Energizing Water For Healing 38

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I showed you Dr. Masaru Emoto's study on how human thoughts can change the structure of water crystals.

Today, let's take that discovery to the next level.

Think about this for a second...

If you can subconsciously change the structure of water with your thoughts…

Imagine the possibilities if you make a conscious effort to manipulate the energies around you.

Take a few minutes and browse through this report given to me by Silva International:

healing properties of water pdf report

Download It Here

This, my friend, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because if you can manipulate energy at a physical level, what's stopping you from going even deeper, and doing it on emotional and spiritual levels?

Two days from now, I'm going to show you how.

You'll find out how to manipulate energy on all three planes - physical, emotional and spiritual - and use this ability for healing, positive energy and self realization.

I'll even give you a step-by guide to energizing water, which you can use in a variety of daily situations.

This information could very well change your life for the better, so get ready!

Remember, the answers are yours in two days.



P.S. Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy Christmas!! You'll be hearing from me soon.

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38 Comments on “Energizing Water For Healing” - Post your own?

Mahfuza (Canada) says

Dear Burt

Thank you very much for ALL the wonderful things you share and shower on us.I have already started the water healing and it is undoubtedly marvelous.
I am surprised how quick one can benefit.
Wishing you the best of health.

Cheap Online Medications says

Hello! Excellent site, keep up the good work!

TITA says

Dear Burt,
I did Daisy Pond a few times a day like you said and it really help me a lot.
It really helped me calm down. I'm doing it almost everyday now. Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us.
God Bless You,
Thank You,

Nona says

Dear Burt

Thank you again for this precious info about water.

Can't wait to try it, on me, my family, plants and pets.

Right now I am very much into your Quantum Jumping Course that I purchased recently. I just love it. Do not have the patience to practise anything yet, just need to understand first;I want listen to the end. Then, when resumed, practice will be main focus. So far, everything sounds and feels very promising!

Thank you so very much, Burt.
What a great guru you are!


Daisy Riker says

Dear Bert, where have you been all my life; you are blowing my mind!!! Iam enjoing every minute of it!

David Hurd says

I am a Reiki master and am working on perfecting my healing abilities. Burt teaches that we should not be attached to the outcome when trying to heal a loved one. Just hold the picture of them in your mind as being whole, untying the knot that ails them. I have been trying this with my wife's ganglion cyst on her wrist that causes her much pain. It hasn't worked so far. Am I missing something?

I also study Abraham/Hicks who believe that the higher our passion, the greater and faster the results...linking desire to the speed of the outcome. This seems to be a conflict with Burt's teaching. Any ideas on how to get results?
Thanks, David

Cindy says

Would like to receive how to manipulate energy on all three planes and how to energize water.

Paulina says

I think I am missing out on the wonderful things that Burt has to teach us, due to some glitches with being unable to receive e-mails from him. I waited anxiously to see what else there was to learn about manipulating energy, but alas.. Nothing. :( PLeaseeese fix the glitch so that I can receive e-mails from Burt once again.

Robbie says

Dear Burt,

You have slowly but surely changed my little world. I've been following you for about a year and there have been so many instances where your help has made a significant difference in my life!

God bless you. You are truely a messenger.

Love & Peace,

Lou says


Tell us more about this! I love the idea of using it for anything in life.

Thank you! I wish the whole world would know about this.

Love you, Burt.


pat says

Dear Burt
Thank you. I hope you had a great Christmas.

Ignacio "Nacho" Salazar says

I will try this. I pesonally know the Silva's in Laredo, TX. There have been many exceptional students as you may already know, I just never had the chance to do so, even though they have always been offered free. I will try the healing water technique and let you know. Thanks. Salazar

Richard says

Dear Burt,
I ussually energized the water with Affirmation and Vital Energy with Prana or Reiki.
Please guide me and look forward for your advice.Thank you.


anubhab says

thanks again burt for ur wonderful lessons.hope this water healing will work for me well.

Leila says

This looks truly interesting. A way to manipulate energy. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks Burt.

shasha says

thanks everything u teach its all about me am blesss to be a part of yur team god bless u and your family

Devika says

Hi Burt,

Thankyou for this wonderful session on energising the water. Although I am a student of reiki, You have made it clear to me on the techniques and benefits of using reiki to energise water.

You are a wonderful God's Gift to millions of us. Thankyou once again Burt.

Wishing you and all your loved ones a Happy and Merry Christmas!

Sheila says

Dear Burt
Thank you again for your wonderful gifts. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy life always.

Arun says

Respected Burt,
Merry Christmas to you & your loved one's. Burt I shall sincerely follow & try the energised water methodology for healing.
I am sure it will do.
Burt, thanks for all the help & that too within easy reach all the time. Pray more people get this help & get good health at ease. Arun

Brenda says

Once again you bring it fort Burt !! I Love you and cannot wait to get to the next level .Have a Wonderful Spirit Filled Christmas with may Blessings of Love Light & Joy ~Nmaste~ InOneness~xXx

Prem says

Dear Burt, Happy Christmas , I have energised water using scalar energy. Our hands too can generate scalar energy. Thanks for this simple technique.

val says

Dearest Burt~ Thank you for sharing yet another bit of enlightening information.

You are so kind to think of your readers even during this busy Christmas week. Best wishes, good thoughts and love to you and your family. Thank you for being here! xoxox Val

Fina says

Thank you for sharing this energize water. I love it

I wish you a happy and have wonderful day in Christmas

Faye says

Dear Burt & Followers - Merry Xmas to you all.
I've subscribed to the American Monk blog since you started it Burt & purchased various of your programs (all are great - have recommended them to many people) but i'm not getting updates on the American Monk blog - can you please advice how i can resubscribe - thanks and great Xmas cheer to you all, Faye

Imran says

To Burt
a very very Happy Christmas greetings & a Happy New Year to you & your family ,you are really doing
a great job by helping people all over & bundle of thanks for the most valuable gifts you keep on showering us with, well from my side blessings for you that may GOD reward you with your wishes on this festive season & keeps you going in doing this great job.

David says

I find this really refreshing to hear you talk about the
healing effects of water,for i have been using water as a
healing factor in my life for about three years now just
by using the thoughts you mentioned.Now i know that i'm
not the only one doing this.

delilah says

I am not really that very good following all the wealth of your wisdom generously shared to the whole world. But, looking intently to the water in this blog brings deeper peace, groundedness in me.. I believed the healing process starts right there and here. While I am on vacation for two weeks, I will try to make up the many opportunities to listen to your shared talks,

Thank you so much Burt for your endless gift, the reservoir of wisdom for healing and happiness that humanity now needs.

Gratefully yours

Lexi says

Hey J, what was the affect on the bread?

Linda says

I also have been following Dr Emoto's work, also have been using Ho'Oponopono's blue water for about 9 months now ... Have written Thank you on the Hot Water tank, water pipes etc .. So I KNOW water carries memory ... am very excited to hear what you have to offer next on this subject ... Think water may be the most over looked/taken for granted resourse we have ...

Charles S says

Hi Burt -
Just read the report - thanks! I recall seeing photos months ago made, I think by the same person, Dr Emoto, of water prior to being energised and then after. The photos were astonishing and left no doubt molecular structure could be made to change quite radically.
Thanks for everything you're doing - I'm currently enjoying a huge change/improvement in my life due to a newfound ability to experience "gratitude", thanks to you, also the Silva materials.

NOW ~ New Optimal World ~ NOW says


WE are all made of ocean water and sunlight.

The energy is held in formation by the information.

WE ~ World Enlightainment - look forward to working

very closely with you over the next 3 years and beyond.

Thank you and happy holy days, enjoy Christmas.

Katherine says


I love your message you are promoting and how abundant you are in your thinking..
May 2010 be your best year ever


Jeanne says

One of my favorite topics! I've been following Dr. Emoto's work for years--my first book of his wasn't even in English, but the pictures almost said it all. I'm a Reiki teacher, and one of the things I do when passing attunements is to place a glass of water by the student(s). After the attunement, I tell them to "drink their Reiki"--and truly, the water does taste delightful, and it's energizing too.

I can't wait to see your next posting on this subject. Well, yes I can, but I don't want to. ;)

Burt, thank you so very much, and have a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Ken says

Amazing Information. Looking forward to the step by step guide!

Phil says

This may sound off to some, but they are the facts. I've been doing a lot of small healings . . . a few that have wrist pains, back pains, and this one that was so incredible to me that I even had to look twice. A friend that isn't working came over and showed me the area above her right breast that was pink and swollen with infection, the actual cause that I could see but was a little embarrassed to work on her in front of a couple of friends (she has really big breasts). When I put my hand just above her skin and close my eyes while saying the Lords Prayer, I could feel a strange heating sensation going up my arm. Approximately 3 to 4 minutes later when I removed my hand her entire area that was pink and swollen, now was normal color without the swollen puffiness. Another one that was pretty crazy (to me anyway) was with Doc's roommate Jeff just last week. Doc, Jeff and I were in his room talking when Jeff turned really pale white and fell back on his bed with pain. After healing his girlfriend it wasn't hard to convince him to allow me to see what I could do. When I held my hand over his mid-section I could actually feel a force pushing my hand away. I understood this to be the area which was causing him the most pain. I also (for some unknown reason) knew that it was an infection and I also could see a cyst in or around his intestinal track. I also could feel how far the infection was down is intestines. What I did next was to (lack of a medical term) push and spread the forces push my hand away from him until I could actually lay my hand on his stomach. When I removed my hand he told me that all pain was removed, and he emphasized ALL pain was gone. I work with him again the about two days later, that time I had very little resistance to actually lay my hand on his skin, so I concentrated on that one spot that I knew to have a cyst (or something). When I did, again there was a shaking of my hand and right when I actually felt (something) shoot up my arm, Jeff stared at me almost in total fear because of what he felt left his body. He now tells me (it's been 1 1/2 weeks ago) there has been no additional pain or infection since the last time I laided my hand over him.

Energizing Water For Healing — The American Monk American Me says

[...] post: Energizing Water For Healing — The American Monk By admin | category: american, american water | tags: belief, change-the-structure, emoto, [...]

Ron Daack says

Dear Burt,
Thank you for sharing the report on energizing water and i will be looking forward to your blog on Friday when you share with us the technique for energizing the water.
By the way I have done the technique with the seeds years ago and was very impressed then too.

Thanks Burt
Ron Daack

J. (Amsterdam) says

Dear Burt, thank you for this interesting report! As suggested, I will do the test with the seeds. I've done something like that a few years ago. Baking two breads and giving just one bread energy. It was fun to see the effect.

Btw, I like your way to energize water much more. It's very quickly done and effective.

Wishing you a happy, happy Christmas too!

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