Energy Healing, The Bagha and Positive Affirmations "Dear Burt" Volume 56 35

Hi friends,

1988, yes, that was the year I first discovered photography. :-)

The picture you see behind me is one I took in Cork, Ireland.

I've got quite a few of your questions on The Bagha and Healing which I'd like to answer this week, so let's get straight into it.

Before that, let me give you a quick recap of The Bagha technique first.

The Bagha can be used anytime you feel stressed or tense. Simply touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and you are instantly transported to that relaxing state you remember from your favorite place.

Watch this week's video:
YouTube Preview Image

Remember, you can use The Bagha anytime you feel anxious or emotional and of course, when you want to clear your mind for meditation.

To Enlightenment,


P.S - Don't forget to leave your comments, as well as questions for next week.

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35 Comments on “Energy Healing, The Bagha and Positive Affirmations "Dear Burt" Volume 56” - Post your own?

sharad says

I was getting exhausted even on wake up.
Then I started listening to a meditation audio ( sitting), followed by a relaxation exercise ( prone) just before sleep at night.

These helped.
Then I recalled the 'bagha'.
I m now even feeling 'chirpy'.
Ques :
Is it MORE beneficial if I use the BAGHA as much as possible, during the day, while working, exercising, pranayam....

Effective Learning Positive Affirmations says

Thanks again, Burt. Always great to hear your voice. It is wonderful you can reach so many people so personally using the internet now. Just remember to get out once in a while!

Therese says


Therese says

Peace reigns again.
Does Big Love also make you more aware of your anger?
That sounds like a contradiction? But I had forgotten I had such bad temper.I do not often loose my temper, but when I do, everyone knows to jump.

So Big Love is not all about sweetness and light.It may be as much about,a heightened awareness. An honesty,about how you feel.Do not know only thinking out loud.
Back hill walking. Free again, all back to school.

Was walking by the river, thinking it is so long since I saw "my" kingfisher. They are a secretive bird, very colourful, electric blue and orange and a few steps later, there s/he was sitting on a branch over-looking the river.

Thank-you.I quantum jumped to see how to work with Therese jnr. The word I got was "soften". I did and she has softened.She said...... Is good craic. Such a change in attitude. Leaves life easier all round

Yes baghu for enlightenment, well done.
Now embodiment???????

How much research have you done on me?

Do facts give you a true picture?

Real knowledge is looking with a loving heart that is not afraid to see. Are any of us there yet?

With a Big Big Hug.
Longing for More!!!!!!!!!

Affirmations says

It seems the most powerful things are the most simple. Tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Don't have to be a rocket scientist do that.

sam says

Hi Burt,
As always,simple and very inspiring.
Thank you very much.

Marilyn R Williams says

Hi Burt,
Finally got a chance to watch this video - missed it last week. I'm working another job and it's on the weekends - really making it difficult to know which day is which. The extra money is good - I can finally pay most of my bills now, but am so exhausted I can barely think. In fact, I have to take a nap just to get enough energy to sleep. ;)

Hoping not to miss you on the 12th!

varmachittari says

Dear Burt,

My son Yashodhar says he is failure since he failed in exams. My (late) mother's name is given to him and he is removing all her photos in house. He wants to change the name also. I will be highly thankful if you help in healing him/his ailment.

Alissa says

I have a question that I have been pondering and I would like to get your take on. Have you heard of lucid dreaming?? and WILD? Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming... I feel this is the same as Quantum Jumping. I feel like this is where it is possible to really be in/feel/touch/taste all the different possible realities...

wondering what your take on lucid dreaming is? The only way I am able to become lucid is DILD. (Dream Induced) I am able to connect to my inner self and ask questions and find the possible answers or learn new things, see new things...

Thanks if you can help me see your perspective. Namaste.

Violet says

Dear Burt,

Thanks for all the valuable info and the tips you are sharing with us every week. I just love your videos and you for being so positive and full of energy.
Well, Burt, I've a question. How can I manage colleagues who are deceitful and fraudulent at the workplace? When you place trust and expect minimum ethical standards and whew! they work mean and influence the boss with wrong and misleading misinformation! I have and am always benign and feel rattled by such vibrational frequencies. how can I surround myself with honest and trustworthy colleagues?
One more question, Burt. I want to know how I can make my husband sensitive to my feelings and not hurt me with harsh, rude comments and opinions? How often can I use the Lancelot armor and for how long in the home? I have explained and pleaded that discourteous and angry outbursts are not okay with me, but he persists. Please do help me out.
thanks in advance.
with much love and prayers,

misty says

thank you and i am so glad i poped in finally. i did the pain circle with you, i am feeling good and toward seeing what tomorrow brings with no pain. than you so very much. what i learn i will pass on, pay it forward , if you will. thank you, misty

Lisa says

Hi Burt, after a month of using Quantum Jumping 1, ll and the mastery program, I'm still having no success. I'm so discouraged. I have read everything there is to read that you've posted and I try so hard, but its not happening for me. Please, can you give me some additional tips that may help. I'm desperate !

parvati says

Hi Burt,
Great to see you again , reminding us about the bagha.. thanks. Burt I am still awaiting the quantam jumping regression $1 deal offer part of which did not reach me till date.I was billed(someone else's credit card) even though i requested you to do me the favour and give me a warning before you billed me as i felt that I may need to request someone else to help me with their card in case the first person was unwilling to continue helping me, since I do not possess a cards.I requested for the warning as I needed to re confirm with the person.And it turns out that neither did I receive the remaining part of the regression deal witht he mist and fog as you mentioned.. AND you billed me without lettin me know.SO I was a little disapointed.
You know that I love you dearly and do not want for any thing to cause a problem in our relationship.Am sure it was an oversight by the department taking care of things .. please try to clarify and send em the complete deal which one paid for?
Would be grateful.
Thanks. Parvati.

Linda says

You are such a real person, forthright, honest and down to earth. How could anybody not enjoy you and your videos. I look forward to Fridays and the next tip you might "make up as you go along." LOL! Keep 'em coming, Burt! I think you have helped many a one of us. In love and light....

Violet says

Dear Burt,

Its been a great pleasure to watch your 10-min videos. The Bagha technique is a great technique and the simplicity of it makes it so much more appealing and easy! I have shared this with all my friends and relatives.
God bless you for all the good work you are doing to make all our lives manageable and enjoyable! We all love you and we desire that you live 100 more years guiding all of us!
thank you once again and with fervent prayers for your long health and happiness,

Lorraine says

Love to you and yours Burt; enjoy every moment of every day that's the way to go God made it that way !!!!

Yana says


raul says

Dear Burt:
Its a pleasure to hear u every week....I hear that u are sexually active at your advanced age also...what's the do you maintain the rigidity ....kindly advise a 50 year od like who finds it difficult to be erect.....please reply in your next fridays session, looking forward to it..../


Lucia says

Hi Burt,

Just love all the information you share with all of us. I enjoyed learning about your Bagha technique. I use an imaginary bubble when I drive and find all my front row parking spaces. I have done it for a few years now and know that my parking space is there waiting for me. Doesn't matter how packed the mall, restaurant, or where-ever I go - because I have my "Bubble" around me (Car) and I get the spot I want. When you believe something to be true it really does manifest before your eyes. I practice it every time I get into my car.

Do you dream in black and white or color?

Always Sending Happy Thoughts,
Lucia :) :) :) :)

Margie says

Thanks for the white light armor advice! The Baja! I'll be using it more and more. Thanks!

Lee says

I am so grateful for Fridays and Dear Burt! Your "pencil" healing relieved me of a sore and stiff neck that I woke up with this morning. Many thanks! I am using your Quantum Jumping Past Life Regression to place myself in the time and space when I first picked up a cigarette so that I can "redo" that experience and NOT become a smoker. I have not yet been successful but I will continue. Perhaps I need to go back further to a time that caused me to be anxious or to think that smoking would be a positive help and not the hindrance and bad habit that it is.
Blessings to you Burt for the work you do and for the time and energy you spend in bringing your knowledge to the world.

vasiliki says

Hi Burt
I need a healing for my daughter talks and talks especially when she is upset and 12 to three night time/She sees things and smells things i don't any technique can help?
Please respond and she is very depressed.
Thank you.

William says

Good stuff Burt, I was chatting with a friend at work, I don't do facebook so i spread the word by mouth. I figure if something so yucky as the flu can spread by mouth then something wonderful can too. So anyway I mentioned your name and he said oh I love Burt's stuff...would you like to borrow the Mind Box set? Oh sure how generous! Well I've been listening and enjoying the meditations and such. I got to the Psychic Circle and was wondering about this: you said to draw a circle and write an objective statement within the circle of what's bothering you. Then look at it for 2 seconds and then close your eyes and think of something that brings you joy. Back & forth 3 times...OK so what if the thing that's bugging me is the same as what brings me joy? She drives me crazy but I sure do love her. What a world. Thanks for all you do...keep smiling.

Pierre says

Hi Burt,
I always listen to your videos, read your mails and stories. They are so enjoyable and mind opening.I tell you that things you teach do not necessarly work for me but what can I say!I am amazed with you as a person, where can you find people like you, I bet you you're one of your own.
God bless you and please keep going!

Lou says

Dear Burt,

It's always a JOY to hear you every Friday!

I always have a big smile in my face as I listen to you.

Thank you for the great techniques you remind us of each time.

Be well and be with us for another 80 years.

Love you,


Johnny says

Thanks Burt for the 10 minute videos. Also i will take your miles if you are not using them. :)

Danny says

Nice video Burt, you really are an inspiration, I love hearing you talk, and thanks for sharing your many years of metaphysical understanding, I hope you continue to stay in good health.


RJB says

Sin, guilt, shame, blame and punishment - and then some?

Could it be that I have memories of all these from the very beginning of my life when I had no language available so I can't address these issues e g using the Duo technique?

I am asking because I am still in the same situation as 4 years ago when just about everything went wrong. I nearly ended up on the streets. I am still not making any money and the situation is again critical.

I know that this is not a unique situation but this logical insight does not take away the emotional load.

My mother got pregnant with me when she was unmarried in the early 50s and in this small "Peyton Place" it was a big scandal.

People who knew her and her family have told me as an adult that my mother was very ashamed and hardly dared to go outside to show me or herself. I also know that there was a lot of anger and you name it around all this.

I hardly remember any of it. One peculiar thing I can tell is that I was frantically afraid to be photographed. I always ran to hide myself so there are almost no pictures of me from the time I could run away until the age of 7 or so.

I have used NLP and EFT many times before and now I have gone through your techniques.

I know these techniques work so I must be the problem.

I do get a relief but I easily slip back into the old "mood" again. I usually wake up with this unpleasant feeling and I work with it to get myself going.

I take it that the only sensible thing to do is to continue using the techniques until I have completely re-tuned myself.

It seems this is what I have been doing for 50+ years - playing the old tune I mean - day out and day it, mostly completely unaware of it.

It is not that I don't have talents and knowledge. I am into online business but it seems impossible to create something.

At the same time, since I started using your technique I must say things have improved. I have found both people and information I needed so I am progressing. I am very grateful for that.

Speaking of having a shield around to protect me from negative influences from others, I think I should have one to protect me from myself.

How do I do that?

People close to me don't appreciate that I don't make any money (no odd jobs available either it seems).

I would really appreciate if you could shed some light over all this!

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you very much for the music you have made available! I play it a lot. And for everything else!

Best wishes

Fred Miller says

I'm glad you explained "Lancelot's Armor." I think my version of MindBox calls it "Reikki Shield." I used it a great deal over the last year against a very unpleasant instructor at our karate club when he would start brow-beating the little kids and destroying their desire to learn. There was nothing I could do. So, I just put up the shield to get through the situation. I have since left the club and found a better instructor. But I learned a great deal from the negative experience, thanks to you, Buddy.

Gwenn Britt says

Do you know about the Golden Section? I just took a short class from Scott Olsen at central Fl. collage.. It give me new look at God and His work.. I was just wondering if you could add to enlightenment...

kay says

Hi Burt thank you once again for been a inspirational.
Unfortunately I still not have got any satisfaction on the issue with my credit card I have sent my phone number and got no calls I did get an email but no follow up. I was ordering the Quantum Jumping on one of free offers but got billed did not receive and they billed my credit card again for over $61 I forwarded a copy of my credit card bill. If You can please have someone call me even though I am in Ireland.
Yes Burt thank you for all the nice things you say about Ireland it is beautiful when the Sun shine!!!

Ron Daack says

Good Morning Burt,
So good to hear you answering my question in reference to energy. The reason why I asked the question is in relation to the post of Billur. For I too have checked out Reconnection Healing and Dr. Eric Pearl was the person who talked about New Energy. I have checked it out with other healers too and thy say the same thing as you say it. Energy is energy. Thank you for your answer. Also Burt thanks for the recap on te Bagha technique and your demostration of healing once again too. You know that this is my favorite subject too.
Als for those of you who are not familiar with Burts course in healing called The Healing-Triangle I would highly recommend it. Burt does an excellent job of teaching the simple techniques of healing that do work too.

Thanks Again Burt,
Ron Daack from Virginia

billur says

Dear Burt:

is there a new type of energy made available recently?
please check this website:
i believe that Dr. Eric Pearl offers a new perspective on this topic.

i love your lessons, enjoy your creativity immensely.
you are an inspiration in my life.
i thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Steve says

Burt, I enjoy you tremendously. You are down to earth and you keep things "real". I have stage 4 throat cancer. My ability talk is almost non-existant. My doctors gave me 3 to 4 months to live. I am now on my 9 month. I meditate and I know this has had a large impact on why I am doing so well. Everyone is amazed at how well I am doing. Oh, I won't say I don't have my bad days or even my bad weeks but all in all I am hanging in there.
One day I would enjoy meeting you in person even though I doubt we ever will. I believe in astral projection. I know I do it! My problem is I don't always remember doing it and I can't do it whenever I want. I just can't seem to get over the hump. I know I am out there trying to help me here in this realm but.... You know what I am saying here. What can I do to have me help myself here in this realm? S

alexandra says

Dear Burt,
I liked very much this video. Our mind has infinite dimensions and we have to be aware of this and use our powerful potential only for doing good things. As regards the protection with the armor, is right, when you protect yourself with white light, nothing and nobody can touch you .. it is the highest vibration..
All the best!

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