"Dear Burt" Volume 22: Power Words & Parallel Universes 54

Hi Friends,

It’s time for another Dear Burt.

I hope you didn’t miss my edition last week, but I had something something special I wanted to share with you instead. I’m glad to hear that you liked my affirmation toolkit. I hope you have already started reciting them daily. Thanks for again for your positive comments and feedback.

Today, I wanted to share another one of my montages with you. I call it “Street in Paris.” You may have seen it before but I must say, It’s one of my favorites. I would love to hear what you think.

Also, today I have a special guest with me... ;-)

Some of you have been asking for a while “when can we see your barking dog?”  Well, today is the day.

Meet, Baby.

Ok, now onto the questions for this week. Today, I’m addressing two very interesting topics:

  1. The power of words
  2. How to learn a new language quickly and easily

As I received some interesting comments last week about my affirmation video, I wanted to take some time to offer some words of wisdom because it’s such an important topic.

Affirmations are wonderful things, but what makes them effective is the ‘power words’ used in them.

You all know that your physiology affects your psychology... and vice versa. Affirmations are powerful tools to change your physical AND mental state. If you constantly think “weak” in your mind and then shift to thinking “strong,” you will see a change in your attitude and physiology  (body language). This is what affirmations do. They change your thoughts, which change your physiology, which then reinforces the positive thoughts. Try this experiment at home at let me know how you feel.

Some of you also asked me how to quickly learn a new language. Today, I will take some time to address how this is done. Here’s a quick hint: it’s all about mental volume.

Here are the questions I’m addressing this week:

Dear Burt,

Thank you Burt! Affirmations changed my life — even though repeating simple words would seem to not make a difference, they really do!

After listening to myself talk (things my brain would repeat throughout the day), I realized how many other people were actually controlling my thoughts! Changing those negatives into positives has created lasting positive change in my life. I’m still living through the stuff I called into existence before I knew how powerful thoughts were, but know all this is temporary.

Two of the affirmations that I use are: I am grateful for helpful people. I am grateful for free stuff. So, you are the result of two years of positive affirmations and proof of the power of thought!

Have a fabulous day,

Dear Burt,

How can I become a fast learner whether it is a new subject matter or a new language?


Dear Burt,

I´m so happy to met you and so glad to be your disciple. I find a lot of love in your words, paints, photos, and all that you represent. I admire you, and definitely we need to be more and more enlightened in order to make a better world day by day, and working on ourselves. Recently, I started to apply for a job. I have been passed on a lot of opportunities because I want to be hired by this particular company but, I didn´t pass the english or math tests. I know I should be better, but I wonder if there is a faster way to learn languages through my Doppelganger. I try so hard to have good English, but I don´t know what happened to me. I always fail. Maybe it’s my fears, or because I do not believe in me. Same thing happens with Math. This is strange because I am an Industrial Engineer, but during the tests I took with different companies, I got nervous and have had very bad results. That´s why I can not get the job that I want. What would you advise me to do? Thank you very much Burt. Have a wonderful week and I send you a lot of love, light and peace.

Dear Burt,

I love your work. I have been studying and following you for a few years now. This may be a “strange” question, and I hope you can clarify/guide/enlighten me. About Quantum Jumping… is it possible that you are different in a parallel universe? I mean look completely different, and everything else is the same/or almost the same — but you somehow know it is still you? What then??Thanks for you help. A friend and I have been debating this for a while now and I would like your opinion (I thought about this before I heard about you or Quantum Jumping).

Here’s my video response:

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you enjoyed this week’s “Dear Burt.” I look forward to hearing from you!



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54 Comments on “"Dear Burt" Volume 22: Power Words & Parallel Universes” - Post your own?

Ilse says

Dear Burt,

Thank you for all these video blogs and all the tips in each of them. I love how practical everything is!
I have a weird question and I think you might be the only one who can answer it!
Last Thursday morning (right before waking) my husband had a dream about his estranged father (he is old and very sick, my husband recently helped his mother move into a nursing home and away from her abusive husband (his dad) and his father has not spoken to him since). In the dream my husband took his mother (also very ill) and our two daughters to visit him. During the course of the visit my father in law became verbally abusive with them and suddenly he looked as he did 20 years ago, imposingly big and strong, then he hit my mother in law. My husband felt he had to defend her (and protect our daughters) so he hit him back (which he would have NEVER done in real life!). After hitting him my father in law again turned into the sick old man he is today. End of the Dream.
Here is the strange "coincidence": We later found out through an aunt that on Thursday morning my father in law was taken to the hospital because they could not get him out of bed, he could not move his left side and he could not lift up his head. It seemed to be a stroke, but after testing they determined it was not, they think it might be complications with a broken vertebrae he suffered 5 months ago, but the doctors don't have a definite explanation for it.
Could the two be related? My husband does not feel hatred for his father, nor does he wish him any harm, he thought the dream was weird and didn't feel guilty about it or badly, just puzzled.
Please help us! and thanks again for sharing your wisdom!
PS. I went to Facebook and "liked" you, good luck getting to 25K first!

Lose your head says

Truly it is very interesting for me to read the article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Ava JoyLover says

Really nice story you have here. It'd be really cool to read a bit more concerning this theme. Thanks for posting this info.

Lesley Lundbeck says

Hi Burt!

thank my Higher Power for you!! You are amazing, and I'm so grateful for you and your blogs! Learning things I not only didn't know existed, but am now ABLE to learn thanks to you! Keep your blogs coming! I'm going on vacation to Brazil at the end of this month (March) and will be back in early June! What an amazing country, and BEAUTIFUL, too! Will tru and catch 'ya while I'm away, thanks to relatives computers and e-mail!

Stuart says

Burt where are you? I have not received your friday blog for the last two weeks

alexandra says

Hi Stuart,

I can confirm: you haven't been eliminated from our email list. It may come from a deliverability's problem in our system. We will try to figure out as soon as possible.



Stuart says

Hi Burt
just checking to see if I have been eliminated from your list. I did not get your blog this past friday. Hope to hear from you soon.

Stuart in Seattle Wa.

free call international says

blog.theamericanmonk.cnc; You saved my day again.

Scyren says


Wonderful site and thankful for your insight. I have been practicing a healing methodology called Matrix Energetics and between that and working with another man named Mark Dunn on expanding consciousness, I have changed my life. Someone on facebook posted a link to your site and I was very interested in Quantum Jumping. Usually we "2 pt" to a point in the future and bring it to now or do some kind of time travel. We also play with frequencies and tapping into parallel universes and dimensions. Your method of quantum jumping furthers that play and I love it. It takes it a step further and makes it more meaningful. Thank you for sharing this and I already know this is going to help further me spiritually!

Lou says

Thank you for inviting me to buy the Mind Box. I will when I get my tax refund. In the meantime I am working on tapping the rhythm of abundance. I've been meeting my twin self and merging with her. I love doing this.

Where can I find your book, April Moon?

I look forward to your emails. Just seeing your face inspires me. I love you and Thank God for you.


dennis0721 says

Burt: I have a comment on power words. You talk about power words being a single word. I found that the same principal works with simple phrases, for example 'This too shall pass' or 'healthy gums'. What are your thoughts on my comment?

Thanks so much for sharing your deep wisdom,

nicky says

i can clime any mountain xxx

sam says

Every week, I wait patiently to get your message and listen to it.Those are great ideas.
Thank you very much for sending them to me.

Luann says


Hippo says

Dear Burt, I have purchased some of your products like mindbox etc. They are working but I had an idea in 2004 and I have a patent and would like to know how I can use my thoughts to find someone to market or what can I do to make a right choice. After I get my product going, I want to use a percentage to help the children of the world. I know that after I leave this world for good, I cannot take anything with me so I want to make the right choices while I am here.

parameshwari says

Dear Burt,Thank you from bottom of my heart for your Blog.Thanks to you I am feeling much better and better.I am doing meditation everyday,start exercise everyday,eating well in smaller portion as I need to loose some weigh and I'm going to get out from my medication in no time.I feel so great to found you.Seeing you and listening to your voice is like I'm talking to my Grandpa who loved me very much.I chose my Education over my Grandpa and I'm living with that Regrade.Thanks to you Laura Silva send me some meditation which is great.She reminded me of my sister and my mother.
Burt,you have called out my inner voice which I ignored from it for a long time.My life has been going without direction since I had this accident.I have been suffering with great pain in wrist,shoulder,neck and back.I lost my job as well and my life has been a night mere after that.
Here is my question,Why each and every person I loved the most left me? Burt I choose "You" to be my teacher and I want to be your student.Love you from bottom of my heart.

Betty says

Hi Burt,
French scene is really amazing but the scene on the rt. of the screen caught my eye. Very nice as well.
Loved Baby, what a beautiful schnauzer.
The tips today are already in practice especially the power of word one.
Many thanks to you and to the people too who send in such good questions.

carol says

Thank you and bless you, Burt, for all your encouaging messages. They are helping me to grow/perfect in mind, body and spirit. I hope to be of some help to others too.

nan says

As usually, received a lot of great information this week.

In some parallel universes do people choose to have a limitation which they will not overcome for that lifetime?

Blessings to you Burt and to everyone else-

Nan : )

Rosa María Santos says




Josie says


Its me again. I just read Jean's Q and too want to know if you have any seminars ( particularly on healing)sheduled as we hope to travel to the continent in the summer.

I have asked this twice before and think it's a question for Alexandra but I don't have her email.

Josie says

Hi Burt and Greg,
Of course you can look different but reading Greg's question reminded me of when I had questions about the menapause. It didn't seem right to 'heal' it because it's not an illness so it left me lots of questions. I wasn't sure about asking Burt because he's not a woman.
SO I did a quantum jump to me who was coping naturally and easily with the menopause. She was so serene and looked different and older but looking radient and youthful. She only said one word 'sweetpea'. I didn't know if she was calling me speetpea or if I was to grow them (she was tending a garden at the time) or if I was supposed to eat them.
Some people have said that they don't get a full answer but I think you have to look at the picture - the answer is in there. It may come aday or two after the jump when you reflect on the scene.
The answer was that yes i could help my menopause with meditation.

Now here is the punch line. As Greg had reminded me how often I had answered my own questions before 'Dear Burt' started.

So Burt I have a funny 'question', Any questions we might have for you, we could just jump to our other self who is a great guru and get the answer from them! lol!

But I'm not suggesting we don't need 'Dear Burt'. I really look forward to them - it's like having a drink with an old friend.

I like listening to other's questions but I think it would also be good to use the blog to talk to each other and share our success where we have had similar questions. Let us help you to help us - like in the Celestine Phrophesy - when we saher our positive energy with each other it amplifies!!!!!!

I love your pictures by the way and thankyou for introducing your dog - when are you gonna do some doggy pics?


jean v. says

Dear Burt, as always I enjoy your friday videos a lot. It's good to see you have a dear friend in Baby. I've always said that the worst thing you can do to people is to keep them away from animals and other people. Dogs and cats can be great friends!
I will be visiting your area to see my brother and other long lost friends. I used to live in the general area you mention in some of your talks but moved to the east coast about 15 years ago.
My question : do you still do public appearances? I'll be visiting in late March or early April.
By the way I used to be the biggest cynic of daily affirmations but I must say that these are powerful things! Thanks a bunch. JV

Shosh says

Dear Burt, Thank you so much for today's video. Your Power words are great, and I still have your book "The Sylva Mind Control of Mental Dynamics" that you wrote with Hose Sylva on that matter, And from time to time I reread the book and draw power and strength from it. It never gets old, and neither are you. Thanks again

vivian says

Hi, Burt! I had to LOL when you picked up your Baby because he/she looked right into the camera in a similar fashion as you. I'm still smiling just thinking about it. Thanks for the gift of Power Words and volume. SuprFabSingViv :>)

Pramod says

Dear Burt
I am very thankful for your message, which was the response to the problem of everybody and anybody and fits in every situation. If we have understood our problem then the solution is very handy. your thought cleared the doubts of me and my problem. Now I can reverse the words and control the situation, the courage given by you and realized by me is a new tool in my mind.

Rose says

Dear Burt thanks for Good by April Moon, I'm still reading it. I find it very interested especially the seven rules, learning every day something new. Thanks to your kind and sweet heart that you have by sharing all your work and knowledge. I'm glad that I found you, May God Bless you always and may you always have the strength to continue this program because you have helped many people and myself to a better and healthy life.

Lou says

Thank you, Burt! Be with us always!

How exciting to know about POWER WORDS. I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THAT.

Power words for abundance of supply as needed.

Pat Staszeski says

Hi Burt - There are no coindences in life - I was recently asked to go on a missions trip to Guatamala and thought to myself Okay what is the quickest way to learn spanish, so I was pleasently suprised to tap into your session and find a great technique on learning a new language as well as the question of seeing your doppleganger in a different appearance as I do. Thank you again for your beautiful loving spirit that you share. peace and many blessing to you - Pat

Connie says


sheila mary boydell says

Hi Burt,
I want to thank you for helping me find a valuable emerald ring that disappeared from my powder room...I have a heating vent near the counter and assumed the ring had fallen down and was lost for ever. Well, I took a Quantum Jump into a parallel universe where my counterpart had found the ring, and she told me that it just "turned up." So I forgot about it, and to my surprise and delight, a week later I stepped on it as I got out of bed. Thanks a million! Sheila Boydell

Mikael says

Thank you.

I love learning from you.

Today we don't have to search the wise man from cave meditating in somewhere far away coyntry. We can find him on internet blogging and posting Youtube videos.

What are your five favorite Silva techniques and your own techniques? You do not have to tell more about those techniques, names of those techniques are adequate. I'm interested to know.

Ps. I reccomend checking this site: http://www.divinecosmos.com

Susan says

Dear Burt.

I came across your site a few months ago whilst feeling sorry for myself because my partner of 5 years had said it was over because he wanted children and I didn't. It was devastating. I bought the mindbox and want to tell you the power shout "STOP" is amazing, when I start to think about him. I now look forward to your weekly videos and reading all the lovely comments. I cannot tell you how much I have improved in my feelings and with your help I finally feel I am going to get through this.

Daniel says

That was definitely an interesting video to me. Shifting rhythms makes me think it can help me with playing guitar and singing at the same time, which is ever-challenging.
I thank you for the encouraging reminder to make use of affirmations, too.
Good to see you, Burt!

Lucia says

Hi Burt,

I love the part of yelling down below on a mountain. I have always used a bubble around my car when driving and I have used this concept for a very long time. IT WORKS! I also say every morning how beautiful I am and radiating with Love - guess what - people always fine me in such great moods. They want to know how I am so happy all the time. Create, Create, Create and just be HAPPY!

Lor says

Thank you Burt for your great advice and techniques.

I would be interested to hear more about some learning tecniques.

Much appreciated


pat says

Dear Burt, Thanks very much for this morning "Dear Burt".
About the way you were dressed, you looked wonderful. It was good to see you up and moving,you are very agile. I have never seen you moving before because I only see you on U-tube. well I have a class to do this weekend and I am going to try what you taught. I will let you know how well I did. I want to get the Mindbox but funds are not there as yet. Pat

Nancy F. says

Dear Burt, thankyou so much for your affirmations, i know they work, it is amazing, however i was wondering how you hold on to feeling good, when you live with drama going on around you! ?
Baby is WOW! I love terriers, have had a few over the years, they are so loving and loyal little animals. I cannot imagine my life without animal companions especially dogs. LOVE YOU Burt, Take care , look forward to hearing from you again. Nancy

Betty Iams says

Dear Burt,

You are a most amazing man - the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. I somehow found you on the Internet a couple of months ago and began receiving your e-mails, and instantly knew I had found a kindred soul. In December I purchased your Healing Triangle series (great, great "stuff"), and began receiving your weekly blog mailings. Now I look forward to Fridays and your visit!

I was amazed at your April Moon gift, then the depth of your insight in the April Moon Adendum. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Then I discovered the treasure trove contained in your YouTube videos. Gradually I am listening to all of them. I have been a student of metaphysics for many years, and have studied with many teachers, but none has touched me as deeply as your lessons.

I healed myself of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis about 10 years ago, primarily with Qi Gong, which I have practiced almost every day for about 12 years now, affirmations, and daily meditation. Just today I found your introduction to Qi Gong on You Tube. QI GONG, MEDITATION AND AFFIRMATIONS ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE HEALING TOOLS I FOUND, TOGETHER WITH YOUR TECHNIQUES FOR USING THEM. I wish I had found you years ago when I was just beginning my own healing journey.

In love and light,

Jennifer Rodriguez says

Hi Burt! Thanks for this video post, it mirrored my own situation exactly. I'm also trying to learn a new language and I'm just having so much trouble with it. I liked your technique about "mental shouting". Please include more information about how we can make ourselves into quick learners, especially with difficult subjects such as learning foreign languages, math and science. I would really like to transform myself into a quick learner. I'm sure others would be interested too! Thank you.

Pat Viro says

I enjoyed this video immensely! Thank you, Burt. Would you address being in debt and removing debt? What techniques would be helpful?
Many thanks!

Karen M. Carder says

Hi Burt, Thank you for your blogs I now look forward to them. My question deals with pain real or not. When I had a defibrillator/pacemaker put in in 2005 I experienced strange undulating pain across my chest and the docs claimed it was "psychic pain". If my husband had not intervened on my part I would have this pain today. He spoke to them and they tested the leads that go from the device to my heart. Well they found a defective lead and had to go back in and change it. I still experience tenderness in that area today but not like that. Is there a way to deal with the pain? Thanks
Karen Carder, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

patti says

I love your videos! I am using affrimations @ they are helping me. I own my own business but it is not doing so well @ am in alot of dept. can you give me some advice on how to recover? I work hard @ do not want to give this up after 8 years of helping people.

Thank you Burt

sahar says

Dear Burt
I really need your help

Laura says

dear burt!
today, i really really want to thank you. i follow your blog for some time now, and i remember that i once read your "think big" sentence: if you want something, it should excite you, and be as huge that it scares you a little :D .
well, i made a world record in the longest piano concert by an individual, and played for 40 hours!! hossa!!!
i imagined myself into the situation, i chose the place and date and i made it there, and, in the end, i played 40 hours with a smile on my face. a wonderful startravel (we made planet-passports for the audience, and changed the 'imaginary' location every 4 hours).
once again, thank you for sharing your tools.
love, laura


Leila says

Dear Burt, thanks again for a great post. Your dog is very cute and pretty. I don't have an original question this week but having read Flora's post above I would like to echo it. I think people who are in favour of a gentler way of being, as Flora puts it, are sometimes called introverts. Although I have tried explaining the difference between introverts and extraverts to some of the 75% of extraverts in the world they don't seem that interested. My question is: why aren't they interested and what can we introverts do about it to make life a bit gentler.

bruce says

i was wondering -if i had the quantum jumping material
would i really need anything else like the mind box,i would think on this level,the here and now ,going into the infinite universes would give me all the information i would want on any subject -so why would i also need the "mindbox "or the "healing triangle" ?-i like ur dogs mustach

Maggie says

Hi Burt
Very interesting. I already have the old version of the mind box and am enjoing it a lot
Thank you

Marilyn R Williams says

Hello Burt -
I did miss your video last week, but figured you had a ton of stuff to do and just didn't have the time. You do so much, I feel lazy! :)

I would like to hear more on the power of words and using them to change physiology. Recently, I've been addressing low self esteem issues and have noticed that people are treating me better. It actually makes me a little nervous, oddily enough. Most people treat me with respect and really seem to like me, but there are some people who single me out to be the one they "pick" on - I want to stop that behavior before it starts.

Your dog is cute. Your paintings are awesome. And, I am about 1/2 way through your book, which is enjoyable and interesting. I hope your friends appreciated the thought when you wrote it for them.

Will let you know when I post to my blog about your blog and teachings - finally got my page set up - so moving along with the resolutions.

Thanks for the encouragement and enlightenment,

mohammad says

Dear Burt , i hope and pray my mesge finds you in good health. sir i have one question hope you will answer it this time. sir is there any particular teckniqe which i can use to heal sick people. i am a doctor by profession. but i cant ask my pts to visualize white light or see eduagol or use chi water. they will laugh at me . i know these technikes work. i am using them for myself and my family. and i am really greatful to you for all these healing teckniques. what i want is to have some teckniqe which i will be using mentally while giving my patients medicines. does power word heal heal verbalizing mentally work for them.. should i be shouting heal mentally , i think it will work. your openion on this matter please. thanking in anticipation. sincerly yours, mohammad

maha says

dear burt,
just now only am reading your voices....
really my life is too hard.........i like to read your books

Rob Thurman says

Hi Burt and everyone else who reads this column. Just an entry on my own Blog to tell you what I have gained from Quantum Jumping.

Thank you Burt. My life has improved so much in the past few months.


flora says

hi Burt,
your work is wonderful. some of the best.
what do you do if you...like being quieter, if you are not shy but actually strongly in favor of a gentler way of being? and yet the loud people around you do overpower you? and so you end up either squelched, or louder than them to get past their loud energy with fullness. ???
ps. i am a mother, so getting squelched is not an option.


thank you so much dear burt for ur lovely video
i love u so much and I am always impressed by ur videos. ur speaking is always like chanting or singing a beautiful spritual song and i hope to see u soon,before i die.however this wish seems impossible because i am an iranian girl with the iranian passport!
bye for now and big kiss

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