell high and buy low because they determine when the market cycle is going to change. What has just happened with oil and gold prices is an example of the power brokers who rule the world.

Diana Eiranova-Kyle says

Dear Burt:
I'm an Argentinean who has been living in the U.S. for the past 25 years, witnessing the ethnocentricity, greed, inhumanity and growing lack of civility and compassion of most of the people who voted twice for this president and his policies and who unfortunately may be voting for his succesor in less than 30 days. If so, I don't believe that any amount of mass consciousness will save this falling empire from collapsing even further. God and the Universe have been trying to warn us, teach us to be kinder, gentler and truly concerned for one another. There, I believe, lies the solution to the world -and to this country's- ills. I hope that people soon will realize that if they start loving those who are different from themselves and stop blaming the less fortunate for taking their jobs and destroying their communities, good things will start happening to them too!

abraham says

our system of capitalism rewards money rather than work - perhaps this is an opportunity to realize that workers are important and the stock market is built, now, for investors only. we have the chance to look, for example, at a company and not say, oh, that company is failing because it made only 2 million profit - take away workers benefits - rather we are happy with 2 million profit. as you say, it's all in the mind - and look at the way the mind of need - more, more, more, - has created.

Cora says

Not sure why my previous comment did not appear (maybe it takes a while, so sorry if it comes up twice), so here it is again:

I believe this crisis was set up, and just the same is set up to be “resolved”, in such a way that the big guys get to profit, while the little guys are ripped off (as usual).

I think a (physical) solution would be to get rather independent of the whole industry/society, and live a simple, self-sufficient life, in a small community of like-minded people, “far from the madding crowd”.

As for a spiritual explanation - maybe we have what we deserve (as a collective consciousness)? Solution - get working on the quality of your consciousness, you can only make a change within yourself!

Gretchen says

Thank you Burt for your willingness to be a supportive and galvanizing influence for all of us in these challenging times. I'm trying to maintain some perspective about this global financial situation despite my acute disappointment with our government's role and negligence that contributed to the circumstances. However, my greatest desire is for a unified collective consciousness that will pull us out of this downward spiral by focusing on a positive outcome. I'm using Lynne McTaggart's affirmation of, "My intention is for world leaders in the political and financial community to act intelligently and with genuine honesty and integrity to stabilize the global economy for the greater good of all people." Thank you for your contribution and voice of wisdom! Namaste'

todd saed says

Like your comment Andre, how about more
on the man in the street consensus in your
neighborhood, nothing may exist, nothing in here
to grasp or out there, but we care for our loved
ones and will act, no other way for the body,
maybe this will liberate our bodies to truly
join our Higher Self, and see there is no problem,
probably that, merging with the three quarters energy of God in the spiritual sky, but bodhisattvas also
like it here sometimes,

John says

This problem is one of conflict instead of cooperation. Politicians tried for a quick fix to low cost housing needs and now a quick fix to the problems arising out of the previous quick fix. This is from fear. CEO's knowing that the situation was untenable in the atmosphere of change from without acted with greed. all of this was acclerated my media hype. When things are good the media says that they are too good when things are tough the media gloats and blames.
This is symptomatic of a world civilizations in the midst
an adolescent identity crisis. Our cultural creatives instead of taking the long view are pushing for immediate change in all areas of life.
We actually can fix this with affirmative prayer and living from personal spiritual values and with ethics that are based on the golden rule which runs through all religious and spiritual traditions.
Let us be for prosperity, for peace, for equality and let each of us do as Goethe suggested when he said, "...Clean in front of your own dooor."

Gary says

We need to put aside politics and religion and focus our collective consciousness on problem of the world's stability. Whatever happens here in the US will have an affect on the rest of the planet. Together our power is greater than just the individual. Burt I am prepared to join in whatever effort you are planning.

Antoni says

Hi Burt,

I don't know much about world economy and what influences what. But I do know something serious is happening to the economy especially when I hear about personal friends losing there savings. It seems life is giving the world a wake up call. Out here in Quebec I haven't personally felt the pinch yet but sooner or later I believe this will be affecting everyone in some way or other. The only thing I can think of doing personally at this point at the very least is not add on to the problem by being pessimistic and talking negative about it. I believe in the power of sending healing vibrations out into the world especially in numbers. So I'm all for uniting our collective consciousness to bring peace and stability.

God bless

Kar says

I am praying for all the world. I keep trying to keep a positive spin. I know all is good. This is a test, this is only a test.

Peg says

Be the change you would like to see. Stay calm, keep your thoughts positive, peaceful, forgiving. Your thoughts are very powerful. Please do not try to weaken and inflame others with your fear, anger, and comments which include profanity and links to fearbreeding websites and videos . All of this will pass. Remember what is truly important. Remember that you are an Eternal Being and none of this can touch the REAL YOU. The answer is always LOVE. Choose your own feelings, don't let others force their feelings on you.
It is always darkest before dawn, so rejoice in the LIGHT that is without a doubt coming our way!

Karen says

What is happening now all around the world is the results of gread,and selfishness,we will all be alright,and no doubt we will all have learned a very great lesson.It is going to take a while.But everthing will work out for the better. What is happenning now, is happenning for a reason,in my opinion.
We can all change the way things are,so lets not wait for others to do it for us, as it will never happen if we do.Do not worry as,really deep down we new something had to happen.(got lots to say but i will be quiet now and give someone else a chance)

Raquel says

Let me start by saying that I'm latin and I'm a woman. According to the government that qualifies me twice as a minority.
This economic crisis is a result of the enactment of a Law originally conceived by President Carter, and later proposed by President Clinton and enacterd by Congress in the nineties. This Law called "Community Reinvestment Act" forced Banks to relax their standards when considering giving loans to minorities that would otherwise will not qualify for for home loans. When Banks resisted, ACORN, Association of Community Organizers Now, threatened and sued several banks. (This organization is been investigated by eleven states for voter's fraud). The government then instructed Fannie May & Freddie Mac, to guarantee these loans, allowing banks to proceed with "new Creative Financing Loans"
(120 loan to value, no income verification, adjustable mortgages, ballon payment, etc). Banks found a way to give away junk loans and it did not matter because the government was going to buy them. Then Fannie and Freddie packed these loans and sold them to money markets all over the world. These money markets had a great deal of our pension plans investments. Greed and abuse spread all the way down to the mortgagage brokers, realtors and people lying in their applications to obtain these loans. Since the government was going to absorb all these bad loans there was no risk involved. After 12-15 years of this, it was inevitable it was going to crash. Unfortunatelly everyone is blaming President Bush, when in reality the Administration as early as 2001, 2203, 2005 was warning Congress of the need to tighten the rules. A proposal was enacted in commitee in the senate in 2005, and the democrat leadership did not allow it to get to the floor for a vote.
I think we have to clean Congress of all these bozos that keep feeding us the story that they are doing this to help the poor. To me that's an insult, that the government has to bring down the standars in education, loans and other matters to accomodate minorities. For me that perpetuates the minority and poor status, and therefore insures these polititians in power. They make the people think they can't survive without their protection. There is no incentive for excellence anymore.
The american dream now has a cap of $250,000. They tell us that if you make less than that amount you have nothing to worry about your taxes. That is class warfare. What's wrong with been succesful? Abundance is the way of the Universe. The rest of the world is getting richer while in Americans are wrong when they succeed?
Don't allow the politicians to put you down. Give me freedom and cut down taxes and you see how this country will be back in no time. Government was created only to serve people,not to control it.

Cecilia says

Dear Burt,

Do something if you can, and advice us what to do, focus and faith are strong allies for the betterment of humanity.
Count me in!

penny says

Hi Bert,
My views are slightly different. i just think that
spiritually enlightened people are in the minority
and once we've sussed this whole life game out we'l
probably be sent to another plane of existance, which is
a little unfair! This world is an illusion anyway.
the majority rules it seems. but in the words of Mother Teresa "all is passing" so lets not get to hung up....anyway they make great tents now!! :)

sharon farris says

Hello Burt!

Beautiful Day(s) to you and all that follow here. I would LOVE to be a part of a POSITIVE/UPLIFTING/MOVING FORWARD collective consciousness for the whole of humanity. Blessed are we who rise above earthly materialism to receive our true prosperity!(our earthly rewards will return to us just as quickly as they seemed to go) Bless you Burt, for bringing this opportunity about. This is a message I will be taking to the rooftop to ensure the multitudes receive it.
Abundance of UNIFIED HUMANITY in Peace, Love and Calmness,

Cora says

I believe this crisis was set up, and just the same is set up to be "resolved", in such a way that the big guys get to profit, while the little guys are ripped off (as usual).

I think a (physical) solution would be to get rather independent of the whole industry/society, and live a simple, self-sufficient life, in a small community of like-minded people, "far from the madding crowd".

As for a spiritual explanation - maybe we have what we deserve (as a collective consciousness)? Solution - get working on the quality of your consciousness, you can only make a change within yourself!

JJ Amanda Diambrini-Palazzi says

Hi Burt - I outlined a long reply which was not accepted, so will just give a briefer comment.

Am a sci-fi scriptwriter and on researching for my second script in a three-part epic, GODZ GARDEN,needed a backdrop for my heroin, Sydney, returning to an Earth in utter chaos.
My studies led me to the Annunaki, Planet X, FEMA (concentration camps), the New World Order, Illuminati, World Banking Giants, and of course the Alien Agenda. One subject leads into others connected to it. A good way to get an overview (if you can sift through the rubbish to the more serious stuff) is through Youtube. I found David Icke and Michael Tsorian there - both a wealth of information and well worth listening to.

I have, however, come to the conclusion it is time to look at every moment in life as an experience, and only that, that we were never meant to live on this particular planet permanently. Being overly attached to anything on it and even our lives is a mistake and will make us miserable as we lose everything material. This is not easy, cos everything in our 'modern' dumbed-down lives is intended to enslave and control us. Fear being the main (and very effective) control mechanism.
Leaving America is not an option for me so I will do my best to prepare for what's coming, looking after family, friends and neighbors the best I can.


john says


Dave says

Thank you, Burt, for giving people a chance to express opinions on this situation. I am an American citizen, and I think and feel that we need to own this problem because this is our country and we have both the responsibility for the problem and a stake in the solution. By not getting involved in local and federal government, we have allowed the few to make decisions that have consequences for the many. We have sat and watched, and we have been misguided into a sense of helplessness. But the truth is, we are the people, and we can make a difference! It will mean making real and meaningful sacrifices. Sometimes we have to be hurt into action, but when we act, we have shown ourselves to have the drive and resourcefulness to make positive changes in the rules and laws that make our way of life better. We cannot give up on this ideal, but we have to act. We cannot sit back and hope that others will do it for us. We need to tighten our belts, lick our wounds, put our backs to the work, and get the job done. If we lose some money, then it is our fault for not paying attention. But let us never lose our freedom to think, to pray, to hope and to imagine that we can turn a bad situation into a good one. I am with you all in this quest to make the world a better place.

kevin says

Bob ~ I really think you should review this personally and decide if you should forward this to your supporters.

Mason says

The ONLY reason I wake up in the morning, is because Source has given me another chance to do things right, and to do the right thing. In light of the current financial disaster affecting everyone, it is an opportunity for everyone to reconnect with their conscience and do a self evaluation as to whether or not we have wisely used the time given us to do the right thing. Doing what I call making a correction in direction requires us to understand that we as a people are just that, we. Not a you v.s. me dichotomy. I hope and pray, for ALL, even those responsible for their part in this World economy disaster, that all are embraced with love, hope, and understanding, that we are all comforted by and reconnected to, the love of Source, for it is only this that will put the World at peace. I think Bono put it best in his song, "We are one but we're not the same. We got carry each other. Carry each other. One".

Andre says

Sorry for two in a row my friends but seriously: "go to it and physically help someone out however large or small the act". Only people who actually do something are what they claim to be and right now is what tests it out for you.

David Newman says

My concern is that the intrest we are paying on the debt we owe will be more than what the country can pay. When that happens, our country will go bankrupt in about 6 months. when that happens, the dollar will crash and worth almost nothing.


From there they will create the "Amero" instead of the dollar for pennies on the dollar. everybody who has money will become instantly poor, there will be riots in the streets and a very dark time in our country.

If anybody still has money left......get rid of it now or within the next 6 months. convert it to gold or convert it to a different currency out the country.

Not the Euro.... its not insured

G-d Bless everybody in this time of crisis around the World and say thank you to the greedy bankers of this world who tried to push the Amero for over 60 years and finally getting there way.

Karin says

Dear Burt,

As I live in Sweden, I'm not affected, at least not yet.
I have followed the american election and different discussions on TV, and I do believe, if anyone can clear
up the mess America is in, it's Obama.
It's REALLY sad to read an hear on Utube about the Republicans, their vice (to be) president, can stoop to
such a violent behavior to engage in shooting wolfs from
airplanes!! Anyone with a heart would NOT do this!!

And a BIG Heart is needed in times like these.
Thank you for being a part in my life Burt..


Annie Millett says

I believe this has all been orchestrated on purpose. My advice, besides staying positive and out of fear, is get prepared the best you can with food storage and other necessities, and be prepared to ride out some tough times, as in the cleansing process, it will get worse (if you judge it that way) before it gets better. Please watch the video's below, as everyone needs to understand what is really going on. The way out is education, then quit playing their game, and working together to create a shift in consciousness on a larger scale. Please do quit thinking there is such a thing as Republican vs Democrat, and that who you vote for will make a difference. The only thing that will make a difference is more people waking up from their lethargy, taking back their personal power, and sending intense amounts of love and light to all, government, and the people on the planet. Start small if you need to, and at home. Quit watching the news. They show you what they want you to see, in case you haven't figured that out by now. Christ, Buddha, Allah, (to me they are one and the same) consciousness will return to the earth when enough people wake up and manifest it from within, which is where it has to start.

Kristina says

I believe that the "Executives" that have gotten the large salaries should bail themselves out. I live in the Northeast and just to heat my home and take care of my family is hard enough....and we get no help even for the basics. I do not see why we should pay to fix their excesses. Bail out the people not the banks...if we did that the right people would get the money...not the rich people that have made such poor decision and spent so frivilously.

Patricia S. Ortiz says

I will soon be 66 years old. I am sick and tired of having to bail out criminals--the current ones, the ones from the S&L scandals, etc. I frequently think that this is just a little parting gift from Bush to his rich friends. The only goal of his presidency was to raid the US treasury; now he has done it again. But I too am willing to join any effort to get the rest of us through this time of crisis. I also believe that a shift in consciousness is the answer.

Peaceful says

I live in the now and live in positive thoughts so as to the bailout, I have believed it's about a cleansing and count me in for a mass consciousness to help the planet for it's highest and greatest good... ONLY the Universe knows what's for the planets, and those living on it, highest and greatest good.
Namaste to all

oyinlola says

Hello Burt, I am waiting for some words of wisdom from you, thanks.

Suzette says

Hello Burt, Those who commented, You who are reading them now, & the future Readers,
Coming to you from the wetlands of south Louisiana, and not enormously affected by the recent hurricanes as my family, friends and neighbors are. Thank all you who are sending blessings on behalf of the less fortunate.
Reliance on any structure of power (that is only for themselves in sheep clothing) is IMO a false evidence appearing real & we all heard what that is FEAR. I turned off my TV a year ago to allow my mind to turn inward. Oh! such a turn of events for me individually I will not elaborate except to exclaim the energy shifted. Quite frankly, I feel I disconnect from mass conscious-ness to the One that is! Oh, What a glorious day this is!:)
With an election soon, I admit has concerned me for all the globe, especially, those unaware consciously. I am a single mother of 54 yrs. (lol-yes a baby) who is a working class. Although my son is 19 yrs, dependent upon me with "Big Dreams". I feel great responsiblity for the future of all of us. In that, I believe, I hope, I trust!!!
Connection is so important to the outcome of these times. I am gratiful for internet to have a voice, to connect and serve toward the greater good of humanity. I have no suggestions to how "they" can correct "their" problems. I am not in their arena although, effected by it. Actually at this point I'm not sure it is even feasible to cast a vote toward the unity we are innately called to. Please! excuse me for saying that, it's because watching all this happen year after year in my lifetime, knowing it is riduculously enormous stupidity, greed & ego (earth guides only) fueling their own agendas. That is not the solution trying to correct a problem with the same action repeatedly. Nor is "my" way any different or better, forwhat do I know. Although it is a dilemma, I am not excluded. Day to day survival has been my agenda. Human-ness in living a time space reality which will eventually dissipate for each But how & what is the appropriate way to change for the greater good? Albeit, a miracle can happen.
Yes, resounding! From here, I will participate to the best of my ability toward any suggestions you may have to solution. "WE" can do it!!!
I am already doing "intentional" meditating for this planet! Respectfully, Appreciatively, Lovingly, I remain, Best Regards to All

Andre says

Hello mate, Mind matters or thinking our way out of things for material reasons only,always has hairs on it. It will as usual fail in the long term unless the thought which brings the action is first guided by deep feelings or matters of the heart driven by compassion for all. If humans only build the tallest buildings in worship of the dollar, place lust in front of love,abuse all the pure elements, swamp the Earth and our minds with endless material frequencies which blanket the divine frequency; then all that shall be wont be Gods doing, it will be a consequence of our own actions as one. I love whats happening.

Joe Schofield says

This financial crisis was brought about by greed. Greed on wall street and greed on main street. People have been living off more then what they could afford. Check out my blog post.
This crisis will find a resolution. As long as your are employed, pay your bills on time, do not get into deeper debt, and invest-very conservertatively for the next few years, you will be okay. We need to stop being victims blaming everyone and start accepting responsibility. I do not feel bad if you were greedy or made a bad investment. That the business of finance. If you cant afford to lose money, get out of the stock market and put your money into more conservative investments.

Kathy says

Good morning.

I am a bit torn on this subject. Something needed to be done to stop the bleeding, so in that respect I think it needed to be done. The actual burden will not total $700B, but something less, as there are actual assets associated with buying these bad loans (businesses, and homes that have some real value).

Of course the question now is who is in charge of the administration of the funds, and are they trustworthy. The fact that we have to ask this about our own government saddens me. Further, the fact that I feel sure that there will be crooked dealings associated with the bailout, saddens me all the worse.

I believe that we are in the midst of a global "reset", at many different levels and that we may be in for some very trying years. I feel that more will be revealed in the next weeks and months, that will shake us even further.

I thank you for reaching out to your community, Burt. We need to ban together in these times, and we will find a way to all come through it together.

Best wishes,

Cletus says

Much as it is unpleasant, i have to disagree with some of the sentiments expressed here, that the bailout plan was unnecessary or some form of conspiracy. If the bailout will work and stop the free fall of the markets and the freeze in the banking system, restore some form of credit normalcy and confidence then paying for it over the longer run is probably a more palatable solution then the immediate spectre of financial armageddon, which in my view will hurt the rich, middle class and poor alike much more painfully.

Though i am outside the US, the view from over here is the UK is nearly the same.

I do like the sentiment expressed by Cosmic Ray that we maybe need to use these current times and events to replace rampant greed with gratitude and love for all of creation's wonders. And since it is true that we become what we think about, thinking gratitude and abundance should help turn us all back in that direction.

unni Lukashuk says

Hello Burt.These are some of the reasons for all this evil,gross stuff going on to begin with,THE ILLUMINATIES,Churches,Politics,war mongers like Bush amongst many and of course greed. i live a peaceful life doing my reiki,making beautiful jewellery leather native bags,it keeps me sane in this insane world of our`s.I love listning to some of your meditative stuff but i do feel you charge to much for the avarage person to afford as so many self help courses etc,do charge to much,I have gone out on the limb as i live on a pension as so many do and they can never afford this,Can the charge not be on a sliding scale so more can afford the help they might need,greed comes to mind.Namaste, unni

Julie says

I believe that if we continue to fear we will help in creating more of what we fear. Let us focus on creating a more positive outcome for all people visualize overcoming the crisis. Send love to all in cluding those you are angry at. It does work.

Cheryl I. says

Hi Burt:
I live in St. Maarten in the Caribbean (beautiful island, which thrives only on tourism, how do you think this will affect this island?), however I attempt not to follow this, as I do not wish to dam up the flow of the good coming into my life.

I live only for the positive and the good in LIFE. We have eternal LIFE, which means we should know the Father and the Son, we should know LOVE.

LIFE means Love Is For Ever.
We should acknowledge this, not only say it, feel it, vibrate it. We should really think it, and you will automatically smile it to everyone you come into contact with. This energy will connect and so we will shift the consciousness of this planet.

Also I would like to thank all the persons who sent in their comments. There are a lot of different views on the same object, as one says we are all different. However I have to say that LOVE is not different, it is NOT GREEDY. Furthermore I would like to say that I agree and send a thank you to David Hurd, Kim K, Shelley, JD Forbes and Aline for their comment.

"A vision is better than a View - Go as you Grow, and Grow as you Go"

Tony says

How is that the value of shares etc. drops suddenly, and to such an extent? OK so it was all 'fake' money based on the sale value of shares etc. and no actual money changed hands. But some companies, mainly financial institutions went bust, and so, I suppose did a lot of investors. What happened to the 'other side' of the ledger. It is my firm belief that while many lost a few, the clever few, became very, very rich or better still:very, very much richer.

Angela says

I am in South Africa, our economy is not being hit as hard as the American economy. Government put rules in place early 2007 to prevent what is happening now, overspending on credit.
Unfortunately I cannot see Obama fixing the problem. Power, worldwide, needs to come to a fall before a recovery.
Together we must believe and trust that the Universe will bring the solution and not man. Start with the individual and not the government, work from bottom up and not top to bottom.

dorine says

nothing should have been bailed out, its paying the crooks, and rewarding them for their GREED, instead jail should be their next stop and their homes and property, taken as some of the payback

Jennifer Johnson says

Hi, I'm an appraiser and currently work in valuations for these foreclosed properties that the government is buying. First, they are buying bad debt, what this means is they are paying full price (over valued sometimes buy 1000%, yes you read that right) for the defaulted mortgage value on many vacant properties that no one is buying, and then they are turning around and hiring the banks bank to sell the properties. Why tax payers are not demanding that the tax dollars be given directly back to the tax payers is beyond me. This was embezzlement plain and simple and EVERYONE, and I mean everyone in the mortgage industry has known for years now that the feds were gonna cut this check when S*** hit the fan. It is so ridiculous, if this does not get people marching to the Whitehouse, there is no hope for us. Letting these fraudulent lenders go belly up is the best thing that could happen to us, besides if they wanted to put Americans in homes, why not do what the lenders do with eachother and buy the bad mortgages for pennies on the dollars as the market dictates and sell them at market value to the public? Or better yet simply refinance 700 billion in current mortgages? The banks get the cash and homeowners get a break. Bad debt = vacant foreclosed houses people, some of which here in Chicago were mortgaged for say $250K and can't sell today for $40K, I am not kidding. There is not a chance in hell that anyone is getting any money back from the 700 billion because they didn't set it up that way. Wake Up and ask simple questions.

Richard says

I think it's painfully obvious as to why this happened: Americans simply DO NOT live within their means. The attitude of bigger and more is better has them, and the rest of the world, in this dire situation. Well if bigger is better, aren't you happy with more debt and a bigger number at the pumps? This bailout is only helping Wall Street and CEO's. If the U.S. Government is SO concerned with helping its fellow citizens, try this hat on for size: Call off your pissing contest in the East, bring back the troops and reduce your military spending - by AT LEAST HALF - and then it won't be such a burden for the average Joe. The World Governments have always been about padding the pockets of the wealthy, and faking an interest in the common man when the urgency arises. America needs to collectively get its head out of its ass as a whole country and realize they are living an unrealistic lifestyle they cannot support. They all laughed at the Germans and Japanese with their small efficient cars - now who's laughing. As a Canadian it makes me sick that our great Country is attached to theirs.

Doni says

Chaos precedes creation. It's got to burn to ashes before it can be rebuilt. I say out with the old and in with the new. It's certainly not the fault of the Bush Administration or for that matter, any administration. I am not a fan of Geo. W. Bush. However, I am smart enough to know it's not his fault nor his Daddy's fault, nor Bill Clinton's, or any other president. It's greed and power gone amuck in the land of freedom where milk and honey have flowed abundantly for the upper class. Well, suddenly the milk has gone sour and the the honey as crystalized. It's gone and something new and better is now able to come in. What that new and better thing is will be revealed in the days and weeks and months ahead.

Kathy says

And first thing the administation of AIG did was go on a junket where the cost was double digit thousands per person and consisted of daily massages, manicures, pedicures?

This is what our tax dollars are doing? And the overwhelming response for the economy was to lose 20% of my retirement income. Trickle down?? I think not!

Gerda says


First I'm not from America. How I see it as an outsider watching the Bush administration. I see that since Bush jr. is in controle not much good came over your country and the world. He created fear, created a war, people died for his believe, money fled to war and now surprise, surprise there is a crisis? One thing leeds to another. Fight and you create resistants. He underrated his opponent. Made you believe he could save the world, but safe from ...., fear he made it bigger than it was. Yes there are terorists, we must be aware of them. But by giving them so much (credit) atention we give them more power and give are own power away.

Keep the power to yourself and give atention to a good outcome.

Tom says

I do not believe in trickle-down methodology as it is unfair and ineffective.

Those who should benefit first from the "bailout" are first-time home buyers who have seen their home value drop below market value. If we can help those people to maintain ownership of their homes, the risk of defaults will be reduced, thereby helping the financial system.

Opaque derivative products such as "mortgage-backed securities" which are cross-insured by "credit default swaps" are to blame for much of this crisis. This effectively packaged worthless assets along with valuable assets into a grab bag which financial institutions gobbled up.

Thanks for listening.

Debbie says

Hi Burt,

My heart goes out to everyone in America in these tough times. Over here in Scotland we have just had dumped on us that alot of our local authorities monies were invested in Iceland and their banks have gone down too.

I full believe that a collective consciousness of like minded people can and will turn these bad effects around.

You have so many wonderful people out there that believe in you from all around the world. We're here and waiting for your call.

Angel blessings from Scotland,

Debbie xxx

Todd Saed says

Your soul is evolving to be the God of it's own universe, nothing to worry about

Raymond (CosmicRay) says

We did not arrive on this planet with the thought of destruction through war propelled by greed and indifference, fear, hate, and intolerance.

An end must be proclaimed to these destructive thought patterns which have allowed such great pain and death of so many of our beloveds, our mothers and children which were destined to lead our global nations in peace and prosperity.

To get a glimpse at what has happened to us, view the refection of what has happed to our beautiful planet Gaia, which sustains us under all seasons. We need now to consciously replace these collective negative thought patterns and thus return to our original individual purposes and missions. Replace greed with gratitude and love for all creations as we imagine ourselves held safe in the loving heart of our spiritual Parent.

Love to all and best wishes,


Todd Saed says

Most gurus do not have the historical knowledge or political experience to see the whole picture, thus the hare krishnas are anti-communist, seeing only that Russia failed, not realizing the US caused it. China has a communist govt and is the largest creditor nation, the US with the largest prison population and more military spending than all countries combined has created this economic absurdity and because of this the house of cards is falling, enjoy the ride down, a Zen master is happy in hell.And it will come up , like all cycles,
it is only the US govt ruining the world, the US people are becoming angry enough, and will be forced to complete the armed uprising began in 1776, prepare for the worst, expect the best , or expect nothing, two sides of the same coin

L.C. says

Does anyone remember the old story of the grasshopper and the ant? Not such an old story is it?

Karen Judd says

Hi Burt,
I am being affected by this economy because I have money in the stock market and retired. I've been in the market for a long time (since 1987) so I've weathered a few storms already, but none as scary as this. However if we all just allow the market to start making progress (baby steps) then we'll be ok. It may never get up to what it was before and for me that's ok because it was way over it's head anyway.
What I worry about is this so called "one world order". I worry that this bailout is the means to a specific end. We must not allow that to happen. If our combined consciousness can prevent anything then that is what I believe we should work on.
When we deregulated the banks and then the market we took their structuring away. Those that wanted to corrupt the system had a free hand and there are quite a few that took advantage of that. The regulating needs to be in place again or else there will be more of this down the road.
I have not read all of the comments and I plan on doing that next.
My prayers will be for a nation and it's people that have given willingly to the masses of need year after year. We are in need now. I will pray for positive to come from this and that we as a people will reunite to save ourselves and our wonderful nation as we have for so many other nations in the past.
I will pray for an outpouring of love as love can overcome any negative that wants to get a foothold.
In Love and Light,
Karen Judd

Andrew says

In his book, What Does God Want, Neale Donald Walsch talks about exactly what Leila said - our way of seeing things is confused! Our most highly valued professions - teacher, nurse, police, fire/EMT professionals, are vastly underpaid, while people who at times behave notoriously (individuals within the group), like professional athletes and other "celebrities" earn millions for entertaining us. What are we "celebrating" in our culture? If we are not celebrating Ram Dass, Burt Goldman, Jose Silva - even those who have become celebrities like Tony Robbins - if we are not celebrating our teachers, our best students, our best environmentalists, we are not celebrating what is good in life!
The bail out is a travesty of justice! There are no real protections in the bill that provided that money. Congress could have passed a resolution saying the money will be provided AFTER proper protections are put in place. The promise of $700 billion has not stopped Wall Street and other markets worldwide from tumbling.
Yes - we need to meditate on - and visualize - what we want in our society! Go to level and visualize! I find it hard to find time to do so - like many, I have the tools, but have not taken the time to really learn how to use them.
Thanks, Burt, for this sounding board.

Mikelo says

The crux of this crisis is simple: lack of financial intelligence. People are told to buy assets, and then sold liabilities. "Your home is your biggest asset!" Well, it IS an asset to the bank; it puts money into their pockets. When you buy a house or a car, it takes money out of your pocket.

It's also a cultural thing. We think that to have the "American dream" we absolutely MUST invest in a house (which is called a home, to give it a warm and fuzzy feeling). Then the banks sold people on ARMs as a great way to nab that dream, and people did what it took to get the dream, including lie about their incomes, and then when the rates adjusted and went up, well...

People need to raise their financial IQ, and there are great books to help you do that. I recommend "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" as a starting point.

Also, the government needs to butt out of the market and let it fix itself. It will, even if it's tough for awhile.

Ryan says

I don't believe this is a bad thing. This is a good thing. The events of the coming months and years will, hopefully, produce people who do not see materialism as an end in itself--people who are not working so many hours that they are taking multiple drugs to get their bodies to somehow handle it all--people who will accept responsibility for all portions of their lives. The question is, how much suffering will they need before that is the case?

Todd Saed says

AL White was too close to the truth for comfort, Iraq veterans have already been trained in crowd control, and the congress threatened with martial law if the bailout did not pass. The history of this online is voluminous, I will give my take.
I have been in Asia twelve years, eight years of job hell to get my current professor job at a Korean university, and foresaw the Mussolini style fascism Reagan started moving toward the overt Nazi style, so have stayed gone. I was drafted into the army, and imprisoned for seventeen months, tortured , psych ward for thirty days, solitary confinement for two months, and in the psych ward at the Presidio on 1968 was contacted by God, sent back to duty, I had been an anti war activist , communist fellow traveler, and refused orders.
So there is no love for the US government, but concern for it's people, and for them to avoid WW lll, the cycle of the past of war and depression need not occur, with the worst case scenario of the eight hundred US concentration camps being activated, I would return for the armed struggle, if not retire to my rubber farm. The preference is obvious.
After finding yoga in 1972 I recovered got my MA in history from CSUC< , UCSC BA, and got to Asia. There was never freedom or truth cming from the US govt, underlined in 1960 with the high profile U2 case, and demonstrated constantly since then, and I believe it will only be after the third stage of the US revolution, the others being 1776, and 1968-75 ones, and now the third wave one ,is resolved. This could be from WW lll, the US being defeated by Russia, China, and Europe, then to survive it will be necessary, or it could be from transcendental awareness with luck. SInce Obama has threatened Pakistan, the chance of this are worse,.
Communism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Taoism all agree on the need for communal living and this will come from necessity. Yogananda, Patanjali, and Evans Wenz can guide us to keep our spirits intact through the external mess, because it is secondary. There will be a world , call it communist or comeyounist, does not matter, with holistic health, liberative artistry, freedom and economic security for all, after the crisis, as the yogis told us, what is true, beautiful, good, and real last forever.

Michael says

Dear Burt,

I like your voice. The auditory one, and the metaphorical one too. I feel glad someone asked how I feel.

Personally, on this current events issue, I'd rather not be saddled with debt that someone else made and wasn't responsible for.

Bill Houghton says

Its like people jumping off a cliff. We send more ambulances and more. No one is willing to practice a little crowd control at the top. Build some fences. Stop the reason for jumping.
We in America must to back to doing what is right and making others do what is right with serious consequences for not doing right. Like jail time. A long time.

Kathy says

We all need to change our thinking...No wonder things are bad right now. We are all thinking the same way.

anna says

I know that the situation is very serious. I belong to those without much of a financial security for my old age, but definitely have bigger problems that this in my hands at the moment. I have to deal with a problem of a severely mentally sick child without any insight to her sickness, and am trying to protect her from herself. I need a miracle here.
I will be happy to join the collective prayers for the wellness of the world.

SMA says


It pains my soul to see such crazy actions in the US and abroad. Of course these are different here in the US where the prison cell is much larger and there are many Monarch's (CEOs, Politicians) calling the shots and taking from the hard working citizens. Somehow we are led to believe we are free but are still trapped into an assembly line life without freedom. Certainly it is well known that there are other cultures out there whose people are not only imprisoned but also tortured, pillaged and worse than here in the US. However, none is right.

The CEOs and politicians need to live humbly and not expect to make more than 20x the lowest paid person in the organization. If money and resources were allowed to circulate to all people, our system would not be so horribly messed up.

Sad to see the world in this situation and wish the greedy and power hungry would have a change of heart and do the right thing for humanity.

Much love,

Blanca says

I could not bear the thought of watching this clip.

JP says

Hello form Belgium resident...
Another country victim of the crisis.

I would like to offer hope, but the truth is that IMHO, this is just the beginning. Economists say the fundamentals are strong, but that is only half of the story. America is so much into debt, that now creditors don't want to take the risk any more... and they are in fear.

That is why they say bailout is necessary.. Just to keep the old system going. But that is doomed to failure, as you can't expect to buy "Trust" by printing money more fake money.

Unfortunately, our economies are linked, so we are all passengers of this sinking boat.

Time to start thinking on the after crisis word..

- Where china has to scale back production, and turn inwards for economic growth.

- Where Euroland will have to adjust and replace American generated revenues with another sources.

- Where business will have no access to credit, and will be forced to close.

- Where people will be make redundant in great numbers.

- Where social pressures will be so high that social unrest will be a common thing.

Don’t let fears freeze you thoughts.
Just be prepared, and act.

Regards, and thanks for all the fish.

Zeldawilli says

Hey Burt!
Here's another one: AIG EXECS: Post-bailout, what's next? How about $440,000 for facials, golfing and food at an exclusive spa in California?
I guess they're not worried about the economy! Do we really want 4 more years of Republican Presidents? Sorry, I wasn't going to make this reply a political one, but I just couldn't help myself.
Ok, I'm back. I thought "The Secret" had caught on. Why is everyone thinking negatively? I know, we're in seriously bad times here, but I really believe that if everyone was thinking positively instead of negatively it wouldn't be this bad. Maybe we should all quit "talking" about the Universal Consciousness and start "practicing" it. What a concept, huh?

Leila says

It seems to me that we live in such a diverse and disparate community now that nobody knows what anyone else is doing. As collective consciousness we still give things value according to their material worth - what they can be sold for. That, of course, isn't true for some people, but on a collective level it is. So, nurses, teachers, carers earn little while bankers earn a lot and are given free rein to do what they like with other people's money in the name of capitalism. Once this way of seeing things is seen for what it is ...just one way of seeing things ...there could be some progress in the direction of more equality for different ways of being.

Andy (UK) says

hi Burt,
Temporarily, and again, I am glad to be british and thereby perhaps not quite so terrified of the banking system folding! It won't happen, though the power may well move a goodly distance! (China or other eastern economies) I think that a belief in the blossoming economic upturn that will surely follow in due time will help to bring it into being sooner rather than later. The universe WILL provide it always HAS/DOES!

Dorothy says

Has anyone checked with the astrologers. They are all saying the same thing that every time Pluto comes into this configuration with the planet earth there is major change. Looking back through history one can find that about every 247 years (which is pluto's orbit) the world undergoes a shift. Revolutions of one kind or another, etc. Coming out on the other side of this shift, consciousness and ways of approaching life's exigencies will be different and let us pray more tolerant and loving worldwide.

Sally says

No question this has been an era of greed and nepotism. People have wanted more than they can afford and have been trusting in man rather than God. Perhaps this is God's way of turning us back to Him and treasures that we have laid up in heaven. Treasures that we have laid up on earth are being destroyed.

ester says

Hello Burt:
You see I am not affraid and I think those are times of change.Genaraly people don`t like changes,that`s why we mustt now be brave and not like those cawords that stole people`s money.Where are the human`s values?
They say you are a wise man,let us hear your word we are thirty foe wisdom.
ester from israe

Lesley Swope says

I can not believe the reporter said the American tax payers were asked to pay this debt. We were not asked but told we would do so. I think it's all a big joke! And now we're hearing AIG got the money and spent some $25,000.00 on a day spa along with a huge bar bill all for the sake of training? Redculous. That's what it all is and Bush doesn't know a thing about main street. He's never been on main street. " Unless a person has lived in poverty, one will never know just how expensive it is to live in poverty!"

Sophia says

Dear Burt,

I am so aware of that this bailout and other "unreal" solutions of this kind promote powerlessness and increase fear in people everywhere on the planet. For myself, the answer is to continue to be PRESENT to myself and to others, to stay out of the fear, to be authentic, to focus on Love, Truth, Clarity, Freedom, Prosperity, Healing and Oneness in all situations, in all circumstances. To live in the Light.

There is so much groaning at this time on our beautiful Earth, so much transformation being incubated. These current events, "financial disasters" are the effects of the Greed that are beyond some of our imaginations.

I choose to focus my attention on the healing of my fellow human beings and on the planet that is our home. We cannot depend on the Government to act wisely on our behalf, it is an illusion that this bailout will solve the problem because it is problem within people, it is not just a matter of moving money around. It requires a spiritual solution beneath it all, a shift of consciousness and of understanding towards oneness.

We have a lot of inner work to do together to turn things around. There is no quick fix or fast solution, but it does require an increase in wisdom and a "soul-ution" on everyone's part.

Thank you for this Forum, Burt. We are joining together our intentions to live in the Light and invite others to join us.

Herndon, VA

Fred Mars says

We all need to take responsibility for our own actions, and the Bush Administration and our elected Congress has instead made us responsible for the actions of predatory lenders and greedy insurers and banks.

Instead of fixing a system that was flawed from the start, we need a new system that works towards the benefit of the people and not the banks and corporations.

Kathleen says

This all comes down to greed and irresponsibility. The most important question we can ask ourselves is how responsible was it to leap into the real estate frenzy full well knowing that perhaps many people could not pay those sub-prime mortgages. Hey, but if you were making your commission who cared about that? And, if you were foolish enough to think that you could turn your house around in 3 years, sell it, and make a huge profit and that this kind of practice would continue indefinitely, than too bad for you. Tough lesson to learn. You took a risk. It was like going to Las Vegas and putting all your money on red or black. What is the difference? This irresponsibility pertains to everyone who was involved..the seller, the purchaser, the mortgage lenders, the greedy real estate agents. I am a self-employed graphic designer and had the "pleasure" (saying that fecetiously) to work with several real estate firms and builders who were arrogant, greedy, selfish, thought only of their own personal gain, etc. They paid me peanuts, meanwhile they were all living high off the hog. Well, one of the those builders is bankrupt and the three real estate agencies with whom I worked aren't doing well. Even the non-profit organization that I worked for -- the organization that was supposed to help people get into affordable housing was filled to the max with greedy people, especially the ruthless director and marketing resources person with who I worked closely, both acted like little Hitlers. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and no one thought the housing bubble would burst here. Wrong! So, now the government is bailing all of these greedy people out of this big mess. In my opinion, it's good that this is happening because people need to look very deeply as individuals, and collectively as a society to see where the value system in this country has gone awry. Meanwhile the school system in this city is the pits. Why can't the 700 billion go to the schools, healthcare, etc. I am disgusted with this government and quite frankly Obama isn't the knight in shining armor either and doesn't have the answers to our problems. You and I are the only ones who have the answers. He's no Gandhi and don't be fooled to think otherwise. We need a spiritual overhaul on all levels of our beings. Wake up America. WAKE UP!!!!! All of us NOW. Turn off that horrible TV with all of the negative images and stuff bombarding you and let's think and choose for ourselves. What kind of a country, life do we want to create for ourselves. Can living with less mean living with more?

george says

OK, so here is my twopence worth of opinion:
This event is not happening because of a law of nature has been violated.
This event is manmade, and to make things worse, it´s made purposefully with criminal intent.
There were people making billions of profits out of the so called globalisation.
This is the reason why, with the US leading, all countries around the world are facing this crisis.
There are people making a profit out of this situation now.
The ones who have to pay for the whole s**t, are the same people who have paid all the time, through the ages,
the normal working people.
All governments are equally responsible for this, because they neglected their duty. Have they not sworn solemnly to work for the good of their countries, to prevent damage to their nations. They have broken their oath, they should be held accountable, because they paved the way for the profiteers with legislation, rules and regulations enabling this mess to come about.
I am really disgusted at the hypocrites how are trying to put the blame upon the normal people, telling them, they should´nt have been so greedy asking for high interest rates for their savings. Yes, I heard this being said in TV by one of the leading bankers.
It was clear for a number of years, that this crisis would come, but nobody took the warners seriously, instead they were ridiculed and their warnings dismissed.
If confidence in polititians if to be restored, it will depend upon their actions now in dealing with the situation.
If all these billions of $ and € are going to end up in the same pockets already full of booty, then the voters should have a good look at their legislators and their assets.
Now I have spilled my anger and frustration and all this negativity makes be sick.
A rethink is needed urgently and I think Burt Goldman is on the right track. If we read, what he has to tell us we will find a lot of sound advice.
It is no use, to demand the "others" to change their view, if we are not changing ours first.

Pius says

Dear Burt,

Do something if you can, also advice us what to do, for our betterment & mankind's.

yohanna says

WOW, what an awesome group of people have written in.

Please also count me in. I guess the most cogent thought I am having is that the lack of taking responsibility for oneself and the greater good has brought us to this precipice. I am 62 and my zen practice is helping me stay centered. And, my partner and I agree that modest accumulation will usually be more peaceful and compassionate. Those people who missed that are, it does bring to mind the 8 fold way.

I am started with my meditations and thought control and eager to join a group of people all over the planet doing something that will help.


jonnyboy says

Time to gather up the guilty, take them to a tree and do the right thing with them, all of them. then start over without the greed and letting all see what happens to the extreme greedy.

Katharine Welch says

Dear Bert,

We have lived our lives responsibly, bought a house within our means, used our credit cards sparingly except for travel, put two kids through college, paid our taxes and saved for retirement. I retired in June of the year at 55.

We are now responsible for 700 trillion dollars in other people’s debt. We are rewarding the executives with massive bonuses for failed business plans, our neighbors are being bailed out for bad financial decisions.

And I've lost over 3/4 of my retirement fund and now I must go back to work after we planned well and saved for the future.

It's not a pleasant position to be in, and frustrating when we've done things correctly and we are being punished for other peoples bad decisions.

This is now a global issue I can only collectively offer up prayers for all.

P.S. My son graciously gave up a lot to serve in the U.S. Army to protect freedom world wide.

Kelly says

Yes, I agree that there is a problem in today's financial markets. However, I believe that the media is making it worse by bringing the news of it into our homes everyday. Everyone you talk with talks of nothing but the financial crisis. It will become even worse if we continue to allow ourselves to be pulled in by the media and to give more energy to the problem. In every problem there is an opportunity. What has happened, has happened. Rather than put our energies in the past, let's look to the opportunties of the future.

juanita says

I would guess that i am in the place of saying that all of this negativity floating around and energetically can only be harmful to good outcomes. i am meditating regularly for the economy to stabilize and come back into order.

no i do not agree that the big guys on wall street should benefit and it provokes negative in me, but overall am trying to keep myself and others that i counsel together for a greater good, for everyone.

Jeanne Henry says

Burt, Congress did not vote the will of the people, and that, of course, is nothing new. I believe there will be a depression, bailout or not. This bailout will only prolong the agony, and the debt to our children and to their children and to their children is incalculable. Throwing money on a blaze will not work, it will only fuel the fire. Sometimes, the only way to rebuild is to raze everything and start over from scratch, building from the ground up. The greedy bankers on Wall Street got us into this mess with the aid of the Federal Reserve Bank. Everyone knows that you cannot fix a problem with the same mindset that created it. I do believe, however, that the consciousness of the masses must develop a vibration of prosperity, abundance and plenty, and if we can accomplish that, one by one, until we reach "critical mass", we will not only overcome, but we will thrive and prosper.

Aline says

I really have little right to comment because I am not an American, but when I went bankrupt which was created by my government a few years back, there was no one willing to come in and help me. We are all responsible for our own actions, being an individual or a conglomerate and the backlash of the enormous greed of the Bush administration is finally coming to and end.

Kim K. says

Hi Burt,
I believe the government "creates" the crises for us and then they can "save" us!!!
I'm very jaded where our government is concerned. The government had over 200 "watch-dogs" who were supposed to make sure this didn't happen...enough said...
Love, Light (& chocolate)

Maria says

I cant help but wonder a few things, first and foremost, why is there money going to other countries with no plan of repayment when the US is in need of the funds? One would think after the S & L bailout a better hold on the US wallet was needed? And yet here we are.. I guess Im just not a rocket scientist.

And how much difference will any relief be if OBama gets into office. I liked OBama, but he seems to be just a pretty face looking to leave his mark on the world. Three Key men who are responsible for the collapse of wallstreet are OBama's Financial Team??


1. FRANKLIN RAINES? Raines works for the Obama Campaign as Chief Economic Advisor

2. TIM HOWARD? Howard is also a Chief Economic Advisor to Obama

3. JIM JOHNSON? Johnson hired as a Senior Obama Finance Advisor and was selected to run Obama's Vice Presidential Search Committee


1. Franklin Raines: was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae. Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregulaties in Fannie Mae's accounting activities. At the time of his departure The Wall Street Journal noted, " Raines, who long defended the company's accounting despite mounting evidence that it wasn't proper, issued a statement late Tuesday conceding that "mistakes were made" and saying he would assume responsibility as he had earlier promised. News reports indicate the company was under growing pressure from regulators to shake up its management in the wake of findings that the company's books ran afoul of generally accepted accounting principles for four years." Fannie Mae had to reduce its surplus by $9 billion.

Raines left with a "golden parachute valued at $240 Million in benefits. The Government filed suit against Raines when the depth of the accounting scandal became clear. The Government noted, "The 101 charges reveal how the individuals improperly manipulated earnings to maximize their bonuses, while knowingly neglecting accounting systems and internal controls, misapplying over twenty accounting principles and misleading the regulator and the public. The Notice explains how they submitted six years of misleading and inaccurate accounting statements and inaccurate capital reports that enabled them to grow Fannie Mae in an unsafe and unsound manner." These charges were made in 2006. The Court ordered Raines to return $50 Million Dollars he received in bonuses based on the miss-stated Fannie Mae profits.

2. Tim Howard: Was the Chief Financial Officer of Fannie Mae. Howard "was a strong internal proponent of using accounting strategies that would ensure a "stable pattern of earnings" at Fannie. In everyday English - he was cooking the books. The Government Investigation determined that, "Chief Financial Officer, Tim Howard, failed to provide adequate oversight to key control and reporting functions within Fannie Mae,"

On June 16, 2006, Rep. Richard Baker, R-La ., asked the Justice Department to investigate his allegations that two former Fannie Mae executives lied to Congress in October 2004 when they denied manipulating the mortgage-finance giant's income statement to achieve management pay bonuses. Investigations by federal regulators and the company's board of directors since concluded that management did manipulate 1998 earnings to trigger bonuses. Raines and Howard resigned under pressure in late 2004.

Howard's Golden Parachute was estimated at $20 Million!

3. Jim Johnson: A former executive at Lehman Brothers and who was later forced from his position as Fannie Mae CEO. A look at the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight's May 2006 report on mismanagement and corruption inside Fannie Mae, and you'll see some interesting things about Johnson. Investigators found that Fannie Mae had hidden a substantial amount of Johnson's 1998 compensation from the public, reporting that it was between $6 million and $7 million when it fact it was $21 million." Johnson is currently under investigation for taking illegal loans from Countrywide while serving as CEO of Fannie Mae.

Johnson's Golden Parachute was estimated at $28 Million.

Earl Purkey says

As I understand it...millions of people called and wrote letters and emails to their (cough) representatives...saying "Do NOT vote for this thing". And what did they do? I see it as "We have been sold out". A Positive Consciousness and personal thoughts of Love are about the only thing that will be strong enough to turn this world situation around and get us back to where we should be.


Greg says

I think the only thing that will save the economy is if people slow down. There's too much racing around, like there is some place to be, but the future is built on the present. If we can all grow deeper roots in what we do, everything will be a lot more solid. Everything needs to come from the ground up. Self-determination. And communication. Those two things are very important, and I they are the key ingredients to a stable economy. I imagine a society that practices things like apprenticeship, craftsmanship, agriculture, council, and the focus of the economy is more on the sharing of resources and supporting growth and diversity, rather than competition and squandering resources. If our resources are not infinite then we must learn to live in balance with them. Everyone is here for a reason, there is no such thing as overpopulation. We just need to organize ourselves better. If people are given the space to be self determined, incredible things can happen. What is best for one is best for all, and vice versa. I don't know if this is making any sense. I don't even know how communication works! But I don't think anyone does. Isn't that wild? Somehow it just happens. This life is sublime.

pepa lucido says

Hi i want to have a cd from you to guidance my life,but ny saler is so little, I can by noting. greetings pepa

Shelley says

I watched the video twice and read all the comments first before I decided to answer. I am not amazed at how many people from all over the world are angry (to put it lightly). For years I have been wondering where are all the collective thoughts and brotherhood. I am excited to see so many willing to step forward from all over the world. I have spent my life afraid because I have seen the brotherhood of man crumbling before my eyes, even as a child I felt it crumbling. That is a hugh burden for a child to take on and many children do carry that burden. People don't care about people as they use to. It's all about the almight dollar. Greedy people getting greedier, rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and those once able to keep up with the Jones are now bottomed out too. It is not just the banking system although I agree that they pad their pockets as any other industry does. But none of it goes to the working class who deserve it. The ones that keep those industries running. CEO's couldn't do it without those they hire under them. Yet they take all the credit. The heads of our government are to blame for allowing this to take place. They should be in control, but then again industry is following suit with our elected government officials. Freedom isn't so free if you have to struggle to find it in the system. Where is our freedom of choice to have a roof over our heads and a job we can count on and the ability to take care of our children. I can prove so many discriminations in many states in our country. Our Constitution has been violated so many time by our own government I am sure our Fore Fathers are flipping in their graves.

I for one have looked desperately for the collective. I want to see men, women and children stand together united all over the world to help make a better world not just one nation under God but a World Under God or as many of us believe; A World United With The Universe.

God in Genisis said that he created man in his own image. I believe whole heartedly that he gave us legacy to his abilities the right to learn how to use that other 90% of our brains. Many people have tapped into that ability to a slight degree. Imagine the good we could do with that kind of ability. (It could and most likely would also be devestating in the wrong hands.) So if we stand together united collectively for the good of human kind then we all should be capable of making some differnece and turn some of this around for the benefit of all. I for one would like to step up. Count me in!

Jerry says

I'm seeing and hearing a lot of fear from some supposedly smart people these days. Fear will not guide us through this.

There were comments totally blaming the Bush administration, which is understandable, but people forget Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, both Demecrats and heads of the House and Senate banking committees, standing up and saying that there's no reason to regulate these financial and mortgage entities. In fact, Frank said we should give more mortgages to people who don't qualify. Pandering if I ever heard it.

The fault isn't dereulation! There's been regulation after regulation put on the banking and financial industries for years.

The fault is greed! And ladies and gentelmen, greed knows no political party. Buyers unwilling to wait to afford a house. Mortgage lenders pushing people to limits they can't afford, just to get a bigger commission. Wall street yelling "bring it on...more, more , more." And government sticking their heads in the ground.

There's blame on both sides. So instead of blame, let's get to solutions.

I'm willing to hear and evaluate whatever Burt come up with.

RML says

This entire gambit is locked within a zero-sum gain machination. If trillions of dollars are sucked out of one kitty, its adjusted value will end up in the honey-pot of another. This is wealth transfer on a pandemic level.

Personally, our business is stuck in the final moments of a closing -- that even though it is in Europe -- may not happen unless "trust" is restored. Our business will be in limbo.

On an inner level, I sense that this is a test -- a test of community, of the proverbial losing oneself in the efforts for the greater Good. Even though we may collectively feel that our very survival depends upon the assuagement of the powers-that-be in the credit world, this may very well be an opportunity for our much-needed sense and reality of community.

Thank you very much.

J. D. Forbes says

WOW! I'm shocked that there are some super negative vibes in some of these statements! Come on people, WAKE UP! This just contributes more to the consensus negative perception of the material reality. You want this to pass as quickly and painlessly as possible? Then get on the stick, go to the Daisy Pond and GET REAL! Use what you have learned from Burt, and perhaps many others in the self-improvement field. We can do this. If you ain't with us, you're agin us...
Subvert the dominant paradigm!

Kathryn says

Hi Burt,
I believe no one should enter into fear...this is a universal cleansing leading to a higher consciousness, period!

Miriam says

Do we want four more years of this...or even worse? We need real change. We are getting a chance to get this in November. Are we going to act responsibly?

Rebecca says

Hi, Burt:

I feel that greed got us this mess and the Bush administration and all republicans have spent 8 years getting their pockets lined with our money. I am on DSSI and my check barely makes all the tax increases in everything. I feel that we will go into another great depression and it is already here. However, I feel that it may be a silver lining.

I am all for doing something on a collective conscious level to help straighten this out so people can keep their homes and their hard earned money and the wealthy doesn't get any wealthier from us. I peronally can't take 4 more years of a repulician party. It has sicken me of how greedy and how corrupt this party and our economy has become. I feel the prophecies of the Myan 2012 is here Now.


David Hurd says

Hi Bert, I don't watch TV news because I don't choose to get caught up in the drama. I choose to know that I will be OK.
The system is corrupt, and the powers that be will do what is in their best interests. I know that whatever happens, I will be OK, because they don't control my reality...I do.

When this mess hit I had $30,000 in debt, and I thought it wise to be out of debt. I have manifested $28,000 of it already. It was easy because my focus was on my good, not the fear of the situation. I listen to your material on my Iphone everyday, and I am finding that my energy keeps shifting toward a peaceful healing place. Living in that space keeps me happy and alive. We all get more of what we focus on, and listening to your meditations helps me stay focused and peaceful.

The panic of 911 caused a huge amount of unnecessary damage to our economy, because we bought into the media hype. Maybe if we don't do it this time, the outcome will be different.
Thanks, David

Jerry says

I'm seeing and hearing a lot of fear from some supposedly smart people these days.

Bruce says

After all is said and done "I Am"

Celia M. Loyola says

Hello, Mr. Goldman:
I am from Puerto Rico and here we are feeling the recession also. Yesterday I heard that Europe's stock market went down too. I think we have to unite to pray
in order that people could found peace. I could see in
the streets worry in people's faces. Burt, thanks for
your letters.

Allen says

Hi Burt
I to live in Australia, sorry to say I can't and wont trusr any Politicians anywhere. Without doing research, spending hours and hours sifting through past world history, I think it's safe to say we never had someone like your self in such past crises as recessions to help guide people along. If there is away using the Collective Conciousness that you are aware of, lead on.


Simon says

Count me in on helping with your plan.

jayanthi says

I didn't analyze the situation much but one thing is clear - it has led to a global financial crisis. Here in India , stock prices have plummeted leaving many a common man and pensioner high and dry. There is a pall of gloom all around.There is no job security any more and there is talk that outsourced jobs will move away from India.
In this atmosphere of global gloom , we are all sitting in prayer at a fixed time daily for 15 minutes and praying that
peace may descend on all and love and devotion may fill all

Bob Hicks says

Well, Burt, my business may have to close soon due to this lack of confidence economy, and leave me in a bad financial situation, but that's okay! When I get MY Bail-out check, I'm taking all my honest, hardworking employees on a retreat to a glamorous spa to celebrate! Hey! If the inept/crooked execs at AIG can get away with it, why not us? Apparently no one cares how the Swedes
delt with the same situation in 1992, huh?

silvia says

Dear Burt,
I think we are in a big trouble, with major planetary changes ,the financial system is from long time ago political programmed for this crash ,and somebody will gain THESE "fruits", so,maybe we can help only spiritual-
Silvia( Romania)

Thanks God says

We have to learn from the mistake and from there we picks up the pieces and no by pointing and talking rubbish because this will affect the world comunity and hope by asking the oil rich country to help stabiliseh the chare and banks with the oil money as soon as possible.

Becky says

Dear Burt

I once viewed a one-hour video by a Taiwanese Buddhist Master and she said that GREED is the reason for the Dec 2004 Tsunami in Asia. It's about energy and all those higher consciouness stuff. It feels to me that the current financial turmoil in US, Europe and now spreading to Asia, is indeed a collective energy of GREED too. I call it the Financial Tsunami.

It doesnt help that the media is reporting these news everyday, and the more it reports, the more 'energy' we are giving to the meltdown, resulting in a snowballing effect that is spreading like cancer globally.

It's time to pray or have a conscious gathering of sorts so that we can all collectively rescue the world. Small as we are, but never underestimate the power of collective consciouness.

God bless everyone on this Forum and on earth.

loren frost says

Hi Burt, we must all think positive..that is the only way out of any mess..think of some of the old sayings they were said for a reason...for every cloud has a silver lining..everyone has heard me that means that anytime I am down because of life's little negative digs...I know it will pass it always does.. everytime not just once in a while but all the while..if we all dwell on the negative..that is what we will get.. so collectively thinking of the good we have in our lives will give us more good...thanks.. Loren

Sue says

Hi Burt
I live in the UK where the same sort of thing is happening, but I feel that all this 'crisis' has been engineered by the 'powers that be' for their own benefit.
We really need a turn-around so that the people have a say in weaht happens to their money, which seems to be squandered by those in power.

John says

By the way, if we are going to solve this money problem by throwing more money at it, we should take a hint from the Swedish bailout of 1992 - by requiring the banks themselves to take on - and write down - as MUCH of their debt as possible - before giving them a federal penny.

I will meditate to envision prosperity and abundance, not only for America but for the world. Only our vision and intention - collectively - will take us out of this mess.

Maria says

I have been following this horrendous affair on TV. I believe that it is all a huge manufactured 'crisis'by people 'behind the scenes' who are the ones who really 'govern' the world. Just like that idiot Hugo Chavez can be President of Venezuela - he is a puppet for others, he doesn't have the brains to think.

I am afraid that other forces have steered the financial crisis we are in, and it started many years ago, somewhere in the '90s; you cannot achieve this in just a couple of years, and this administration is getting the blame.

In my opinion the whole bakcground of it is:

the neomodern politics, everybody gets 1st price; everybody is 'equal'; there should be no difference between people. That is all baloney!

We ARE different; there are socio-economic classes whether you like it or not!; the very differences between people is what makes this world turn; the hard working people should not have to 'give' their hard earned money to the lazy ones.

People ARE different! We cannot ALL get 1st price!, only one wins in a competition. Just a matter of common sense, which nowadays is absent.

The above is applicable to the loans that have been given to people who didn't deserve it, following the 'equality' line.

I believe that it is wrong for the government to bail then out, but there is no alternative right now.

Now, what IS important is that the very people, the persons, the living and breathing culprits who caused all this, should be brought to justice and pay jailtime after due process in Federla Court.

In the meantime, we should keep on paying our mortgage, keep depositing our money in the bank, keep investing and especially NOT PANIC!

Panic will certainly cause a depression like in the '30s.

I will join Burt in doing what is best for the people on Earth.

God bless all!


sabina says

I believe the great change of consciousness is here, NOW !! and humanity has the power to change anything for the benefit of all. Collective and individual consciousness well directed, with intention, cooperation and the vision of a better and fair world, banking systems, communications, inventions,climate, disasters, fuel etc. may be altered to produce the change humanity needs to open hearts, awaken, and take charge of the responsibility we have handed outside on a silver platter. Let us be responsible for our own actions and MAKE THE BIG CHANGE humanity needs and we, as individuals deserve -MAGIC WORDS - ALLOW,BE WORTHY,TRUST!!! Santiago Chile

monisha says

i dont know too much about the financial aspects not being connected with the implications of the american economy. but if the package is there it needs to be used wisely. it is also possibly time to then reduce the war related funding and spending and drain out that is happening in iraq, suspend it till things stabilise worldwide and corrective measures are put into place and world over the changes show results. it is also time to attend to the environment because with all of this, and the terrorism scene hotting up all over the world: (there is terror everywhere almost in india and i wonder what are we leading to.) climactic issues will mess up all the responses. will be too much too handle everything.
dedicated, honest and the best people are needed to decide the best course to take and if tough decisions which are politically uncomfortable are taken we need to live with them and absorb them as courageously as we can.
and the role of universal consciousness in not just the economy but the environment as well and terrorism as well.
we are killing each other in the name of religion, we are losing all the human ness we have developed over time. we are killing people in counter attacks. trust is not there. one doesnt know whether the person sitting next to you carrying a packet doesnt have a bomb or not?
is this the way to live? where is human consideration and compassion?
thanks for listening

Helena Jackson says

This is all quite frightening. It appears we are witnessing the meltdown of a fiat currency and a way of life. The bailout will not work, of course. My fears are of what is coming next. Will I lose my house? Will there be food to eat? Will my family be okay? Where do we go from here? These are materialistic concerns, of course, but at 63, I may have to find a new way of being. I hope I'm up to the next adventure life has in store.

John says

We need an alternative system to cash money. Things are no longer valued by their usefulness, and too much of this legal tender goes to the wrong way. Why should useful people sit at home, unemployed and unable to eat, care for their families and live, because so much of this cash money stuff is going to people who have far more of it then they need?

Ricky Martin says


This was in the making for over 30 years , since Nixon removed us from the Gold standard our economy will not function like it should. There have been many other reasons also , but it has happened. We need to do a complete paradime shift in our thinking and heal this on a global level. Count me in on anything you have planned, to help heal this situation for all people world wide that have been effected.

Blessings of light

your friend

Jo says

Hi Burt,
I live in Australia & yes the authorities here are hoping I think that the Global Financial situation will improve quickly, however I feel that it will 'get worse before it gets better'. This is not just affecting the US now but it has become worldwide.We are feeling it here downunder. It is worrying,and I agree that a depression is sure to come. This situation did not come about overnight and the solution will not come that way either(overnight that is) I feel that it is going to take a long time before things improve.
Please count me in to whatever you have in mind.


Kevin O`Callaghan says

Hi Burt
Iam from Ireland as we see it here the big cats look after the big cats the working people all over the world have to look at all our governments and see the big lad working together over here our TDS in government and the low payed are on €100,000 + TXP we the working people of the world have to live on 1/3 of that we the people need to look at the people we put into government from now on and make them work for us and not the big cats and if they do not put them out and tell them Y .good luck to you all in the USA and hope they get it right as we hope here
Your`s Kevin

Al White says

Burt -
"Selling" these packages of loans is the problem. The reason that a bank wants to 'sell' a loan is to free up money to make more loans. Right now, what these supposedly insolvent institutions need to do is "service" the loans. Stop passing the buck and simply collect the payments from the 99% of the people who are making their payments on time.

I believe that this situation is being manipulated behind the scenes. Yes, a conspiracy. Americans are being stampeded from one manufactured crisis to another in order to make changes that someone wants made. Notice how the price of gasoline has plummeted since Congress passed the bill allowing oil companies to drill in more places in America? Right... as soon as someone gets what he wants from this financial crisis, we can move on to the next crisis. Since the "No Banker Left Behind" bill has been passed, I feel that we will soon see the rebound of Wall Street, and we will have some other and entirely different crisis to deal with. In fact, I will be so bold as to predict riots of such scale that congress will be asked to pass a law allowing the President to order US soldiers to take up arms against American citizens.

We'll see what actually happens next. I very much doubt that it will be a return to complacent normal living.


Gerald Moore says

This is a cleansing of the excesses that been allowed to exist. The solution is painful but perhaps necessary to bring the US especially, but also other countries to realize that money and materialism should not be placed ahead of ethical and spiritual matters.

Tony says

I'm not American, but my understanding is that this has come about because the safeguards preventing it were abolished. You don't have brakes, you crash, so not a surprise really. You can't trust greedy people.
Greed seems to be an integral part of the problem, and as long as there are greedy, power hungry people getting their own way, there will be problems for those who let them. Absolute power corrupts absolutely etc, etc.
Personally, I think a major part of the problem is hype and reaction. A little catalyst has a big reaction and the dominos start to topple, but they don't have to. The twitchy stock markets react and we all pay the price.
Like personal depression, a lot of it is attitude, and if the nervous financiers causing this collapse had acted more responsibly, more positively, and less like frightened rabbits, there may not have been such a massive problem.
Of course, if they had acted responsibly in the first place, there wouldn't have been any problem to react to.

Leon says

I have three words

Fear, Reaction, Solution

Aris Notis says

Dear Burt,

For some people this is not a surpising thing, it means the end of one financial system and the starting of others altered systems. I believe that all these symptoms demonstrate this event. I m from Greece and I m living in Cyprus for the last 13 years. I believe also that this is an transitional period. It represents the changes of the human consiousness. I m ready to follow something to improve the uvinersal consiousness.


Aris Noris

Ashok says

Dear Burt,
Greetings from Germany. Yes this was going to happen anyway. Every Crisis carries it own Solutions too. Let us join hands and help raise the collective consciousness.

The time is NOW!

Best Regards
Ashok Banerjee

Harold says

Burt, I have heard the stories of CEO's leaving with 60 mil. severence pay and even just yesterday, I guess one was hired back as a advisor for a mil. a month. What bothers me the most if that we the taxpayers are going to be paying for this for a very long time. I say let wall street figure it out on their own, We, the American people did not get them in this mess. I have a wife that is bedridden and the gov. didn't help me. I had to learn how to do it alone and so can wall st. if they want to do it. Yes it is tough but it can be done. It not how much money you have but how you spend what you do have. I have finally learned how to make it on one income. Yes it is hard and slow but it can be done. I have a feeling that the problems on Wall st was a good many years in the making, not over night. gotta go the work again cu later Harold

Max says

This is a cleansing process because the fundamentals underpinning the investment banking system (not so much the main street banking system) has totally gone awry with greedy bankers paying themselves 'forbidding' salaries and bonuses based on 'credit' which means 'future earnings'

All these credit swaps and derivatives are nothing more than fancy names for 'futures' - the 'futures' market - and these imbecilic bankers thought it was going to last forever !!!

Investment banking are geared towards 'assuming' that a particular commodity (be it credit obligation swaps or whatever fancy stuff these morons came up with) being priced at today's price will sustain that price in the future, so everybody was on euphoria until a small default became a domino..the House of Cards fell - Fundamentals were wrong!!!

Vesna says

Dear Burt,
I must say, all this is no laughing matter. But I live in a country which was bombed nine years ago. Yes, Belgrade, Serbia. So, from that perspective this is just another nuisance and nothing terribly important. You see, it is only the way you look at things that metters.Of course, I am all for collective consciousness and good will among people, so count me in for any work on that field.
The best of luck, with love

Beryl says

Hi Burt,

I don't understand too much about the financial markets, but I do know that this is a serious situation and that it is worldwide. We, here in Spain are feeling it greatly, with many people losing their homes etc. I am waiting to hear if I will be given a pension, and I fear that, even if I am granted it, it will be far too small for me to live on, given the current situation. However, I do know a bit about global consciousness and I do believe, with all my heart, that we can make a difference if we are using collective consciousness to bring about change. Please count me in to any exercises that you have in mind.

Best wishes,


E MacInnis says

The Bush administration has spent eight years in greed and destruction. It makes me sick.

Rob says

Hey Burt
I'm from Australia, but i've had a feeling for a number of years that this was coming. The authorities here think that we are shielded but i think they're kidding themselves. It has felt to me that a bubble has been constantly pumped up and it has finally come undone and any help to fix this problem will only prolong the problem because the government's solutions don't fix the source. I personally think that this issue will change the world finacial system as we know it, but hopefully im wrong. Most people around me seem to be in denial but hopefully there right.
I like your idea i think that our collective consciousness is the only way to steer the world out of this mess. I mean money is really only a tool and as valuable as we make it.

Ivan says

I feel helpless in these turbulent times. I try to find out how all the measures to protect the savings of ordinary people over the whole world will completely change our society. I can't remember such times in all my life. I'm now 61. I have no money problems , was not invested in the stockmarket but care a lot for other people who I know.

MsZoe says

I don't feel like I'm being bailed out. I feel like I'm being fleeced. I hope those are not $gifts$, but loans. Jeez, and they worry that the cost of health insurance is too much. Something's wrong with this picture.

Jayme Wills says

My husband and I currently live in the Middle East, but are saddened by what is happening to our friends and family in the U.S. We have plans to retire outside the U.S. simply because we feel our retirement funds will have more lasting power.
We heard a report that one executive of AIG was being paid one million dollars a month as a consulting fee! Living here, we see what happens when people aren't exactly free to do as they please, but we are now wondering if some people know when enough is enough? Americans have been convinced that home ownership was the way to go and people have cashed in on that notion causing the system to fall in on itself. People are being affected through no fault of their own, other than trying to live the dream. My hometown area is number two in the nation with the highest percentage of working poor. (I believe I know all of them all).
I also know and believe the Universe has no shortages. That is of little comfort to those who believe their fate lies in the hands of others, but I'm happy to see an effort to get people in positive dialogue as to solutions. We've seen much finger pointing and blame, but I believe Global consiousness that all will work out for the highest good of everyone involved is key at this point.
Jayme Wills
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Manuela M says

Hi Burt,
I am not an American citizen, so I should not comment here I guess.
But if I may say something... I am not sure any of these desperate measures will do much good. Depression is more than sure to come everywhere I am affraid. If you think there is a way to prevent it I am happy to join the effort. Otherwise, I will start planting tomatoes on my balcony, buying batteries and candles, building an open fireplace in the livingroom etc...
Hope though there is a way to prevent this...
(Austria, Europe)

Bill Gordon says

No question Bailout or the new nomenclature {rescue} was all for the benefit of WALL STREET and certainly not MAIN STREET. Trickle down theories,most often is bull shit.

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