"Dear Burt" Volume 4: Secret to Find Happiness 91

Dear Friends,

Yet another Friday and Yet another "Dear Burt" time!

But before we go any further, I want to learn something from you. I am a bit curious and at the same time a lot more anxious to know how are you guys finding " Dear Burt". All I want you to know is that I am trying my best to spread and pass on what I have, but I'm just wondering whether you guys are finding it useful and worthy enough?

I would be more than glad to read your opinion on the same through comments.

Here are the questions for this Friday:

I have been working on taking my Quantum Jumping to the next level. I managed to make a jump to the white light and get some extraordinary results. The most impressive result was to dramatically improve the quality of my questions. This resulted in very useful answers.I noticed that for best results I need be light hearted when I do the Quantum Jump. My question are:?What can I do to improve my attitude in preparation for a Quantum Jump? What can I do to improve my attitude overall?

-- Ennis

Hello, Burt! I appreciate you. It’s good to know that you exist out there. ?I have a question about the chakras. My heart chakra and third-eye are two that I feel I have released most fully. However, I find that in paying the attention that I do to my heart chakra, it either feels overflowing with light or constricted and heavy…but always intense, regardless. I can heal it with my hands any time, but that seems to miss the true cause of it. Meditating on it allows me to sustain it as light and beautiful, but upon standing it becomes more challenging to remain settled in my center of gravity as it certainly shifts some. I am conscious to have good posture. Also, in certain social encounters there may come a tension in the way. It’s something which seems to be shared to some degree, and with these individuals I can see apprehensive discomfort in their eyes. With those who maintain enough eye contact, I usually experience with them what has been called a holy moment…a positive calibration of sorts. Others are more apt to avoid facing the matter, and so it might remain. At the same time, there are certain situations in which I and others flourish beautifully together more effortlessly. It can be anyone or any circumstance it seems. Though, I am eager to try the technique of envisioning myself as a giant to help with the social aspect. So, the question I have is: What is the best technique or solution to permanently heal a heart chakra and protect it from negativity? Imagine a sheet of glass between you and the person you feel is sending you negative vibes.

-- Daniel

Hi, Bert,?I am going through the worst period of my life. I am approaching 50 next week, and I have nothing to show for it. I am at my whit’s end. I am in a financial crisis, as I don’t have a job and haven’t had one for some time, and everything is about to get cut. I seem to be in a period of loss, as I recently lost my father, and subsequently lost my lover. My children don’t seem to care, and every thing I try doesn’t work out… My laptop fell and stopped working, my Ipod fried, my t.v died, and everything that I use to console myself doesn’t work.I am usually a very optimistic soul, but the way my life is going, I didn’t see the sense in it, so I went to the water to take my final swim, I went where there are terrible riptides, and swimming and wading is banned, and there is usually no one around. I was going to swim until I couldn’t swim any more. I knew it would be a swift passing and no one would know.?When I got there there were state guards who didn’t allow me to go in the water. I got deterred by kayaking, which they were running for free, and I had never done before. That saved my life that day. It gave me some peace. My question is what do I have to do to turn my life around? I seem to be in this slump that I cannot get out of. I have a masters degree, but that doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I have been trying your techniques, but nothing has happened for me. They have been some what helpful, but only in the moment.?Please if there is something specific that I need to do I will do it.I used to be very happy go lucky, and now its just sadness and despair. In my entire life I do not remember being depressed, and I’m wondering if this is my condition today, as the tears roll down my cheeks. I do not stop crying. I am tired of the sadness and frustration.Every time I set out to do something, the end result is the complete opposite. I expected great things when I started trying your techniques, but I am admitting defeat.Please help.Thanks

-- Akila

Dear Burt, Thanks for helping us in such a friendly and easy way?I got some very serious problem,I am meditating for 5 years and from the beginning I feel a very heavy burden on my right shoulder and it felt 24/7. It started as I started mediation, I feel like some wave passing through my spine starting from lower back and end up at right beneath my neck and take a 90 degree turn and end up at right shoulder. Some time it feels good but most of the time very painful as my shoulder and head become very heavy and stressful.? Is this some kind of energy that is stuck? Please Please help me with this. Thanks and waiting for your reply.


Dear Burt, I have a question I am in a long-term relationship that has never been happy, supporting or loving for me. When do I know, and can I ever be sure if it’s time to let go and leave, or, this is what I have done for decades? I need to work more on myself, lower my expectations, become more tolerant, loving etc etc

-- Cassandra

Hi Burt, I am a big fan of yours but I have yet to buy any program of yours. The reason for this is I am not sure which program I should buy and my previous messages to you and your assistant regrading which program is suitable for me had not been responded. Therefore I am writing again hoping this time for a response.
I am 66 and retired and for the past 2 years I have been taking various courses/ seminars to become a successful Forex Trader (Currency Trader). However I have yet to make profits from my trading i.e. to-date I have lost money on trading.?I love to trade and I want to be successful therefore please advise me on how you can assist me in achieving my goal of being a successful trader. Which of your program could assist me? Thanks.

-- Retnam

Here is my response:

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to hear your thoughts. Also don't forget to leave your questions for next Friday.



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91 Comments on “"Dear Burt" Volume 4: Secret to Find Happiness” - Post your own?

Johanna says

Dear Burt,

I get easily frustrated and out of balance when I get negative comments or feedback. Do you have some methods/techniques to be able to still stay cool and concentrated even if people around me are being nasty.

Thank you already in advance

Joanna says

Hi Burt
I love what you`ve been doing with your life and that`s why I have a question for you - how I can overcome a sense of harm? Someone who I really liked hurt me so much treating me without respect whatsoever - now we don`t speak to each other. However I still feel uncomfortable and anxious when I think about it. Also, I `ve noticed same kind of feeling when I speak to my mum and sensing that she favoring my brother more than me even though he`s advises more in life than me.
Please tell me which technique is best to overcome this overwhelming feeling? I know that I need to distance myself from it but it`s still coming back and hurts. Any advise will be appreciated.
Kind Regards

Cheap Medications says

Hello! Excellent site, keep up the good work!

Ann-Michele Timmerman says

Oh my goodness, Burt! I am ABSOLUTELY finding "Dear Burt" useful and worthy enough!

Since my business is based on energy work, I am continually advancing my own knowledge vis a vis the Masters, and definitely consider you one of them!

Know that the gift of yourself that you are sharing is very much appreciated by this reader...and I can actually go as far to say that the entirety of your videos (the information, your presence, inspiration, etc.), enhances my life in multiple ways.

Thank you for what you do, and I hope that you continue to share your life's experiences and wisdom as I'm pretty confident in saying that there's not many out there like you!


Daniel says

Wow, it's surreal to see my question among the others...even though I thought it might be, because I felt better about the issue soon after even just having officially sent the question to you. Thank you Burt! You are a true role model. And of course what you do is useful and worthy enough!! At the very least, you are here and you listen to us and do your best. I am only one other person, but I want to encourage you as best I can. I hope you experience fulfilling motivation and continue to spread enlightenment to your soul's content, if it's what you want of course, because it'd be greedy to only want you to continue in order to benefit from your wisdom and experience. I think it's a great privilege to share these experiences with you, Burt, I admire you and respect you immensely :)

Charlotte says

Hi Burt
This is the first time I have actually sat and read through the questions and listened to your advise and comments.
I enjoyed this tremendously, especially the questions posed by Akila, as this is my situation as well. However, I found a lot of sense in the advise you gave.
and I am putting this into practice.
I also need to go back on all the stuff you have put out there for us and practice.
My problem is that I have become totally overwhelmed with the freebies and the new people that I have become involved with and have not taken anything seriously.
Thank you for all your help and obviously you care.
Bless you Burt

My problem was

Neemu says

Hi Burt: Your New Video Blog Post is an excellent idea.
My question is "There are days when I can use little more energy to do things. Could you give a couple of tips on how to that in the shortest time." Look fwd to your Friday blogs.

M.L. Sharma says

Dear Burt,
I have been reading about your views and feel happy
that you are trying the achieve something special than ordinary human being.
The physical action like yoga, meditation,etc are ok, but sometimes if a person acquires sufficient technical knowledge in these matters, he becomes a PUNDIT (a Sanskrit word for a person who knows). Actually, the flight of knowledge is limited. In Indian philosophy there is a word BHAKTI, equivalent to devotion roughly.
You have to submerge all your knowledge, sorrow, pleasure in one entity, the Supreme Being and then the vision gets clear,manifestation of the same being everywhere and everybody. /Once you were a fraction but then You are mingled with the whole circle and become the circle itself.

To achieve this vision one has to self hypnotize one self..........and the drama begins....unfolding everything, everywhere and everyone.......
May we acquire this vison !

With Regards

M.L. Sharma

Dawn says

I'm loving "Dear Burt." Please keep it up!

Jerry says

For years Spiritual teachers (Guru's) have guided me to become the silent witness in this world when it comes to my challenges that turn negative &
to learn to live beyond my belief is negative also...

Silent witness meaning God...?
Live beyond my beliefs...Meaninig EGO in me...?

So my thought is drop the EGO and live for God,
not the self as Parmahansa Yogananda teaches...?
Learning the father and I are one...be still...banish doubt and worry...

In your opinion...
Is this the right path to be on in this world...
but stay detached and learn to live in Spirit, not the self...


Mikael says

Burt, you are doing great.

I do not want to sound demanding, I appreciate "Dear Burt" videos, but could you possibly post 2 videos (maybe not every week, but every now and then)?

My question:
How do you reccomend cleansing Chakras etc? (Other than white ball visualization)

To Akila,
I do not think there is a situation so bad, that you can not get out of that eventually. I know situations can sometimes feel so bad, that they do not get better, like there is not a solution for this. I was there and I even tried suicide couple of times, but I'm very gratefull that I didn't succeed. Boy, what great things like great knowledge that Burt for example teaches, I would have missed. I have really great opportunities now and kind of feel like those negative things in past lead me to even better road, than I probably would be without them. Sometimes those seemingly negative events eventually turn out to be blessings in disguise. Like Napoleon Hill wisely said:

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit."

I believe there is a solution, no matter how bad things may seem. I think suicide is really bad decission and personally believe that souls that did it, regret it later, in afterlife. What great things could you miss on life, once your own life really gets better? I'm 100 % sure that your life will get better eventually, specially since you have found Burt.

I don't reccomend taking depression or other psyche drugs, they do not cure the root of problem and in long term they do not have benefial side effects. Believe me I know, they got me in worser situation years ago in first place. =D

Seek out things you enjoy, rent comedy series dvd's, go walking in nature, do many little things that make you feel really good and you enjoy.

Watch your self talk also. What negative beliefs do you have? Say Cancel, Cancel or STOP! when negative thoughts come and replace them with some good memory.

Food could also be one of problems. Maybe. Low carbohydrate diet (leaving grains and diet low fat products, eating real butter and so on) has been really good for me. Specially leaving grains I think has been great decision for me. But I'm not an expert at these diet and food things. Search on your own, but don't always trust mainstream food and diet reccomendantions.

All the Best for great people reading this blog.

Tina says

I really like you.

Julie Dryden says

Dear Burt, I have an idea for the suicidal and the depressed. Count your blessings see what God has done for you. Can you see? 1 blessing some are born blind, beaten blind, or normally go blind. Do you have Arms,legs, feet, can you hear? Some like the soldiers at war had them all working and come back wounded and have to start a new life for themselves and their families. There are 5 more blessings. And if you did lose a limb or a hand don't hide from your family. They did not fall in love with your hands or legs. They love you for the person inside. For who you are. Depressed? Go help some one in need. Visit the nursing homes. Some will be glad you did. Some relatives can't go see their relatives suffer. So they don't go to visit them there. So the elderly suffer silently alone.I had a relative that could not remember me. Though I tried to remind him. He could not identify me.He told me I am sorry young lady, I don't know you but thank you for being so kind for visiting me. He was my Grandpa. He may not remember me but he remembered my kindness. week later he passed on.Play cards with them or checkers. A game they will know. Or just lend an ear. They got wonderful stories of their past. Our American history in a small town or big city. You will be glad you did. Keep yourself busy. Do things so you don't have time to think about loneliness or problems. You are a surviver of your troubles. There is someone out there that is going to ask you what they should do. Could be your son, your daughter,brother, or a young couple, stranger. Your surviving skills will help them. It is like a new teacher. Teach our people how to survive.You may end up saving some ones life. Now that is very heroetic to me.Something to live for. Smile,it always helps to brighten your day.

Cindy says

Hi Burt,

I've been working with the mindbox methods for a while now en sometimes they work en sometimes not, why is that? I think I do the same as usual?
What method do you need to use to get yourself to take action and not only in mind? Thanks for your answer.


Zukia Claribet says

I would like to hear this from your voice: "The most important things in the world, to us, are the things we believe that we need. Needs affect opinions, attitudes, and viewpoints. Generally we're more aware of unfulfilled needs than the ones that are consistently­ met.

Basic Needs vs. Emotional Needs

Fundamental life needs in particular are so commonly accepted that we usually overlook them. No one is aware of the air breathed, the ground walked on, the water drunk, and yet these are the needs we miss most when gone.

When we are deprived of any of the important basics in life, we suddenly see them more clearly and as through a magnifying glass, greatly enlarged.

There are other needs besides the basics, of course, and they multiply as we grow. An infant has needs similar to those of an adult: food, water, warmth, security, and someone seeing the good in them, or love.

As we mature, the food, water, and warmth are often taken for granted, the needs being constantly supplied (for most of us).
The basic needs are forgotten as other needs appear:

a need for love
for sexual fulfillment

and that great one, the need for a sense of self-esteem.­ A need for liking who you are

Most of these needs, you will note are emotional.
Then there are the needs for things, for activities:

vacations "

Bimal says

Dear Burt, I thank you for 7 free lession on meditation which I received on your offer in early June this year. I may inform you that I am doing Reaki healing for last 12 Yrs. Now Iam about 63 Yrs. of age,a retired senior executive and have healthy life.Since,I received your offer on my e-mail,I read the lessions and found exactly similar to that I am doing.Thanks

Deepu Clement says

Dear Burt,

I'm a relationship for more than 5 years. We both love each other very much but now offlate he has started ignoring me and he is not responding to my mails.

I'm depressed as i cant live without him and cant see anyone else in his place. Please help me.

Elizabeth says

Dear Burt,

In the Mindbox series, while meditating to your "Journey to the Spiritual Plane" to heal self-guilt and grief, I was wondering what kind of mind meditation I would have to use for it to be possible for the receiving person to actually hear and recieve said explanation and apology, given that the person and myself no longer talk anymore? Perhaps in a dream or something? Or would this technique follow a much more enduring path into the mind than just a meditation? I do not speak with this person anymore but am wondering with the proper techniques, how that would work. Thank you.

Dana says

Question for "Dear Burt",
In Quantum Jumping, I learned from an alternate-self that I must learn to respect money for what it is-- energy. However, I have really bound myself up in a sense that anything involving money is tainted and beneath contempt. Especially when it comes to seeking wealth and prosperity as a spiritual goal. Those thoughts intrude on my meditations and I feel thwarted by them. Do you have any suggestions on how to view money appropriately? -- and how to supplant prior negitative connotations with positive ones?

vishal udia says

your idea is great. idea is good and i am avidly following the replies to your program.
keep walking
, keep talking

bernardpj manikam says

Burt, Primarily,I decided to remove the attachment"Dear" from your name. Without the full context The word "dear" resembles a false approach or a false attitude. It is only appropriate for someone very close to you eg: your wife, to call or address you as such. Coming to text of this note, I see your approach to answers is exceptionally approriate. However You could have used some of your gifted power to heal the person seeking cure. Language added with gestures makes your reply more interesting. By that you can draw a bigger audiance at an appointed time to witness and appreaciate.

Kathy Marcotte says

I enjoy your video's very much, and they have helped me greatly. I can see myself in others that have posted, and your answers to them, have also helped me.

Please keep up the good work, you have helped so many people.

bonnie J H. says

Hello again Burt, Just below is my question. However, I wanted to give you my opinion on your Dear Burt. I think it's great and you are very helpful in answering our questions. I have found it to be extremely helpful and worthy. It does sadden me to read some of these questions posted. But Burt, you are a very warm and comforting man and believe this to be a great addition to everything else you have done and do. So I will always look forward to each Friday as you always answer more of my questions through others. So as you always say, I am getting better and better. Keep up the great work! You are an amazing human being. Oh one more thing. One persons question was " which one should he or she get"? Well for what it's worth, I have gotten all of them. There all great! Well enough for now. Thank you Burt.

bonnie J H. says

Hello Burt, How are you on these very fine days? I started your Quantum Jumping courses several months ago now. I have found after trying others that yours seems to be the one for me. You make it so easy to understand and it all makes so much sense. I had one question about falling asleep before my jump but you have already answered that from another question. So here's my other question. When I find my Doppleganger, how do I get her to respond to what I am seeking from her? My mind seems to wonder so my finding and seeking are hampered. This seems to be the only issue at hand now. Thank you Burt. You are a blessing to all of us. Bonjo

liz says

Way to go Burt! You know I was beginning to think you didn't even read these posts. God knows there are so many. One thing that helps me, when I see the real sadness and misery that some people are suffering, it puts my own piffling problems in a different light. I hope you help the people who trust in you Burt. As for me, I can only offer distant healing from my heart to all of you, because it breaks my heart to realise the amount of people who are really suffering. God Bless and help you one and all. Love and Best Wishes, Liz. xxx

Lor says

Hi Burt

Thank you for all your guidance and knowledge.

I'm at the stage of giving up on the law of attraction, cosmic ordering, feng shui, meditation, affirmations, God and angels etc, i've made so many changes in the past few years since learning about this whole area but i seem to be in a worse off place, continually disapointed at myself for not being able to manifest. At first it was fun and exciting but now it's turning me into a negative person-not towards others but towards myself.

Is there any piece of advice that you can give before i completely give up on it!
Thank you


Anonymous man says

Dear Burt,
thanks for everything you are doing. Now for my questions.

1.I have an energy blockage in my genital organs, and sometimes it can cause a huge pain. Do you know any techniques which could relieve me of this burden?

2.Do you now any technique that I can use to increase my stockmarket trading succes?

Thank you in advance

Ingrid Kayyaliova says

What can I do to improve my attitude in preparation for a Quantum Jump? What can I do to improve my attitude overall?

Dear Burt,

thank you for your e-mails as well as for your lessons, which you sent me.

To be honest to you, my english language is realy not perfect and I am in hard life situation now. So I did not have enough time to study all your lessons yet, but I plan to do it. So I can hardly suggest you what you can do better. I think your work is good, but better I will know about your work after I will study all your lessons.

Best regards,


nanciellen says

I love these talks, Burt. Was doing chakra and silva mind control before I "stumbled" upon you. What a great help you are in my life.

Thank you for everything. I sure do appreciate it.

Ragnheidur Olafsdottir says

Hi Burt

I love hearing your answers to people and I am sure that you are
making a huge wave of good change.
and I am happy for being hit by the good wave.

Ragnheidur Olafsdottir says

Hi Burt

I love hearing your answers to people and I am sure that you are
making a huge wave of good change.
and I am happy for being hit by the good wave.

Ragnheidur Olafsdottir says

Hi Burt

I love hearing your answers to people and I am sure that you are
making a huge wave of good change.
and I am happy for being hit by the good wave.

Ragnheidur Olafsdottir says

Hi Burt

I love hearing your answers to people and I am sure that you are
making a huge wave of good change.
and I am happy for being hit by the good wave.

Lotus says

Sorry I have one thing I really love to add that I recently learned and love to share (esp. with Akila):-

"For some, it is only when you are absolutely convinced that you are hopelessly lost - when you simply do not know where to turn, that you turn within and the real journey begins."

"The darkest hour comes right before dawn"(So in a way it is our blessing)

p.s. Our spiritual journey differ from one another. Some people take big step, some takes small. Stop and rest, seek help when you need, take a turn when you can. The beauty of life is in the journey.

faisal says

Dear Burt,
I am sure you have thousands of stories in helping others in their health,mind and sole.Why not share some of these stories with us.
Best regards

Lotus says

Dear Burt,

I do very much like your "Dear Burt" time when I get the chance to check it out. I love the way you are, your ideas, the way you create such personal touch to your followers, your friendliness, your genuineness, your zest for life, YA! etc.... But MOST of all I love your wisdom and that natural state of your being - I feel you are so at one with yourself.

BTW, I love your advice for Akila, the part you shared about going to a new town, putting away your past and starting life anew. I had a similar situation. I left my country, my job and my boyfriend and went backpacking for a long time, doing odd jobs to get from place to another. My whole outlook to life took a complete 360 degree turn. Literally I felt I was born again. Although challenges in life do come back again and again but I now have absolute certainty that "No matter what there is ALWAYS a way out." Let's start from zero again. It's fun.

Ken says

Hi Burt, a good selection of questions and as always you answered them with ease thanks.

Charles says

Hey Burt!

Your "Dear Burt" is Very Insightfull! You answered some questions that I have always wanted to know in the past!

You however still didn't answer my question a while back, but I guess I understand since you have way too many questions to answer.

I'll try my luck again and ask a question: I have a problem where I seem to UNCONTROLLABLY channel too much Qi energy. But the MAIN PROBLEM is that I am unable to heal myself anymore as a result!

I think it started when I used your technique of Visualizing the bright sun and then drawing "infinite" amounts of Energy from the sun and into my body in order to heal myself. I repeatedly did this many times that now even if I "Very Slightly" visualize A body part or an organ, I FEEL A STRONG SURGE OF ENERGY ONTO THAT BODY PART! And now I can't heal myself anymore like in the past.

So would you be able to provide me with some Insight or a technique of getting myself back to normal again?
Thank you Very Kindly Burt for any Insights you provide, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Best Wishes,


melanie says

Dear Burt: Thank you for giving great info. so freely. I am, myself, in a position of growth, changing my life to better it, as well as my children's life! You have helped me in growing spiritually, in many ways, Thank you, Melanie

Claudia D. says

Dear Burt;
I bought the QJ Programm but cannot manage for my doublegangger to respond anything to me when I wait for an answer. Please give me a hint because that discouraged me a bit, thanks Burt

madhu says

dear burt, i m in age of 50, and finding alone in crowd of greedy people, killed my husband and made me very finanace problem, i m going to face very strongly, but sometimes i feel very depreesed and wanted to commit suicide or feel that i m not worth for anybody.

Max says

Dear Burt
I feel that you speak to each and every one of us personally. Thank you for your great gift.

maria reyes says

Burt, I have tried your free 7 lessons and I can't do it I can't meditate I start thinking on something else or I fall asleep, I can't concentrate on it I have problems hearing with my right ear, do you think that is the reason that I have trouble meditating? I have try to meditate because 3 years ago I was diagnosed with tinnitus, which doctors said it would never go away, I have a constant noise inside of my head and ear, and I have started to hear it on my left ear, I really don't want to became completely deaf, please help. Thank you.

Julie says

Dear Burt, Thank you for your blogs. Your answers do give me lots of advice. I have especially focused on your various healing techniques. They have offered some relief. My question: Are there any deeper healing techniques which I could use to heal chronic pain? I have had chronic back pain for over 25 years. Could you suggest a technique that programs healing over a period of time say, a week, at regular intervals? With gratitude, Julie

Kenny says

below message for faisal, sorry.

Akila , you remind me of a freind of mine , and myself at one point.

My friend is getting better and although i never considered suicide i am better also.

You are at level 2 most likely in the accention phase..

for me in this phase i was confused and blind to the affects that meditation were doing from me... but i kept trying and eventually got myself confident in meditation again and accended again.

My advice to you is , value you life do not end it shortly, and keep meditating , im going to guess you dont meditatee every day like i didnt , start meditating more often and focus on what YOU want , and stuff will start to come to you and answer your questions. I cant tell you how because it is different for each person but you will know it when you see it.

If you want some examples of how putting effort into meditation helps , well my asthma is depleted i used to be out of school for weeks on end because of it , last year i got perfect attendence.

I FOUND 70 dollars the other day ... and am about to get a bit more... not only that but the day after i found the money a freind of mine offered me a gorgeous electric guitar, which ive wanted one forever,for 50 dollars...and i got offered an i pod touch for fifty dollars also ( im about to get 30+ money for selling some old stuff)

i cant give you much better things except that meditation is a journey of self, and like anything worth getting requires practise and a bit of time to put into it before you get exactly when you want and recognise you got it from meditation. Meditation is a journey...remember that everytime you doubt it , dont give up.

Dr. C says

Hi Burt,

I love this format, and your efforts to connect personally with your mentees are to be commended. The only suggestion I would make is to review the questions in advance and perhaps summarize them on a 3x5 card that you can easily read. Thank you for all that you are doing to help the next generation.

And to the woman who is concerned about being 50--I'm just turning 60 and my most useful and productive years haven't even begun! :) My recipe for success: Be a life-long learner, and Burt Goldman is the perfect role model!

(BTW, I LOVE that painting in the background!)

Kindy says

Hello Burt,

Thank you for your emails; they seem to be the only thing that is consistent these days. I would like to have a personal chat with you over some of my wild experiences that I feel are the result of quantum jumping.

For some reason I am drawn to you and would love to meet you face to face. I do believe we were meant to meet. I am here in Las Vegas, NV and I do believe you are in LA.

I will keep you in mind and ask that you do the same for me and wait patiently for the day we may possibly meet.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Positive Regards,

Kenny says

O and akila , if you get to read this , use the bahga , energy is trapped in your upperbody , just imagine all your energies evenly balence throughout your body when you meditate , it should help.

You can also find some chakra meditations and develope your root and navel chakras a little more :)

electicenergys.com has some good ones ( search develope chkars in google.. i dont know the exact website...)

Basically there are two different energy circulations of chi in your body.. one circulated through your head and the rest through your body , when you do the bagha it unites these energies faster then meditation alone , which puts your body in balence and peace.
:) hopw you get to read this and it helps

Chris says

As I agree in referring to Akila to a therapist, I do not agree in doctor referral for such an issue, nor medication. These methods just mask the problem, and make people further lost in darkness. I believe that is what happened to some close relatives of mine, believing doctors and the pharmaco-hypno-tisements seen on TV (ie- if you feel this way, you need our pills). This led to extreme behavioral changes, and the longer people go through these channels, they end up most like an empty shell. Introspection is retrospection, the key to the future is releasing the past.

Kenny says

Hey Burt , I'm a younger member of this site...im 14.

And i was wondering how to apply some of these techniques, me being at a younger age.

Specifically wealth , my income relies on my parents income in a way so how do i become wealthy if they are not , and IF THEY REFUSE to do meditations , and refuse to allow me to buy any of yours.

Otherwise how you doing Burt? I have developed a theory i would like you to read :)

I made the theory of Accention this theory is as follows:

I beleive that their are different levels of accention
..or enlightenment , and you gain these levels by random things tat have a perpose to you in your life , it can happen while meditating or not.

The exception is the first level which you need to meditate to achieve..But after that first level things start attracting to you ( aside from money and that stuff) by things i just mean random things...for example it could be a song you want to hear or know the name of that has a lyric in it that has some special perpose , like it solves a problem you have been having or answers a question you have been wondering.

Its hard for me to explain , but each level you get MUCH deeper and more enlightened , like 4 times what you used to be. And you know when you advance too

Id say im at LoA 4 ( LoA= level of accention)

What do you think of this? i think it sums it up pretty good.. each level you have an experience that advances you to the next and these levels go on and on i believe.

I almost quit meditating at level 2 because i was confused and it seemed like i was getting no where but i kept at it and went to level 3 and am not so confused then and a lot more energy and confidence..i advanced to four recently when i was listening to some Pink Floyd while meditating :)

It will be different fore eac person to accend because everyone has different problems and wonders different things..

better and better Burt , that phrase kept me going to level 3 , and now im at 4 , thank you much .

Roy says

Hi Burt,

I attended some of your trainings years ago and turned my life from "stressed-out" (fifteen cups of coffee a day!) to "going with the flow" (zero coffees a day!). I'd like to share a recent happening to show how ATTITUDE changed reality, but first a note to yourself, if I may. Your email said "I'm dying to know what you think". With great respect, please cancel that “dying” thought in this context! The mind is listening and it can be very literal, as you know!

Now the happening:
I just moved from one city to another, coincident with a former housemate's move but to different apartments. The housemate saw everything as a major obstacle, resulting in "the move from Hell" – many items broken or missing, grossly overcharged by the mover, who even forged a check, police involved, court case, etc. In contrast, I remained calm throughout, treating each challenge as an adventure, resulting in a move that went flawlessly. I even moved on faith before I had a firm job offer in the new city, because I just believed and "knew" I would get the job - and I did! I'm very happy, but the former housemate is still extremely stressed. Thoughts affecting reality... (observation, not judgment).

I now live my life by some quotes I'd like to share with you about ATTITUDE (apologies - this is longer than originally planned!):

(A) There are only two things you "have" to do in life:
(1) You "have" to die, and (2) you "have" to live UNTIL you die. ALL the rest you made up! (Quoted by Dr. Robert Anthony) - so if you don’t like it, make up something else!! :)

(B) EITHER find work that is fun to do, OR find fun in the work you believe you "have" to do. The third alternative is a form of Death! (Source unknown)

(C) My glass isn't half full OR half empty - its half way to the next glass! (A friend at a party!)

And finally…
(D) If you think your mission in this life is ended, take a look around. If you're still here, it hasn’t! (Quoted by Dr. Robert Anthony)

Great stuff, Burt. Keep up the good work!

Bridget says

Re. Vicky's comment and depression. I believe, and indeed it has been my experience, that the very thought we are thinking causes the depression ie. we can't be depressed unless we think 'untrue, depressing' thoughts. When we are vigilant of our thoughts, ie. aware when we are feeling uncomfortable, and let go of the belief that is fueling this, the happiness is underneath. When we succeed in letting go of the belief the relief is immediate. This is an experience and not an interlectual feat. Truly, we are harmed by nothing but our own thoughts.

Our purpose is not any specific goal, but to reach this state of comfortableness and from that place to decide what we would like to do, i.e. to bring our happiness to all we meet and to all we undertake.

God bless

Anne says

Read this on a wall placque:

"The secret to happiness, is to enjoy what one has to do." Attitude.

"pretend that you have faith and eventually you will."


Bill says

Keep it up Burt. I'm a Silva Grad and really find your information really interesting. I love the questions and answers.

janice says

Hi Burt, have seen the white,golden,green,and the beautiful place were my cystal healer says is the where the angels are.Have also expienced the world of esp,able and gifted to share with the ceator of excellent creation.Where this has been a joy and happiness with slince. Have bought your products and hope to enrich myself from a wonderful teacher as your self.Where it will led only GOD knows,but for myself, as you can share the joy that surrounds me.With your help and Lord surely knows will aid me to see where this can go for man kind.

kathy says

Hi Burt,
I like what you said about all topic and just bought Quantum Jump. every time when I meditation I feel relaxed but feel really hard to visualize and never feel interactive with the double ganger, does this mean i am not in alpha level?
another question, during this kind meditation, should we carry emotion with or should stay neutral? should use mind more or less?
thanks for wonderful program.

dean says

Hi Burt, can you please email me members site so I can review on line lessons . I tried http://www.Quantum jumping.com but there was no member log in available . thanks have a great week end !!!

Retnam says

Hi Burt,

Thanks for recommending which program I should buy.
Look forward to reading you mindbox programme

Best Regards



Roger says

Good stuff Burt - as ever.
The massage technique really works well.

Alex says

Dear Burt, I am so grateful for this 4th Friday issue. For the four of them.

You know, during the first one, at the very end of it I did touch your finger. That was the last day I lit up a cigarette. August 14th. I have smoked uninterruptedly for 24 years and it has been the first three weeks without smoke ever.

What can I say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Abbas says

thank you Burt i enjoyed it

Bill says


You are a one of a kind, and I appreciate you.


Marceau Jouett says

I think your offers, and with what you are working on is wonderful, Burt. I have no complaints whatsoever with what you are about-none.

My problem, which is MY problem, is that I'm so politically active, single, just turned 59 years old, and writing my own book as well as developing my own website. All of this keeps me very busy and it can get pretty hectic at times. As you can see I hadn't provided a URL as my website is still under development.

I would eventually like to take advantage of your offers and your program. With what I have learned so far about all of this is that I think your work is just wonderful. It's excellent.

I just ask you to keep my email address on your list so when I finish up with my own endeavors so that I can devote more of my efforts into working with you.

Presently I just don't feel that I can give you the much deserved attention that you have earned. Please consider me one of your candidates for your program in the next month or so.

Thank you!



Marilyn R Williams says

Hi Burt - thank you for the "Dear Burt" videos - the information is wonderfully uplifting. It's like a weekly video postcard from a family member :)

Attitude is everything. I used to have trouble cleaning my house, even though I had always had a spotless place, one day I just found it painful to clean. Literally painful. So I decided that maybe I just needed a rest.

Long story short - one day I realized that I was living in a house that was so messy and needed to be cleaned so badly that it was beyond embarrassing.

In fact, and this will sound like a joke, one night I thought there was an electrical fire starting, but before I called the fire department, I did a quick cleaning! Yes, my house could have been burning but it was sooooooo messy that I didn't want the firemen coming in and seeing it that bad. In fact, I only had time to do the area where the electric panel was and would not let them in the front door.

AT that time, I had no idea what was going on with me. However, I started listening to self improvement and motivational speakers and when they suggested that I listen to my self talk, the answer was found.

Due to years of abuse from my family and loved ones, I was running their negative criticism through my head every time I started to clean. These people never appreciated that I cleaned up after them like an unpaid maid and felt if they could find something that was not perfect, then they did not have to even acknowledge the work I did. Their nasty hateful voices had been keeping me company without my noticing or realizing how devastating that was to my attitude and health.

Once I realized what was going on, I immediately did the next step and wrote affirmations that were opposite to what the abuse told me. It took less than 30 days (although I still use the affirmations, especially when I start feeling down) before a radical change was made in my motivation.

I had thought it was my bad attitude when in fact it was my memories of the past creating a bad attitude. After canceling out those memories, everything became much easier. My house isn't spotless, but it is getting better everyday - just like me.

So in summary - if any one finds that they are having trouble doing what they know they need to do or they are not happy -

Check your self talk and then write affirmations opposite the talk.

Read those affirmations several times a day every day for 30 days and be amazed at the changes that start to happen.

One other important thing to do is to keep positive people close and negative people far away! Some of my "friends" were so nasty that I wonder why I even hung around them, but people keep friends that are not supportive around out of habit, I guess. I even let go of a 15 year live in boyfriend because he refused to stop being negative and I could not change anymore to make it work.

Finally, give yourself permission to not be perfect. Sometimes, I only wash 1/2 the dishes or do just one load of laundry. It is not necessary to do the entire task at once.

The joy I have now is wonderful.

Anyway, take care and thank you for your video help!

Agape, Marilyn

dinah says

i think if every one trusted JESUS astheir savour . and called upon his name every time they were in any throuble praise him at all times. he is our provider . his spirit lives with in us. he died that we might be free. ALL things concerning new age is wrong. it comes from the dark side . gives a little up lift to get you on the wrong path, CHRISTIAN,s live for ever .start reading the bible. GOD is the autor ,it is his word and HE will speak to you through it GOD BLESS> dinah.

Cindy says

Love Dear Burt! Always great to watch you and the photo you painted behind you in this video looks fab!! Happy Friday, love and Light

erwin says

Burt, you are the best. You're like a father I never had bring kindness and love to a young boy who never knew much of that. I've worked my whole life trying to figure out what's wrong with me, what defect I had that I could fix and then be loved like my peers but I still haven't figure much out. Some of your CD's have certaintly lifted my spirit and give me hope for a better life. I thank you for sharing your gifts of happiness and love. God Bless you and your work! Erwin

Rose says

I now have a new goal: to meet Burt Goldman and shake your hand or give you a hug. And by the way, do you have an affiliate program? I would love to represent you. Sorry if this blog is not the appropriate vehicle, but I am just trying to contact you.

By the way, I love your 5 pillars of happiness and posted it on my Squidoo lens http://www.squidoo.com/HappinessSeeds so that more people could find out about you, and profit from your material.

Benedikte says

Dear Burt

I am pretty amazing at changing beliefs and emotional states, using creativity of mind. I can also cause changes in my body by changing my attitude and mental body image. I can heal other people and it is easy for me to contact and learn from other sources than my present self. One thing that seems unchanged in my life is the issue of money. It is like i repel them whenever I am doing what I really want, following my intuition and working towards fulfilling my purpose. It is not that i can't earn money but it is always on something that gives me a set back from what I truly believe I should be doing and wants to do. Do you have any ideas to solve this?

Nikki says

Great job!! What a wonderful idea to help those who need direction and good, practical advice.

Nikki says

Great blog!! I love your simple yet practical answers to each question. Thanks for taking the time to do this for those who are seeking help and direction.

Amy says

Dear Burt,
Yes, this blog is most worthy and useful--anyone who can save another's sanity is most worthwhile. And that is what you have done for me. I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss for helping me with my problem, but I reckon I shall just have to settle for sending you lots of love mentally. Please continue with this blog for as long as you are able, because you are helping so many, and I for one, would be lost without it. I look so forward to this every week.
You truly are an amazing man, and we love you so much.
Hugs and blessings to you,

James says

Hi Burt, Can someone inform me of what is Quantum Jumping.

Secondly, How does one draw the Universal Energy into one's self?

Gwyneth says

Hello Burt, unlike Maria, I actually smiled when I read your request for 'feed-back' and mentally said to you 'No Burt, don't die yet we need your clear thinking and pearls of wisdom gleaned from an incredible lifetime of learning and experience. Your Blogs and Courses are an inspiration, as Patrick says, please continue until at least you are 120 - a gentle calming influence to so many people in these troubled times. Thank you for your generous sharing.

Love and Light

Gigi Brown says

Dear Burt,
You do a fantastic job of advice. I can only hope to wish you the greatest success and continuance of your brilliance. Thank you,

Julia says

Dear Burt, you are amazing. thank you for bring good and love for this world. I am 40 now, I grow up in a very pressure invironment,my mom is very very bossy , selfish and abusive, I met everybody feel nerves,I can not talk well with people,always speak silly words and regret what I said . I want change completely, want have confident talk with people,want to be happy and success. please help ! love and best wishes.

Nora Walters says

Yes Burt, I do beleive, the Dear Burt program is totally wonderful, sometimes the response to a particular question tends to condense and simplify that, that was also in your mind perhaps comming from a diferent angle.

Eric says

Hi There,

It all seems so simple with you, Burt!
I guess it is the shortest way to a happy and free life.
Most of us make it overcomplicated, when it could be so much easier.
Faith comes from belief and confidence, and it can move mountains.
Thanks for being you.


NJ says

Hi Burt: Your "DEAR BURT" is an excellent idea with that personal touch and the video too. It's like talking to you one on one. Thanks and look fwd to it.

margo says

Burt as always you use simple practical examples and your attitude is so caring and so straightforward. Thank you for all you do

PAtrick says

Hi Burt,
You are doing a very nice job, here.
It helps to grow and to be energized.
I wish you a long happy fulfilled healthy life until 120 years or more

Laguna says

Hi Burt, I find "Dear Burt" very helpful as you answer many questions from many people and we can learn something new from those questions you answered. Thanks for sharing so much! :)

B.Marie says

Your advice is thoughtful and practical as always. Thank you for sharing with us. I do enjoy your audio blog.

I also enjoy your meditations and centering audios. Distractions though are a problem for me. It seems that even when the environment cooperates, my body will begin to create distractions such as itching or tingling. Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome this?
Thanks again,
B. Marie

beverly says

Hi Burt,

I enjoy your "Dear Burt" blog very much and appreciate the time that you give freely to answer the questions.

Your answer's are always informative and certainly worthy. I do wish that the sound could be a few octaves higher as in your other 'you tube' videos.

Have a good weekend, looking forward to next weeks class.

Many Blessings,


Dennis says


Thanks much for taking the time to answer our questions.

I find the material you cover to be very valuable.

I really appreciate the guidance you provide.

All the best,

Maria says

I am aghast!
Of all people, Burt, how can you possibly write in the subject of an e-mail: "I am dying to know....'
In my opinion no one practicing your meditation techniques and Silva Mind Control should EVER use those words!
I am totally amazed; I hope this is just someone who is doing your marketing who doesn't have a clue!
It does not seem fitting for you to write such a sentence!
Bless you, Burt!

Gerry says

Love it...it is my first time seeing it.....great practically advice......people the world over whether in a small country like Ireland here which many people I am sure never heard of...or in Large countries like the US or Australia basically are the same.....and now the internet are making us all a much closer community in any event......am sure looking forward to more of Dear Burt and Long May It Prosper

Leila says

Hi Burt, I liked this edition of Dear Burt. I like the way you don't shy away from difficult questions and manage to find a concise but useful answer. Thanks, I think the whole idea is a great one.

Vicky says

Good advice Burt, to Akila:
Depression can be a devistating illness and can creep up on us so quick. A "midlife crisis" situation can often cause us to question our life's purpose and look back over our life review. Definately get counseling and medication, Akila. You may also consider volunteer work at a local hospital, food pantry, or homeless shelter. Reading the book "Secrets of the Light" by Danion Brinkley really has helped me to "see the bigger picture". I have been a nurse since 1984 and have helped thousands of parents care for their babies. Even so, at age 50, I really had to stop and say; "what have I really done with my life". Am I truly on task and on target for fulfilling my life's purpose? Christian bookstores also have a wealth of books to help you discover and acheive your divine destiny. Joel Osteen has published literature aimed at helping you "Be a Better You". You may gain comfort from getting plugged in to a local church with support groups. All the best to you Akila ; please know dear heart that people really do care.
Vicky, RN, BSN

progga says

Hi dear, this 's so helpful, that it changes the meaning of life in a meaningful way!!
I'm really thanksful to you & I wana show my heariest gratitude.

I remain ,

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